Magento 2 Image Clean

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Magento 2 Image Clean allows removing non used product images from database of your Magento 2 stores.
Magento 2
Magento 1
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




Is your Magento 2 store filled with large amount of product images those are no longer in use but never deleted? When you remove an image from the product or delete whole product from store, rather than deleting image file, it stays at place in server where it was stored. Magento 2 Image Clean extension by MageComp lists all the product images in Magento 2 stores that are not in use and allows them to delete.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Image Clean extension:

  • Single click to update image list those are not in use but available in media folder.
  • Manually delete single image by selecting.
  • Option to select all images together from the list and perform mass deletion.
Cleaned over 100,000 old image in minutes
Review by Joshua
Recommend, easy install if you know what your doing and it locates 100,000 thousands of images not in use, to be deleted in a few clicks...
helpful extension
Review by ANOJ

Thanks a lot magecomp for that helpful extension, It's awesome Kudos for that great work.magecomp
Nice product
Review by Bharat
Helped to clean our server space. Thankyou.
Excellent - saved huge amount of space
Review by Jake
We suffered some glitch after upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This extension found >90000 duplicated images hidden in pub/media folder
It located them and purged them all in just a few seconds.
Very happy.
Have one problem
Review by Webmaster
Not support multi store :(
Delete used image
Very good and helpful extension
Review by mgomma
Thanks a lot magecomp for that helpful extension, It's awesome Kudos for that great work.
tried the extension but it did not work
Review by Vipul
Hi, I tried this extension but it did not work. Is it compatible with CE 2.2.0 ?
Image Clean
Review by NailsPlus
Great, support, Originally had few issues with installation, but once I purchased the Pro installation package, they fixed all issue in very short time.
Great extension and easy to use
Review by Rickmill98
This extension works great to find and remove extra images from my website. Tech support was great too in helping me fix the mass delete function. Highly recommend this extension!
Store optimization
Review by Everett
This extension is worth to install, now I can easily remove thousands of image with a single click.
thanks magecomp for this free one.
top notch support
Review by caitlin weiss
I had a small conflict with another module in my store but developer support was top notch to fix it quickly.
Very Useful Extension to keep Image Files low!
Review by Stanislav D
Thank you!!! This is awesome!!!
Very good extension
Review by Jade tillman
I frequently use this image cleaner on my various Magento is really helpful to optimize storage and performance.
Review by KAROL
Nice, very useful
Good utility
Review by Devanshu
I used this utility to delete images in my test store. Worked perfectly! Although I do not have too many products currently in my store and my store does not have much leftover image files but this extension will certainly be useful in long run for me when my store grows and products needs maintenance.
Good work magecomp!
Nice piece
Review by Bobby
Very useful to clean all unused images and clear some space
Very good extension
Review by Jade tillman
I frequently use this image cleaner on my various Magento is really helpful to optimize storage and performance.
works flawlessly
Review by Omari garcia
Easy to install and works flawlessly to optimize storage.
Review by viji
Nice, very useful
Maximizing Storage Usage
Review by Katy Kent
Wow, This extension works so quickly to remove unused images and maximize storage usage for better performance.
Great Work Magecomp.
Best for Optimizing storage
Review by angela
This extension is best for optimizing storage by deleting unused images from the store and the best part of this extension is totally free so thanks Magecomp for this extension.
could be layed out better
Review by geoff
I like that the feature is added, but I wish it had been arranged in the menu better.
easy image removal
Review by A. Daly
While working on development mode, we used to upload numerous images for testing purpose. Immediately after going live, i had to delete them to reduce server loads. I found image clean and which automated the non used image removal task for me. Really appreciable and free still useful extension.
quick image cleanup
Review by Jennifer
it shows non used images on my magento and cleanups quickly. must have extension. additional benefit is, it's totally free still have feature.
Easily removes unused images
Review by Sammy
This free extension simply made my day of installation. This works to remove all duplicate unused images stored in database and free up much space. thank you magecomp for this amazing module for magento 2.
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Version : 1.0.2 Date : 08-08-2018

- Minor bug fixing & User Improvements

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 02-05-2018

- Minor bug fixing.