1. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists Category Image

    Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists module helps your customers make, share & manage as many wishlists as required with their customer account making it more convenience fo...

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  2. GraphQL Composer Category Page

    Magento 2 Open Graph Tags module allows different headlines, descriptions & images when anyone shares any product, category, or CMS pages on social media platforms. ...

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  3. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login PRO

    Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login Pro enables quick and seamless customer login via mobile number, thus eliminating the need to remember passwords. Provide a secure login/r...

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  4. Composer Magento 2 Product Designer

    Magento 2 Product Designer Extension provides a user-friendly design tool with incredible features to add text, images, and styling options in order to easily create...

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  5. Composer Magento 2 Image Optimizer

    Magento 2 Image Optimizer optimizes website images by reducing the image size without losing its quality. Optimizing images helps in improving page load speed and us...

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  6. Composer Magento 2 WebP Image Converter

    Magento 2 Convert Images to WebP extension will convert images to WebP formats maintaining the image quality. This extension helps you cope with Serve images in n...

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  7. Composer Ajax Login & Register

    Magento 2 Ajax Login & Register Extension allows to speed up the login and registration process for customers by eliminating redirection to the respective page.<...

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  8. Composer Magento 2 Ajax Search

    Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension by MageComp let your customers search and find results for that search without page refresh.

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  9. Composer Magento 2 Refund Request

    Magento 2 Refund Request provides customers an easy way to request for refunds or returns and thus improves store shopping experience.

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  10. Composer Magento 2 Image Clean

    Magento 2 Image Clean Extension improves the store performance and loading speed by allowing the admin to remove non-used product images and CMS page images from the...

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  11. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Hide Price

    Magento 2 Hide Product Price extension manages item price visibility on Magento store. It makes customers contact the admin for knowing pricing details. It adds "Log...

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  12. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 SMS Notification

    Magento 2 SMS Notification module or extension notifies your shoppers about order notification status & store activities via SMS messages or alerts. Win your custome...

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  13. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Delivery Date

    Magento 2 Delivery Date extension allows customers to choose a preferable date for product delivery. It helps you to improve your customer service by delivering the orders on the customer’s speci...

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  14. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Email Quote

    Magento 2 Request a Quote or Email Quote extension allows your customers to request a quote for the items in their cart from the frontend. It has the compatibility...

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  15. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login

    Magento 2 Mobile Login with OTP extension enhances the customer experience by providing a quick and secure OTP-based login method without the need to remember comple...

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  16. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Call For Price

    Magento 2 Call for Price Extension helps hide product price and "Add to Cart" button & display "Call For Price" button to encourage visitors to contact the store adm...

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  17. Composer Magento 2 Size Chart

    Magento 2 Size Chart - Display size charts & guide for customers & help them make the right decision for purchasing the right products for them. Recommended extensi...

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  18. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Save Cart and Buy Later Extension

    Magento 2 Save & Share Cart for Later extension helps website visitors to save items in the shopping cart to buy later in the future or to duplicate previous orders....

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  19. Composer Magento 2 GeoIP Currency Switcher

    Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher extension automatically converts product prices to customers' local currency by detecting their geographical IP (GeoIP) location. Th...

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  20. Composer Magento 2 Custom Redirect

    Magento 2 Custom Redirect Extension by MageComp allows redirecting users to specific URLs after registration, login, logout & product add to cart events.

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Magento 2 User Experience Extensions


What is User Experience?
User experience refers to overall customer satisfaction while using your website and how easy it is to use. It includes all the factors of end-users interaction with your website’s products and services.

Importance of User Experience for eCommerce Store
Did you know? 88% of customers are less possibly return to a site with bad UX. The good user experience of your eCommerce website directly impacts conversion rates. The better and more flawless the user experience, the more likely they will purchase from your store. Customer experience is a crucial aspect for the success of eCommerce stores.

When customers can easily find what they need, they are willing to make a purchase which helps increase sales of your eCommerce store. Sites that offer a better experience and easy navigation are also liked by Google and strengthen SEO. Users like to stay on a website that is easy to navigate and well-designed. Hence, it reduces bounce rates. If the customer is satisfied with your online store, they become your loyal and long-term customers.

Why Use MageComp’s Magento 2 User Experience Extensions?
MageComp has a wide range of the latest Magento 2 Extensions to improve user experience of your brand. Default Magento has options to improve store design, but using the Magento UX extensions will enhance the shopping experience and help you meet your personalized needs.

Provide customers with ease of shopping and fulfill customer requirements. Make your frontend attractive and add impressive features that make the customer's shopping journey smooth. Optimizing the checkout process leads to higher conversion rate.

Some of the popular user experience extension for Magento 2 store that boosts user experience includes multiple wishlists, save cart, SMS notification, mobile OTP login, Google language translator, delivery date, save cart buy later, call for price, checkout success page, custom redirect, and more. 

Choose from our number of Magento user experience extensions that effectively help you improve store usability and achieve quick results. Browse through our other extension category and contact us to implement specific product functionality or solution for your site.