1. Composer Magento 2 ChatGPT AI Extension [PRO]

    Magento 2 ChatGPT AI extension [PRO] uses OpenAI API to auto-generate SEO content, including product descriptions, category content, and metadata for products, categories, and CMS pages, helping st...

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  2. GraphQL Composer Exra Fee Pro Category Image

    Magento 2 Extra Fee extension [PRO] allows store owners to add an additional fee or extra charges for payment method, small order fees, group fees, product fees, country/region fees etc. Optimize t...

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  3. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists Category Image

    Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists module helps your customers make, share & manage as many wishlists as required making it more convenience for special needs. They can move wishlist items directly to th...

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  4. Composer Duplicate Categories Category Image

    Streamline category management & save your precious time. With just one click, the store admin can effortlessly copy or duplicate existing categories with or without a parent or child category as p...

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  5. GraphQL Composer Category Page

    Magento 2 Open Graph Tags module allows to manage titles, descriptions & images when anyone shares any product, category or CMS pages on social media platforms. Manage Open Graph data (like OG: tag...

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  6. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login PRO

    Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login Pro enables quick and seamless customer login via mobile number, thus eliminating the need to remember passwords. Provide a secure login/register/reset password process t...

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  7. Composer Magento 2 Product Designer

    Allow customers to personalize their desired products from the store frontend with this fantastic design tool, the Magento 2 Custom Product Designer plugin. The module offers multiple customization...

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  8. GraphQL Magento 2 Attribute Description

    Magento 2 Product Attribute Description plugin shows additional attribution details/information by displaying a help text or tool tip when visitors hover a mouse on the info icon.

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  9. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Google Maps

    Magento 2 Google Maps extension displays the exact location of your physical store on the Contact Us page or any CMS pages of your Magento store website.

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  10. Composer Magento 2 Image Optimizer

    Magento 2 Image Optimizer module optimizes website images by reducing the image size without losing its quality. Optimizing images helps in improving page load speed and user experience.

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  11. Composer Magento 2 WebP Image Converter

    The Magento 2 WebP Image Converter extension addresses the challenge of serving images in next-gen formats, as highlighted by Google's PageSpeed Insights tool for JPEG or PNG images. Converting ima...

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  12. GraphQL Composer magento-2-resource-hints

    Magento 2 Resource Hints Extension benefits in fine-tuning your store performance and speeding up the execution by adding preload, preconnect, and prefetch resource hints to Magento 2 store header....

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  13. Composer Magento 2 Sticky Add To Cart

    Magento 2 Sticky Add to Cart extension displays an attractive sticky bar and keeps the Add to Cart button always in reach even when the customers scroll back and forth on the produ...

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  14. GraphQL Cash On Delivery Extra Fee- Category

    Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Extra Fee allows the store merchants to easily charge and calculate additional fees for the COD payment methods.

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  15. Composer Magento 2 Coupon Code Link

    Magento 2 Coupon Code Link allows customers to automatically apply discounts via a link instead of entering the coupon code manually. Admin can share the coupon code through email, newsletter, or s...

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  16. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 custom checkout fields

    Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields facilitates store owners to customize the checkout page by adding more fields to collect additional information from customers in context to order requirements, cus...

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  17. Composer Magento 2 Quick Order

    Enable your customers to place bulk orders without traversing through different product pages. Customers can simply search item by its SKU or name. Once the product is found, they can add it to car...

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  18. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Category Import Export

    Magento 2 Category Import Export extension allows the admin to directly import & export categories using a CSV file reducing manual efforts and saving lots of time.

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  19. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Out-of-stock at Last Extension

    Magento 2 Out-of-stock at Last extension moves out-of-stock products to the end of the product listing to reduce conversion fall & website abandonment by visitors. It draws customers' attention to ...

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  20. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Quick Contact Form

    Magento 2 Quick Contact Form allows you to easily embed the Contact button on all pages of your website for enabling customers to contact you quickly.

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Magento 2 Extensions

Magento Commerce is helping store owners improve the effectiveness of their products & sales by offering high-quality functionality and flexibility along with regular updates that bring security and feature enhancement. Nowadays, almost 30% of the world's e-Commerce websites are built on the Magento framework. After Magento 1.x considered a new approach to Ecommerce, Magento Commerce has developed a feature-packed Magento 2 that offers a host of benefits that will help you build a more significant, better business online and boost your business. Also, it comes with responsive design than Magento 1.x along with better UX, SEO tools, Catalog management tools, and Marketing tools that make it the first pick for the store owner.

For those store owners, whose store is still running on Magento 1.x it's your time to Upgrade your Magento Store to latest Magento 2.x. And if you are using different CMS, then you can Migrate & Upgrade your Magento store to the latest Magento 2.x. Because of the whole process is not smooth, we recommended you to Hire Magento developer to ensure a successful Magento Migration Process.

However, for some reason, it's not enough or we need something extra to serve personalized experience by offering an enhanced solution to Store customers. At that time, Magento Custom Extension Development is key to Business Success or you can pick your match from our 80+ Magento 2 Extensions. All these Magento 2 Extensions are featurely designed by our highly skilled Magento Developers that will simplify your store management process and can help you to serve an excellent shopping experience compared to typical Magento Experience. We have precisely developed all Magento 2 Extensions with top-notch coding & tested them with different Magento versions for helping robust & durable omnichannel solution. So, you can improvise your store sales by turning your customer into happy returning customers.

In this modern era where look and feel is everything, you probably need some best Magento 2 Extensions that will simplify the task of store management that will serve an excellent shopping experience by fulfilling your digital needs. Facing an issue? Don't worry our MageComp 24x7 Support team will help you to resolve your queries in no time. Also, check out our MageComp Freebies from where you can grab Magento extensions for FREE.

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