Magento 2 Migration Service

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Migrate your old Magento 1.x stores to the Latest Magento 2.x Version.

If you are already using Magento 2 and Want to Upgrade to Latest Magento 2 Version? Use our Magento Upgrade Service.





On your mark, Get set, Go.

Ready for the Migrating your Magento Store but seem time consuming or complicated?

Don’t worry, we are here to get you hassle free store migration in fastest and safe way. We can help you migrate the data such as orders, customer information, etc. from your existing Magento 1.x to the latest Magento 2.x.

Why Migrate to Magento 2?

There are many reasons Why you should upgrade to Magento 2 which you must consider before making decisions. Upgrade always brings bug fixes, new features and functionality and better UI. When it comes to Magento, it continuously justify catering efficient operations and smoother user experience in order to push business growth upward. Checkout what's new in latest Magento version CE 2.2.0 and Contact Us now to get migrated to this latest Magento 2 version.

Benefits Of Magento 2

Better UI

Helps you to achieve a better User interface compare to old Magento 1 Environment.

Improved Shopping Experience

Your customer will enjoy the newly designed layout and easy checkout process.

Performance Improvement

Drastically improves performance using an enhanced caching system compared to Magento 1.

Responsive Theme

Supports flexible liquid responsive design layout, so your customer can access your store from any device

Better Code Quality

Power to extend the native core functionalities which keep Magento away from the competition.

Streamlined Interface

Launched with essential features for e-commerce business, unsurpassed scope, and flexibility with regular updates.

Each stage of migration is planned carefully prior to implementation for careful, risk-free, cost effective and successful Magento 2 migration:

Data Migration

The very first part of migration is data. Bringing products, categories, customers, store configurations, sales data, orders data, reviews and ratings all together to get a clone of existing store is just the most important stage of migration.

Bringing SEO Value Together

Keeping the same file structures, URLs, redirections, managing canonicals, internal site linking structure are essential to get the same impact and leverage the current SEO value of store in Google SERPs. It needs almost zero SEO efforts to bring the store to current SEO status.

We will be able to migrate the following data under this service:

  • Websites and Stores
  • Attributes
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Customers > Customer groups and Entities
  • Sales Data > Orders, Quote, Payments, Invoices, Payments, Shipments, Credit Memo, Sales Rules & Coupons
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Other Data > Tax rules, zones and Rates, Catalog Rules

So what are you waiting for, rely on us without a second thought and get Magento 2 Migration/Upgrade service for older 1.x versions and stay secured and up to date.

Why choose MageComp for Magento 2 Migration Service?

At MageComp, we have proven track record of successful 150+ Magento store upgrades with zero loss of data in the possible minimum time span. Our experienced Magento masters use agile methods to achieve the bug-free results, 100% accuracy, and secured data migration. So, What are you waiting for? Upgrade your Magento store today & enjoy increased functionality, speed and security.

Almost Zero Downtime

We Provide zero downtime service without affecting your existing store sales.

Zero Data Loss

We ensure successful transmission of data from older version to newer with zero data loss.

Timely Delivery

We believe in the deadline that's why we will try our best to serve you within time.

150+ Stores Upgraded Successfully

We have upgraded 250+ Magento stores with 100% success ratio quickly and securely.

100% Security

We ensure security of your Magento store with Magereport vulnerabilities insights.

All Security Patches Included

We will installed all security patches to ensure bug fixes and store security.


* Magento Migration procedure generally takes 5-7 business days (depending on the size of database and complexity of the project).

*We will not be able to migrate your current Magento theme to Magento 2.0 because it’s not possible. Though we can help you build the same theme for Magento 2.0 at an additional cost.

*You need to purchase both theme and extensions for migration. Any customization is not a part of this quote, you will be charged extra for any extension customization or theme changes.

If you have any questions related to migration to Magento 2, feel free to Contact Us any time for Free Consultancy.



Really Impressive
Review by A. Bradshaw
I was willing to migrate my Magento store after having the small conversation with them they told me to sit back and relax and they did their job very well by migrating my Magento store to without any issue.
Great Support
Review by Elisha Cain
While purchasing this service I am afraid of losing data because of so many orders but the way team did is seriously like magic. I am really happy after successful migration of my store.
Highly recommended
Review by Berg
I highly recommend any services or extension from Magecomp, they are masters in any Magento development and customizations. they have smoothly migrated my store from 1.9.3 version of Magento to all new Magento 2.1, really appreciable.
Quick & Excellent Upgradation
Review by Stephanie Dillon
Previously we were using an old version of Magento but these guys are so expertise in upgrading Magento that they had smoothly upgraded our store to 2.2 without any issue. I am really happy with their service and quick supports.
Best Migration By Magecomp
Review by Hannah
Previously I was using Magento 1.4 and I was thinking to migrate store but some how worried because of so many orders and products but Magecomp did really great job by easily migrating my old Magento store to Magento 2
Thanks, MageComp you rock.
seamless migration to 2.1 version
Review by kenneth
Magecomp experts are best in migrating magento to latest magento 2 versions. My older store was in 1.8.3 version and they did everything migrated seamlessly on time. I would continue working with such an amazing team in future as well. Highly recommended this migration service.
Quick and accurate migration
Review by Mary Cola
All my magento 1 custom work has been done by magecomp only and thus i ordered migration service to develop new magento 2 store. What a quick and accurate migration, my store got live within days. Magecomp is my only choice to fulfil my magento development needs.
Order migration from magecomp only
Review by Deborah
This people are so smart and knowledgeable enough to finish migrating to magento 2 with perfection. everything got moved from my old store. wonderful service and support. Order migration from magecomp without any doubt.
Excellent service as always
Review by yendu
Upgrading my site to 1.8.2 before 6 months was made me happy enough to work with magecomp. But as i wanted to move to magento 2, i approach magecomp without second thought and they moved my store data with ease. Excellent they are, as always.
Migration was never smoother before
Review by T. whecko
My magento was in 1.8.2 version when i ordered migration service to these people. they migrated all the data in a smoother way and made it live without any issue. Although they took 3 days to perform migration but the result was worth the wait. Wow is what I can say about this magecomp service.
Smoother Migration, No Bugs
Review by Samuel Coffey
Ordered migration service to build my new magento 2 shop having 1k+ orders and customers. Without fail, Magecomp did it so smoother and made my magento 2 shop live in very short time. Now it's working perfectly. Thanks for the buttery smooth migration!
Best decision of switching to Magento 2
Review by ruth floyd
After getting served from magecomp for magento 2 migration, i felt it to be the best decision I have ever made. It works so smoother and perfect that it makes my customers feel like new makeover with same functionality. Happily speechless for the great work.
Recommended to everyone in magento business
Review by Darell
I was having my magento in 1.8 and wanted to migrate to magento 2. Purchased service from Magecomp and they proved to be excellent in upgrade and finished the project timely even though i had suggested several changes meanwhile. I'm very thankful to Sanjay and team. Looking forward to do more business with you.
Simple and smoother migration to magento 2
Review by Mary Barkly
Magecomp made it so smoother to migrate to magento 2 with all the data, products, reviews together to the new store. My stores got ready just in 4 days. I loved the work process and speed of the team to make site live. Superb efforts.
Perfect migration ever
Review by Gary L.
My store was in magento 1.4.2 and was very tough to upgrade to magento 2 due to old and complex structure. magecomp proves to be the hero to end up with perfect migration to magento 2.0.1. bravo magecomp.
Seamless magento 2 migration ever
Review by Chris
After a lot of research, i decided to get migration service from magecomp. They migrated tons of products, orders and customers along with other database without any issue. Now my Magento 2 store is ready to rock, thank you magecomp!
Smoother move to magento 2
Review by Jean Keys
Because of Magecomp, it was possible to move to magento 2 even with lots of customization and custom theme. they migrated everything in a very short term, thanks for the awesome service.
Hands down for the faster upgrade
Review by Bob santana
After recommendation of my friend, I finally agreed to move to Magento 2. Contacted Magecomp, ordered migration service, provided all the necessary details and crossed my fingers for the best results. And they proved to be the best in magento 2 upgrade as recommendation. I tested everything and decided to go live. I appreciate and value efforts by team. Value for money service.
Top notch migration service
Review by Della
Being on the top, magecomp proves to provide best migration service right from the scratch. I got the whole new Magento 2 store within a day, it's running successfully. No issues, simply awesome.
Migration was never easy before
Review by Lynette
My store was running on Magento 1.8.1 with lots of products and customized theme. I was stuck with upgrading it to magento 2 myself, search for service and found magecomp. They moved my store easily without a single bug. Loved, would be thankful for lifetime.
Successful migration
Review by Kate
I was having a tourism site in Wix platform and wanting to shift to magento. Searched and found magecomp, get professional help and got new makeover bringing all the data to the new site. Awesome experience, you will the first priority for professional help.
Seamless and professional upgrade service
Review by Barbara M. Swan
My store was running in an extreme older magento version 1.4 and that's why it needed sharp detailing to perform full upgrade without data loss. Magecomp informed us with every stage of upgrade process and went beyond to meet our expectations. Additionally they responded and helped faster for each of our query. Thumbs up !!!
Smoother Upgrade
Review by Amanda Dunnigan
We had webstore in 1.8.2 with tons of extensions, products and customized theme. Magecomp provided me with smoother transition to new store clearing out all the dependencies with the older store. Thanks for such an amazing service, you guys rock
Best return on my investment
Review by Juan Campfield
After the decision of upgrading my magento to newly released version 2, I thought to approach Magecomp after a lot of research. They proved to be the best and made my store with all new magento 2 looks and functionality. I believe it to be the best decision and return on my investment.
Highly recommended Magento 2 upgrade
Review by R. Murdock
I’m not techy guy and I didn’t want to mess up my site data so ordered Magento 2 upgrade service from Magecomp and to my great surprise, they did it only in a week and made my site live. Even they helped me to re-install some of the extensions which were conflicting. Magecomp people are so responsive and helpful and I would really like to recommend this to all magento upgrade wisher.
Seamless upgrade to Magento 2
Review by Troy Collins
Before I say about magento 2 upgrade, I would like to mention that I’m repeat customer for the same service. Earlier I got upgraded my magento 1.7 to 1.9.2 and after magento 2 launch, I was desperate to get benefited with new features. Without thinking for a moment, I contacted Magecomp and again they proved to be best. They migrated all my store data along with upgrade seamlessly. Don’t go anywhere for upgrade service, choose magecomp. I really feel happy to recommend these people to other magento store owners.
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