Magento 2 Upgrade Service
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Magento 2 Upgrade Service

Having upgraded 250+ Magento stores successfully, our Magento upgrade service helps you upgrade your Magento store at almost zero downtime and no data loss.

To upgrade your Magento 1.x store to the latest Magento 2.x, use our Magento 2 migration service.


Magento is the latest robust, next-generation e-commerce platform that guarantees better security and enhanced scalability with some great approaches like an easy to use design, and supports larger database that gives store owners freedom to increase shopping experience and functionality considering Secure e-commerce transactions.

Upgrading your older Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x version to the latest Magento version brings enhanced functionality, new features, security improvements, bug fixes that serve better shopping experience to your store customers. Not only this, but regularly upgrading your Magento store helps deliver more stable and bug-free experience and power up your store performance compared to the past.


What are the Latest Updates?


Upgrade your eCommerce site's Magento 2.x version to the latest Magento 2.4.6 (See Released Notes).

Note: With our Magento upgrade service, we will help you upgrade your same Magento version to the latest update.

For Migrating your eCommerce Magento 1.x store to Magento 2.x, visit our Magento 2 migration service.


Magento Upgrade Service At a Glance


Magento upgrade is one of trickiest process to ensure no data loss with almost zero downtime. At MageComp, our experienced Magento developers can smoothly upgrade your eCommerce store to the latest version. We offer high-quality and affordable Magento upgrade service for Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Editions. We've extensive experience dealing with many issues that can occur during the upgrade process.

One of the important stages of Magento upgrade procedure is quality testing that ensures everything is working as expected after the upgrade. We take care of the investigation and fix such issues. We've successfully upgraded around 250+ Magento stores till now. We can confidently say that our certified Magento specialists are excellent in upgrading your web store's Magento version to the latest one.

So, what are you waiting for? Our Magento programmers are available to upgrade your current installation of Magento Community or Enterprise Edition. The whole Magento upgrade process is done in development environment before implementation to your live Magento website. So compatibility can be validated without affecting your live environment.


5 Steps of Secret Recipe of Magento Upgrade Service Process


Here is the further elaboration on the steps of upgrading Magento version

Step #1:First of all, we create a replica of your existing Magento store before upgrading.

Step #2: Then we analyze and inspect your Magento store elements like themes, codes, database, functionalities etc.

Step #3: Once all the requirements are fulfilled, our Magento magician is ready to do magic & start upgrading.

Step #4: After that, our Magento developer tests and identifies database bug and issues to fix them.

Step #5: Our developer publishes to live Magento store & your store is successfully upgraded.


Why Choose MageComp’s Magento Upgrade Service?


  • 5+ experienced & certified Magento developers.
  • Magento upgrade process performed under moderation of certified Magento 2 experts.
  • Experience of 10+ years in Magento & eCcommerce field.
  • 250+ Magento stores upgraded successfully.
  • Affordable & cost-effective plans for upgrading Magento versions.
  • FREE expert advice for boosting store performance.
  • 24 x 7 technical support over live chat, phone, wmail & WhatsApp.


For Your Consideration


  • Some Magento extensions may stop working on new versions of Magento website after Magento Upgrade service. So it may need to update for fix them.
  • Upgrading Magento version may generally take 3-5 business days depending on the size of the database and complexity.
  • Fixing of such problems is not included in the Magento upgrade service cost. It will incur extra charge.
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Customer Questions
Will your team audit our Magento website before starting Magento upgrade service?
Yes, to check and understand the insides and out of your store because if there is no information of the store then the process may have issues so auditing your website is mandatory.
Are there possibilities of stopping 3rd Party Extensions after upgrading?
Yes, there are chances of stopping 3rd party extensions if they are not compatible with the latest version of Magento.
Does this include the fixing of 3rd Party Extensions if stopped working
No, the fixing of such extensions are not included in this rate.
Does your team complete the upgrade process on time
Yes, we are very punctual, but in case if there is a complex Magento store then the time might get consumed.
Will it affect store sales
No, we offer the service at Zero Downtime so it might not affect your store.
What if any data loss is found in my store
There is no data loss found as the service will be handled by certified developers.
What is the eligibility of Magento stores to migrate in the latest 2.X version
Yes, your Magento store is eligible to get migrated in the latest 2.X version if your current Magento version is 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.
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