Extension & Support License Agreement:

By purchasing any of our products or service, you are agreed to following License Agreement and by completing a purchase we assume that you have read and agreed this our License Agreement.

This Extension License Agreement is made and effective from 14th of the February, 2019 and it is a completely non-transferable license.

We are the copyright holder of all the extensions developed by MageComp. Also, provided all titles, documents, trademarks including all copies shall be subject to copyright and protected by the Indian law. Any activity that violates our Terms and conditions or Extension & Service License Agreement, this agreement comes into legal force at any moment that you are agreed to.


Use of our Extension

  • You are allowed to use a copy of extension for the domain you have purchased for that can be either personal or business.

  • To use this extension for another domain you must have to purchase separate License for each installation or you can ask us for Agency license.



  • Sharing of extension package or service is strictly prohibited without official permission including noncommercial or personal distribution will lead to the violation of this Agreement and causes liability, according to the Indian law.



  • The extension is open source that means you are free to customize the extension according to your business need only for licensed domain.

  • Also, you may not use or resell any part of the extension or code in any manner.

  • If you are looking for customizing the extension, you can use our Magento Custom Extension Development Service for that purpose. We will help you to customize the extension the way you love.



  • We do offer a timely upgrade and updates to improve our extensions which are completely FREE UPGRADES FOR ONE YEAR based on Product Subscription Model. To get extended upgrade service, you can renew your subscription on timely manner. You can download the latest package from your account section or can make a request via our support help desk.

  • MageComp reserves the right to determine which products will be updated and when or to discontinue product updates.


Email Address

  • Your e-mail address must be valid as it will be used for communication purposes and we strongly recommended to use your Business e-mail.

  • Making use of Free or temp emails will help you to download package but it will not help you to get support so please don't use such email if possible. Even sometimes free email addresses will take longer for activation. 



  • All the bugs in the Extensions are fixed and will be available to the Customer free of charge and you can download the latest extension package from your customer account section. Also, all added features or bug fixed will be listed in the Changelog tab of each extension page.

  • Your products will be available for download once your payment has been accepted and verified. If you are unable to download a product please check the status of your payment via your payment processor interface. 

  • If you are still facing an issue while downloading extension kindly make a request via our support help desk.


Support Agreement

We do offer FREE 1 YEAR Support based on Product Subscription Model for all paid extensions until you are 100% satisfied. But...

  • All the support tickets and requests are queued based once you have submitted. Duplicating such tickets or making multiple requests will not help you to get quicker support and it automatically discarded.

  • The Customer shall provide all the necessary and required information to save time until we don't get access we are unable to assist you.

  • If your support period is over, the team has the right to refuse support request. You can renew support by renewing your subscription.

  • We are not responsible to provide support for Free Magento Extensions but we will try to provide support only if our technical team can arrange the time for it.

  • We offer support for our extension and service, but we are not liable for any damages caused to you or your store whether it is accidental or consequential. 

  • Also, we are not responsible for providing support for the extensions that are manipulated or used illegally without our permission. In such a case, we will also reserve the rights to terminate the software license and take legal actions.


The following services are NOT covered by the Lifetime free support option:

  • Compatibility check between Magento and other software packages;

  • Integration of the purchased products;

  • Error correction caused during buyer installation;

  • Error correction caused during buyer software upgrade;

  • Modules/themes customization;

  • Product integration troubleshooting;

  • Magento performance optimization and tuning;

  • Third-party developers consultation;

  • Product version update with different module or theme.


Governing Law

If you continue to use our extension or service even after termination, you are liable to pay all costs (including lawyer fees) and any damages suffered by us because you have misused of our extension or services. This Agreement is construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Gujarat, India and both the parties will hear by consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Gujarat, India.

By accepting all these mentioned conditions, it denotes that you are using our products, services or support at your own risk. And MageComp reserves the right to change this Extension & Service License Agreement at any time.

If you have any questions or problems or need our support. Our support staff will get back with you as soon as possible within 24 hours.