Magento 2 Call For Price

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Magento 2 Call for Price extension helps hiding product price and “Add to Cart” and replace it with “Call For Price” button to encourage visitors to contact you for quote.

Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


Many times there are numerous products and services offered by store owners where product prices need to be hidden. There may be many reasons behind such as products are not available, prices need phone verification, pricing depends upon quantity, prices depends upon personalization and customization asked for and others. In such case, hiding prices is the only option you would be finding but as default Magento doesn’t provide facility alike, store owners always find difficulties offering such products through their stores.

Magento 2 Call For Price by MageComp has overcome this problem and come up with extension to hide product price and add to cart button which is replaced with “Call For Price”. The extension facilitates to provide call-to-action button text and encourage customers to contact you with their details and ask for price.

Install Magento Call For Price now to establish direct connection with your customers and provide information about products and their pricing. 

Why choose Magecomp’s Magento 2 Call For Price extension:

  • You can use call for price for various types of products, some of them are:
    • products with fluctuated prices
    • requirement based product
    • service products
    • to offer discounts on bulk purchase
    • products with undefined prices
  • Option to hide product prices for:
    • All products
    • Specific categories
    • Specific products
  • Hide product prices and add to cart button on:
    • Home page
    • Category page
    • Product detail page
  • Change button text of call for price based on your store products and requirements.
  • Show custom message instead of price on product page.
  • Custom call for price form title.
  • Add custom message for call for price popup form success or failure submission.
  • Added Google ReCAPTCHA in call for price form to avoid spam emails.
  • Option to enable call for price based on selected customer groups.
  • Supports all default Magento product types.
  • Hide product prices for particular store views.
  • Support for multi store and multi-language.
  • Specify email ID of admin to get call for price requests from customers.
  • Click of call for price button opens up responsive form for customers to fill required details and ask for quote.
  • Auto reply to customers immediately after they request for quotes.
  • Product Name appears as a subject in auto reply Email for better understanding.
  • Customers’ inquiries in a separate grid in admin panel along with details like customer name, Email ID, product for which contacted, contact number and detailed message.
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Review by Matthew
Great work, I have used Magecomp on several occasions now, always helpful, efficient and professional, good work!
Nice product As per the requirement
Review by suman kumar
Nice Module, almost everything is covered which is need of this module.
they have to more work on their support service. over all its great.
Great extension and support
Review by Yun
Bought Hide price and Call for price extensions. Had both installed but there were some bugs somehow. The Magecomp team helped splendidly.
Great and very useful extension. Thanks a lot for the support.
Work as promised
Review by Rachel fleming
I am using this extension for more than 3 months and now it becomes one of my handy tool to hide price and let customer easily connect with me for further pricing.
Amazing Extension
Review by A Mason
This extension was super easy to use that delivers click & call experience for store customers.
Handy module
Review by Kaden
I was looking for this extension since long that allowed me to hide price that let my customers to directly get in touch for purchasing such products.
Great Service
Review by Goddess
I have had a problem while installing extension myself and I have asked support to MageComp.
They replied to my ticket really quickly and solved the problem right away.
Their extension and support are brilliant. Highly recommend this extension to all store owners.
Excellent Customer Support
Review by Sanin
We have integrated the extension in our website. there is some compatible issues with our theme. but their support was awesome.
Must Have Module
Review by Brenda graham
Easy to install and works flawlessly. I highly recommend this extension to every store owners
Ideal for customized product
Review by jeffrey
This extension is one of the best extension for customized product store like me that gives the flexibility to hide price for a customization based product and let the customer to call for price. also, it's easy to use module.
Best call for price extension
Review by Charles
As my requirement to hide price for the customizable product this extension works smoothly to hide the price. the best part of this extension is developer team is very quick in response to solve the issue. very happy after purchasing.
Good to go
Review by R. Sullivan
Bought just by reading reviews and recommendation and it works as promised. Even the support is pretty best to help you any time.
everything works perfect
Review by wayne
I have tested each options, settings and functionality and thought to utilize it at its best. Works just as described. Very much appreciated to other magento guys.
Best Option for International Presence
Review by AHP
I check their Backend and Front Demo. Amazing feature by Mayur Sisodia. I would like install it as earliest.
Very good extension
Review by D@N-Development
Thank you Mayur Sisodia for this good and fast support. The module does what it should, installation went without problem and it works perfectly.
Better way to negotiate for prices
Review by A. Steiner
After installation of m2 call for price, my website visitors find a better way to request for quote and negotiate for prices. I love this wonderful feature.
product inquiry booster
Review by Charlie
Call for price leads my web visitors to inquire for product quotes and other details which is the first step to communication and i can then put my efforts to end the deal. Must buy.
achieved all i wanted!
Review by castillo
buying call for price extension for my magento 2 store was really great decision. the user manual helped me to configure every single detail and I achieved all i wanted.
Excellent module with even better support!
Review by Patrick
We bought the call for price module and it is working perfectly.
We needed one thing so it would work with our theme and their support fixed that really fast.
An excellent module with supurb support, so we can recommend Magecomp to everyone!
cool features in this price
Review by Dan
I never write reviews but the cool features of this extension encouraged me to write one. Easy to hide add to cart for specific products and categories. Achieved what i wanted. Kudos to magecomp and team.
Best match for products with undefined prices
Review by R. Gordon
I sell gym services based on various plans, instruments, home services and many more. Call for price is what fits my needs in a perfect way. People have started calling for quotes. Like this module.
Spot on installation and support
Review by john bradwell
I purchased Call for price 2 months back, it was easy and quick to install but I found minor issue with other extensions. Contacted support and they responded and resolved it. Highly recommended to others.
Better to use
Review by K. Cody
Call for price extension simply helped me hide prices for 2 of my customer groups and encouraged them to call or mail for product price. It indirectly helped me increase sales. thanks magecomp!
Easy price masking
Review by Dean S. Simmons
Call for price improves one to one communication for prices with customers. I have configured to mask prices for some of my customer groups. Works well.
Great module to manage price display
Review by Evan
I have enable this extension to show prices based on customer groups. Only registered customers can see the prices. call for price helped me improve registration ratio and create personalize experience to ask for quote in some categories.
Great support!
Review by Emmesaurus
Very good product... Exactly what we needed. Super impressed with the support. They were prompt and thorough. Very glad we chose this.
Easy price masking
Review by Edward
i wanted to hide add to cart for wholesale group as they can ask for quote in lot purchase. Call for price did the trick and implemented the functionality just like i wanted. It helped me masking prices easily. i would recommend this module to others as well.
Best contact option for quotes
Review by B. Palmer
I offer personalized aprons for international hotels and restaurants. My customers can now easily contact for detailed personalization and pricing for bulk purchase. It serves superb functionality.
Fully satisfied with price hider
Review by Roger
After migrating to Magento 2, i was in hunt of such extension to hide price same as i had in magento 1.9.2 store. This is the only available extension for magento 2 and works just perfect. fully satisfied and highly recommended.
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Version 1.0.6 Date : 22-10-2018

- Compatible with Latest Magento Version

Version 1.0.5 Date : 29-04-2017

- Compatible with Magento 2.1.6

- Resolved Compilation issue

Version 1.0.4 Date : 24-03-2017

- Resolved the issue of Google Recaptcha.

Version : 1.0.3 Date : 18-02-2017

- Compatible with Magento 2.1.4

- Compatible with Porto Theme

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 08-02-2017

- Show custom message instead of price on product page.

- Hide product prices for particular store views.

- Add custom message for call for price popup form success or failure submission.

- Added Google ReCAPTCHA in call for price form to avoid spam emails.

- Product Name appears as a subject in auto reply Email for better understanding.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 28-07-2016

- Compatible with Magento 2.1

  • Can I set “Call for Price” button to “Contact for Quote”?

Yes, you can set any preferable text for call for price button from Button Text under Call for Price Options.

  • How can I change “Call for Price” form title, success message and error message as per my requirements?

Simply go to Call for Price Options where you can find settings to change call for price form title, success and error message.

  • Is call for price form can be used to submit inquiries?

Yes, our call for price contact form is fully responsive to work with all devices. Your customers can easily submit contact form from any device.

  • Can I show custom message instead of price?

Yes, go to Call for Price Options where you can set “yes” to “Enable Custom Message Instead of Price” and add custom message.

  • Can I enable Call for Price for selected customers only?

Yes, Call for Price extension facilitates to enable extension for selected customer groups only. The option to select customer groups under Call for Price Options.

  • Can I get customers’ inquiries in Email?

Yes, Admin Email Settings are available in the extension to get customers’ inquiries on set Email ID.

  • How to stop spam contact form submissions?

Extension avails to enable Google Recaptcha for contact form. If you will enable it, you can stop spam inquiries.

  • Can I enable product specific call for price and button test?

Yes, you need to enable call for price for products and then add custom button text for the products you want to enable. This will show unique call for price button text for each product you have set.

  • Can I see all the submitted inquiries together after a specific time?

Yes, extension stores all the inquiries in backend under “Call For Price Inquiries”. You can check all the inquiries and delete them from store backend at any time.