Magento 2 Amazon S3 Extension

Magento 2 Amazon S3 Extension by MageComp helps upload and sync your Magento 2 store’s downloadable products, images, and catalog to the Amazon S3 AWS servers.

  • Upload all Media to Amazon S3 bucket to save your local server disk space via Export command.
  • The extension also has the feature to upload and sync your downloadable products.
  • Easy configuration to quickly setup the extension.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

It seems that the cloud storage option is now becoming more and more popular these days. It has been proven a great way to store and process the data at ease. Cloud storage service is for the internet, where you can store all of your downloadable data on multiple remote servers and can access it anywhere you want. With the use of this technology, you don’t have to worry much about your physical storage environment. More than 70% of the companies see improvements after adopting the cloud storage service. This is because all of your data will be stored at powerful cloud storage servers at multiple locations, which will make servers load your site at a lightning-fast speed.

So, when we are considering a cloud storage system, then Amazon S3 integration is one of the best options worth considering for cloud storage. Amazon S3 cloud storage integration offers scalability, security, performance, and data availability. From small to big businesses, all of them can use this facility to protect any amount of data in cases like backup, restore, archive, websites, mobile applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics. What Amazon S3 integration does is that it stores all of your data on multiple strategically distributed servers, and when someone requests that data, the nearest dynamic cloud server will deliver the data rapidly. This has become an exclusive solution for most of the businesses because of Amazon’s 99.999999999% durable S3 cloud storage service. 

Magento 2 Amazon S3 Plugin by MageComp is helpful to sync and upload all your data such as downloadable products, Images, videos, all of your catalog and store inventory, etc. to the Amazon’s fast and secure S3 cloud storage servers. This Amazon S3 plugin will bind your Magento 2 with Amazon AWS servers.This will make your Magento 2 website’s server free from all the data and improves your site loading. After opting for Magento 2 Amazon S3 module, your store performance will boost in many ways, and you will be able to retrieve all of the data and images quickly from the could servers. Amazon cloud storage services is one of the best third-party storage services you can rely on instead of your own physical storage, host servers, and CDN. Amazon S3 Magento 2 module one of the best extensions that can help you to get more sales and conversion.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Amazon S3 Extension:

  • Option provided to enable or disable the extension.
  • To connect with the Magento 2 with Amazon S3 AWS server, you need to enter the access key and secret key to allow data saving and uploading on remote servers.
  • After configuration, the extension will be able to upload and sync all of the files on Amazon's S3 AWS servers such as,
  1. Product images
  2. Generated thumbnails
  3. WYSIWYG images
  4. WYSIWYG videos
  5. Category images
  6. Favicon
  7. CAPTCHA Images
  • You can also upload your downloadable products to the Amazon S3 servers.
  • You can check the availability of the bucket by entering the name of the bucket and region of the server.
  • If needed, then you can set the time-out manually.


1) To use the Amazon S3 cloud storage service, you need to have an Amazon AWS account.

2) It’s recommended to take a backup before switching file storage systems because there is no way to retrieve images after you delete them.

Link your Magento 2 store with Amazon S3 AWS servers

Magento 2 Amazon S3 by MageComp helps you to connect your Magento 2 store with Amazon s3 server so that you can link all your media and upload it in the Amazon s3 server securely.

Upload All Media To Amazon S3 Bucket To Save Disk Space

All the data and images can be uploaded in Amazon S3 Bucket so that you can save the space utilized by your disk using export command.

Manually upload downloadable products on Amazon S3

With this extension, you can upload and sync any of the files such as downloadable products, Images, videos, catalogs, etc on Amazon's S3 AWS servers.

Check Amazon S3 Bucket Availability

You can verify the availability of the bucket by registering the name of the bucket and region of the server.

Store and download the files from Amazon S3 Server

You can store and download files such as Product images, Generated thumbnails, WYSIWYG images, WYSIWYG videos, Category images, Favicon, CAPTCHA Images from Amazon S3 Server.

Choose Amazon S3 as your local media storage

You can likewise choose Amazon S3 as your local media storage for maintaining it secured and your disk free from storage.

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Version 1.0.4 Date : 13-01-2023

- Added functionality to remove media images permanently

- Compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.5 version

Version 1.0.3 Date : 18-07-2022

- Compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.4 version

- Compatible with Magento Page Builder

- Compatible with Magento Swatch Image

Version 1.0.2 Date : 16-03-2022

- Compatible with Magento Standard

Version 1.0.1 Date : 21-07-2020

- Minor Bug Fixing

- Compatible with Downloadable Products Url Encryption

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