Magento 2 Delete Orders

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Magento 2 Delete Orders allows removing unwanted orders and related data from Magento stores.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




Is your Magento 2 store is filled with unwanted and useless orders? AS default Magento lacks order deletion facility, you might be in search of such an extension to serve your purpose. Magento 2 Delete Orders extension by MageComp facilitates you to delete all unwanted, tested or non-usable orders seamlessly. Now simply clean your sales data from Magento 2 admin in one go. 

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Delete Orders extension:

  • Delete bulk orders from orders list page in backend.
  • Option to enable or disable order deletion from order view page.
  • Custom label for order deletion button on order view page.
  • Manually delete single order from order view page.
  • Delete orders based on customer groups and order status.
  • Delete orders of a specific date range.
  • Automatically delete invoice, shipments and other linked data along with orders.
  • Automatically delete invoice, shipment, credit memo comments.
  • Restrict other admin user to delete order Functionality
Review by Nikunj
Thank you Mage Comp for providing this must needed basic extension for FREE
Review by ANOj
My magento was full of useless orders and it made hard for me to filter and differentiate them with real ones ,
Problem Solver!
Review by Bharat
I was worried about deleting the test orders from my live store and this extension worked great for me. Thank you Magecomp.
Very easy to use
Review by Lorenzo
It's very useful and essential module.
Thank you.
Delete Extn Magento 2 install
Review by Madhura
There is no bug at all ............beautifully works on Magento 2 install without fear......Great going team thanks in Advance.!!
great extension
Review by z
great extension for deleting orders and invoices.
Review by Bianca
It was easy to install (SSH) and works just fine. Thank you!
Nice work as described
Review by Neeraj
Very easy to use .Great work
Nice extension
Review by Nithin
Very easy extension and delete order process quite easy... it works!!!
Nice extension
Review by Hung
Easy for deleted order one by one or mass
Works as promised
Review by Ulb
Works as promised
Works like a charm!
Review by Antonio
Simple but very useful plug-in, easy to install and intuitive to use. Great job guys!
Perfect solution
Review by Kareem crosby
When there is a number of orders it becomes hard for store owners to deal with, cleaning and removal of unwanted orders will help to reduce a headache.
Good Extension
Review by Michael Simon
This extension made delete order process quite easy.
Works Fine with 2.2.2
Review by MarianoB
Everything great, works as described.
Delete Orders Extension works very well!!!
Review by Stanislav
Thank you for offering this extension, Great for removing unnecessary orders.
Great Extension! Does exactly as intended!
Review by Philipp
Great Extension! Does exactly as intended!
Review by C
Works perfectly, thanks!
Simply Awesome
Review by Alexandre Pfeiffer
Super impressed with the extension, loved the way it easily allows me to delete orders.
Does what it says!
Review by Devanshu
I tested this extension in our development store to delete a few orders. It does what it claims. A very handy tool indeed!
Helpful for clear start
Review by Bobby
Helpful to clear all test orders.
Simply Best Order Removal
Review by Nitesh
My Magento 2 store contains numerous test orders. This extension helped me to delete all of them just with a single click and now we are ready to make site Live.
Very helpful.
Thanks Magecomp Team.
Best free extention
Review by A.
Best for delete old orders or tested orders..and Its free also,"Im" very happy .... Thank you.
Excellent extension, Great Developer.
Simply Awesome
Review by Alexandre Pfeiffer
Super impressed with the extension, loved the way it easily allows me to delete orders.
Review by viji
Very helpful for delete old orders or tested orders.. Its free also, happy.. Thank you
Excelent extension
Review by drafiko
The extension "Magento 2 Delete Orders" is really helpful to delete unnecessary orders from admin. Great job!
Review by branch
I found so many useless orders in Magento store. it was very difficult for me to try deleting myself so I decided to look for extension and I found this delete order extension as magecomp freebies, it is really helpful to delete unnecessary orders from admin.
Handy order remover extension
Review by Igor
I have found very easy to setup and to use.
The module is working properly and removes all test orders while testing new order features on the site.
Thanks MageComp
Must have extension
Review by Bruce
Works as expected
Good extension
Review by Nhan
It's very easy setup and worked perfectly.
Simply does the job
Review by Peterv
Easy to install, easy to work with. It simply does the job!!!
Easy Order Cleanup
Review by Ari anderson
Really an amazing extension that easily allowed me to clean up unwanted orders within seconds. doing great magecomp !
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Review by Graham Wharton
Well, what can i say, this module ....... deletes orders. No problems found. Nothing more to say really. Good for cleaning up your orders grid after a bout of testing or development.
Easy setup
Review by Steven
Very easy setup - worked perfectly.
Optimizing Store Orders
Review by Dexter
Great extension to remove unwanted orders from my store orders list after shipping of the order.
Easy Install
Review by Hari
Thanks for the extension very easy setup
Can't beat free and functional
Review by KB
I'm always weary of free extensions so I looked into the developers a bit before I decided to install and was pleasantly surprised. The extension has well documented instructions, is easy to install and actually works! Would definitely recommend!
Review by melow
Good work! Installation and usage easy and it works as described. Top!
Review by ED
Works very well.
Perfect Extension
Review by AHP
Seamless integration for magneto 2 to remove test orders
Review by Mohit
Thanks for the extension and job well done.
This extensions works extremely well.
Review by Oliver
This extension works very well, and it honors both filtered content AND searched name content deletions.
The only thing missing is the ability to limit access to this function from the Orders drop-down list by permissions (ACL effectively).
does the job
Review by geoff
This works great and deletes like a charm
works as described
Review by geoff
Deletes like a charm!
Easy non required order data removal
Review by Ben
From staging site to live development site, we had bulked our site with more than 5k test orders. I wanted to delete them all from live and thus installed delete orders from magecomp. It worked so well to delete all orders withing minutes for free. I would definitely never hesitate to pay if it's not free. well done team.
Best order delete extension
Review by Gaurav Jain
I was looking for such a plugin and it does its job what it said.
No more Garbage Orders
Review by Abigail
As a part of Magento store tester, i was creating useless orders to check and as a result, my store had become garbage of useless orders. I found this free module, and voila! it helped me remove all of them just with a click. Loved the module
Easy to delete test order
Review by Devendra
After data migration we have placed many test order, After complete verification i was having problem to delete all test order, I am wondering for any reliable extension, and luckily I got Magecomp and I bought immediately, and removed all test sales orders from my database.
Thanks Magecomp.

simple order remover
Review by Daniel
After installation delete orders in magento store, i could delete 20k+ useless order data with a single click. superb extension at this price.
Order deletion was never easy before
Review by Mark jobe
After migration to magento 2, my store was stuffed with unwanted test orders. keeping them in database was only option before I bought delete orders from magecomp. A single click to delete orders, feeling wow with the feature.
easy order removal module
Review by j. smith
My magento was bulked with numerous test orders and it was loading it heavily. delete orders helped me delete all of them just with a single click. Super duper extension.
best database eraser
Review by Marion
I keep on testing my site on several times on weekly bases. My magento was full of useless orders and it made hard for me to filter and differentiate them with real ones. Magecomp launched and I bought immediately, removed all useless orders and related data from my database. No issue at all.
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Version : 1.0.1 Date : 22-05-2018

- Compatible with Roles and Permission to restrict other admin users to have this functionality.