1. Magento Paytrace Hosted Payment Gateway

    Paytrace Hosted Payment Gateway Extension for Magento stores allows the merchant to accept online payments safely from their users.

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  2. Magento Paytrace Redirect Payment Gateway

    Paytrace Redirect Payment Gateway Extension for Magento store helps the store admin to capture online payments securely from their customers.

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  3. Magento Google One Tap Login

    Google One Tap Login extension for Magento enables the online merchants to advance the user experience by providing one-tap register and login functionality using th...

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  4. Magento Instagram Connect Pro

    Magento Instagram connect pro extension integrates your Magento store with Instagram and showcase Instagram images on your Magento web store.

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  5. Magento Email Quote Pro

    Magento Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp enables the store owner to get a customer’s shopping cart in Email and prepare the order and Email the same quote to customers in Email.

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  6. Magento Out of Stock Notification

    Magento Out of Stock Notification Extension by MageComp lets the store customer subscribe back in stock notification whenever the product is back in stock.

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  7. Magento Customer Attribute

    Magneto Customer Attribute Extension by MageComp lets you create additional attributes for your store customers which can be visible on the frontend and backend to capture and validate the information...

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  8. Magento Reviews Import

    Magento Reviews Import Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to import and export for bulk store products by importing CSV file from the backend.

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  9. Magento Amazon S3

    Magento Amazon S3 Extension by MageComp binds Magento with Amazon S3 Servers to upload and sync your catalog images and downloadable products directly with Amazon S3 server.

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  10. Magento Shoppable Facebook & Catalog Sync

    Magento Shoppable Facebook and Catalog Sync Extension by MageComp allows you to continuously synchronize your Magento store products with your Facebook page catalog and brings all new products to your...

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  11. Magento WhatsApp Order Notification

    Magento WhatsApp Order Notification Extension sends personalized Order Status Notification directly to your customer's WhatsApp number.
    Find WhatsApp WhatsApp Credit Purchase i...

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  12. Magento Alipay Cross Border Payment

    Magento Alipay Cross-Border Payment extension by MageComp integrates Magento with Alipay Payment Gateway for receiving payment from Chinese customers in CNY(RMB).

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  13. Magento Force Login

    Magento Force Login Extension by MageComp helps store owner to restrict some part of store content for non-log in users.

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  14. Magento Order On WhatsApp

    Magento Order on WhatsApp Extension by MageComp allows store customer order and resolve their pre-purchase query using a single button click over WhatsApp.

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  15. Magento Customer Approval

    Magento Customer Approval Extension let the store owner manually approved customer accounts from the registrations.

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  16. Magento Product Questions

    Magento Product Questions extension help store customer ask their product questions right from the frontend product page.

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  17. Magento Hide Price

    Magento Hide Price extension help store owner replaces add to cart button with custom text and hide store price from specific customer group to encourage them register in your store.

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  18. Magento Custom Order Number

    Magento Custom Order Number Extension let store owner set their own order number starting range of instead default Magento 100000001.

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  19. Magento Affiliate Product Links

    Magento Affiliate Product Links Extension allows the store owner to add affiliate product along with the default store along with external product links that redirect customers to seller’s web store...

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  20. Magento Shoppable Instagram

    By making Instagram shoppable, you can not only tag products to your posts and story, but also your interested customer can grab the products with just a few clicks without leaving Instagram.

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