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Upgrade your Magento store to a whole new Hyvä storefront – experience lightning speed, simplified management, quicker launch, happier customers, and leave slow stores in the dust!

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What are Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä Themes are a type of Magento 2 frontend theme that simplifies and speeds up the development process. They are an improved version of Magento Luma built from scratch.

Hyvä themes use TailwindCSS & AlpineJS dependency to implement theme design and functionality, requiring only a few code base changes and resulting in faster page loading speed ultimately improving SEO scores and enhancing Magento store performance.

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Hyvä Themes Services

Supercharge your Magento store’s performance and user experience with our comprehensive Hyvä Themes services.

Hyvä Themes Implementation
Hyvä experts guide you from start to finish. Get complete guidance for your Magento 2 store on Hyvä.
Custom Hyvä Development
Our Hyvä experts craft custom themes, tailor-made for your brand & needs.
Hyvä Compatible Extension
We fix existing 3rd party extensions and build new ones to ensure your Hyvä store is unstoppable.
Hyvä Support & Maintenance
Let us handle the complexities of Hyvä maintenance. We fix issues before they slow you down.
Hyvä Performance Optimization
The Hyvä developers will make your store pretty fast by optimizing the execution speed.
Hyvä Checkout Development
Unlock the full potential of Hyvä Checkout, ensuring a seamless and customer-friendly experience.
Hyvä Migration Services
Migrate your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 along with Hyvä theme integration.
Hire Dedicated Hyvä Developer
Our trained Hyvä Developers can handle all web development Hyvä solutions and queries.
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Benefits of using Hyvä Magento Theme

Build a modern and futuristic Magento 2 storefront with Hyvä Themes.

Craft eCommerce experiences that captivate and convert
Hyvä themes provide an enchanting interface leading to a better user experience. The precise store layout, easy navigation, and simplified checkout process benefit in superior end-user experience.
Unleash the Lightning Speed of Your Magento Store
Hyvä themes are optimized to provide faster load times. Your website will load quickly with Hyvä themes, increasing web traffic and boosting conversion rates. Lightning-fast websites with Hyvä themes will also help to reduce bounce rates.
Deliver a seamless shopping experience on any device
Hyvä themes are designed to make your store fully responsive, ensuring that the website looks perfect on all screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design will help to attract customers of the mobile-first era.

Features of Hyvä Themes

Hyvä Themes comprises the following key features:

Reduced Complexity
Hyvä Themes is an alternative to headless PWA solutions. The storefront has been entirely built from scratch, making it pretty straightforward. RequireJS, Knockout, and UIComponents are removed to make Hyvä less complex.
Improved Performance
As the amount of code is reduced, it shows better performance. The Google PageSpeed shows a 100/100 score and passes all the Core Web Vitals metrics. Hence, Hyvä Themes help to achieve a better user experience with enhanced SEO rankings.
Speedy Development
Hyvä is based on the PHP framework means Magento developers can learn Hyvä in no time. Compared to Luma themes or PWA solutions, Hyvä reduces almost half of the developing time. Hence, the development time and money are both saved.

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    Pricing for Everyone.

    We have competitive pricing plans for you to help you enjoy the best of Hyvä Development services affordably.


    Fixed Cost

    For personal projects

    We will give the cost estimation based on the project requirements
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    Hourly Cost

    Best for limited tasks

    Our Hyvä development charges are $22/hour (if your project needs limited task hours)
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    Contact us for pricing

    Our dedicated working hours are 160 hours/month whose prices range from $2400 to $4800, depending on contract duration, experience and skill set of resources required.
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    Our Unique Selling Points

    MageComp boasts a proven track record of successfully implementing Hyvä themes for diverse Magento 2 stores, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing results.

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    Official Hyvä Partner & Supplier
    MageComp is an official Hyvä Partner and Supplier. We provide effective collaboration and custom solutions for developing Magento 2 stores with Hyvä Themes.
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    Hyvä Compatible Extensions
    MageComp enhances existing Magento 2 extensions for smooth compatibility with Hyvä stores. Explore our Hyvä-Compatible Extensions!
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    Dedicated Team of Hyvä Developers
    Our expert Hyvä developers deliver complex solutions with top coding standards and can meet specific requirements for your Hyvä themed store.

    Luma vs Hyvä Comparison

    Points of Difference
    It's a good option for those who prioritize a familiar setup and budget-friendly solution.
    It caters to those who need a faster, more unique storefront and are willing to invest.
    Can be customized for better performance, but it requires more development work compared to Hyvä.
    Built with a focus on speed, resulting in faster loading times and potentially improved SEO and conversion rates.
    Offers limited customization options for the design and user interface (UI).
    Provides a high degree of design and UI flexibility, allowing for a more unique storefront experience.
    Uses a more traditional Magento framework, which can be complex to work with for extensive customizations.
    Utilizes a modern tech stack with a leaner architecture, making it easier for developers to work with and maintain.
    Free to use as it's the default Magento theme.
    Requires a one-time license purchase.
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    Our team’s expertise has been trusted by a growing number of satisfied clients.


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    Our Portfolio

    Explore how our Hyva development services have transformed businesses across various industries.

    Our Throughout Hyvä Development Process

    At MageComp, we understand the importance of a smooth and straightforward Hyvä development experience for your online store. That’s why we’ve refined our process to ensure efficiency and clarity at every step.

    Requirement Gathering
    We will collect information and understand your existing store and its performance. Then, we will plan out a strategy for Hyvä development.
    Structural Planning
    At this stage, we will collaborate with you and create a structure for your requirements. Planning the site functionality takes place at this stage.
    Designing Hyvä Theme
    At this phase, the actual work is carried out. Our expert Hyvä developer will design your store based on your requirements.
    Hyvä Theme Implementation
    After completing the Hyvä store design, we will translate the designs into functional code using Hyvä’s technologies like Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.
    Hyvä Theme Testing
    This involves testing functionality, responsiveness across devices, performance, and compatibility with Magento.
    Hyvä Theme Deployment
    Once the testing is successful, your Hyvä store goes live and is ready to generate revenue with superb store performance.

    Our Additional Expertise

    Have a question? check these answers.

    Find answers for some common queries related to Hyvä Theme Development Services

    Hyvä Themes are Magento 2 storefront themes built from scratch. It provides the best user experience with enhanced store performance.

    The total cost for your Hyvä Theme-based Magento 2 website depends entirely on your requirements. We offer customizable solutions for Hyvä Theme storefronts. However, you need to pay €1,000.00 one-time fee for the Hyvä Themes License.

    Hyvä Themes are compatible with Magento 2.4.3 CE or higher versions.

    We are an official partner of Hyvä, and our expert Hyvä developers provide all types of Hyvä Theme Development Services. Contact Us to make your Magento 2 Extensions compatible with Hyvä Themes.

    No, you cannot test Hyvä Themes beforehand. You can check the demo to check the efficiency of storefronts with Hyvä.