Magento Custom Extension Development

Nowadays, Magento is becoming the best e-commerce system with rich customization abilities. By its variety modules, Magento can bring an infinite scalability and flexibility for your online business.

At Magecomp, we provide Magento Custom Extensions development services to help your Magento online store get more functionality by adding extensions developed per your requirements. These modules are very necessary for your site when the competition in online market becomes more and more violent. By providing more functions and tools, your store will be more suitable and good-looking. As a result, there will be a lot of customers come and decide to purchase at your online store.

With highly trained and qualified experts, we believe we can execute most of your demands.


Here are the steps to develop a custom module:

  • 1. Define custom module requirements
  • 2. Analysis and define module planning
  • 3. Code the module
  • 4. Functional testing and compatibility testing with other well-known modules
  • 5. Make documentation for code maintenance
  • 6. Deliver Magento Custom Module


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