Whatsapp Overview

Gone those days, when we used to send a typical 160 characters message for communication. Time changed people turned to smart and started using Social Media Messaging App like WhatsApp that allows users to easily share messages and media at the tap of their mobile-screen. With over 1 billion+ active users, WhatsApp still has remained as the fastest growing social messaging app around the world. Apart from using it for personal communication, WhatsApp Started rolling out Business Services to the brands and shop owners by pushing it to next level.

WhatsApp Business released late last year, enabling small Businesses to scale their customer service by offering some quick replies and analytics tools. Yet, it's not powerful enough for the Businesses to engage with their customers and serve excellent user experience. In this digital era, where single beep on the smartphone is enough to grab the attention of anyone, It’s time to automate Ecommerce store notification for serving personalized and remarkable store experience that your customers never forget.

Send WhatsApp Messages around the world

Send instant real-time notification on WhatsApp to wherever your customer lives without any sea boundaries that offers higher reading rate and can costs less than SMS.

Greet your Customer with Welcome Notification

Got new Store customer? Welcome your customer with a personalized message to serve great user experience by giving a personal touch to the brand.

Send Instant Store Order Update Notification

Let your store customer have an acknowledgment of current order status activities by sending automatic notifications like order placement, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit memo notification.

Receive Admin Contact Notification on the Go

Away from your Store? Don’t worry, you can get various store updates like new customer registration, Order placement, Credit memo, Shipment and Contact inquiry notification.


We believe switching to WhatsApp Notifications from traditional EMail or SMS Order Notification have its own advantage that can help you to serve better. You can also read our Blog of 11 Incredible Reasons why you should switch to WhatsApp Order Notification and some of them are listed here.


Serve Incredible Experience to your Customer


Save time and efforts by Automating Order Updates


Turn your customers into Returning customers


Cheaper compared to SMS Messages


Begin Meaningful relationships with Store customers


Notifications that No one can ignore

Supported Platforms

Use Any CMS platform, We are Ready

Credit Purchase
Worried about Getting Bannd?

Send secure, reliable, and Important Updates with simple pricing that you can afford. At MageComp, we believe that every store owner should use WhatsApp Notification for sending important order notification to their customer by serving personalized experience so we have set up Pay as you go.
0.0035 USD or 25p INR per Message

It all depends on the number of notifications sent over time if you send too many notifications and your users may report you as spam it will increase your chances of getting banned. But if you send these notifications from random numbers with no reply message, it will decrease the chances of getting banned, and you can continue sending notifications for a very long time.

Early Bird Reviews

What our Early Bird Says…

Robbyn Y

"We requested them for early access & we got it within a day. Now it’s been more than 15days since we are sending all order notifications via WhatsApp. It's just awesome & our customers loving it. Now we don't have the plan to switch back."

Konstantin U

“This is unbelievable! Seriously, some of my customers love getting Order updates directly on their WhatsApp and for me, it became a cost-effective way to get in touch with customers. Just go for it.”


"Even it is still in beta, WhatsApp Notification has completely surpassed our expectations. Man, they are working really hard to make it better and better. I highly recommended it to every store owner like me."

Rebekah K

"WhatsApp Notification is exactly what our business has been lacking. It's all good. We've seen amazing results already even its in Beta."

Vinny M

"It's got everything I need badly. I loved the way it automatically sends every notification to my store customers. It really saved my time, efforts and it’s worth every penny."

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Start Sending Notifications Today. WhatsApp API is live now and there are 150+ Store owners are sending Thousands of WhatsApp notifications every day around the world and Growing by 400%.


150+ Store owners


1 m+ Notifications Sent Successfully


99.9% Server Uptime

To start sending order notification, simply pick your CMS compatible extension. Once you have configured an extension with your customized message, all the WhatsApp notifications will be sent automatically whenever any event occurs. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions
How WhatsApp Verification Process will Work?

Whenever any customer trying to perform WhatsApp Number Verification then extension will send an OTP code directly on the customer’s WhatsApp number. Once they entered given OTP & clicks on verify button whole WhatsApp verification will be complete and extension will send all future store notifications directly on WhatsApp Number.

Can I Use WhatsApp API for sending Bulk Messages to My Customers?

We Strictly DON’T Allowed to send Bulk Marketing Messages. If we find any service violations, your account will be banned by our Team & all the available credits will be removed. Also, No refund will be provided to you. So, please use technology wisely. 

If I have purchased WhatsApp number, can I use it in my WhatsApp?

Yes you can still use that number in WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp App.

Is all the WhatsApp Messages will be sent from my WhatsApp number?

By default our server will pick random WhatsApp Number from available 1000+ Numbers for sending instant notification to store your customer and if you have already purchased a number than our server will send all the notifications from your registered number.

How can I purchase WhatsApp Number & How much will it Cost to me?

Simply navigate to our MageComp Number Purchase Page& check “Use Own Number?” While placing an order it will cost you around ₹2,030 INR or $29 USD per month.

What CMS Integrations are offered by you?

We have a plugin support for Magento, Woo-commerce as well as easy API integration for Shopify. For Other Systems we also provide https API support for sending WhatsApp Notifications.

Notifications are not delivered to customers but Credit is deducted why?

If any customer enters Non-WhatsApp Number & requesting for OTP or if there is already Non-WhatsApp Number inside customer account, then Extension will request the server to send the notification. But because Number is not available on WhatsApp, Message can’t be delivered but cost will be automatically deducted by our system.