Magento 2 SMS Notification

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Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension provides facility to notify customers about various order status activities through text messages.
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Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


SMS have vital part in Ecommerce now days. People use and prefer more mobile services in order to carry together everything in a tiny smart phone. Ecommerce business owners also developing various services to make mobile friendly and provide fastest services to provide best user experience to their customers. We have also come up with a Magento extension to keep up with providing best user experience and quicker service 24*7. Magento 2 SMS Notification Basic by MageComp allows Magento store owners to configure SMS notification services for various order status activities to acknowledge customers through SMS. Just choose a preferable SMS gateway to integrate SMS service with Magento to and notify your store customers round the clock.


Feature Comparison for Magento 2 SMS FREE and Basic version:

Backend option to Enable or Disable the Extension.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Integrated SMS Gateway API settings to make the extension work with a supported service provider.
Supports Dropdown selection for easy SMS gateway Switching.
Order placement Notification for customers
Order Shipment Notification for customers
Store registration Notification for customers
Store registration OTP Confirmation for customers
Order Credit memo Notification for customers
Order Invoice Notification for customers
Store Contact Inquiry Notification for customers
Set your own text to send a custom message
Easily prepare text notification messages for all events by using object & variable fields.
Store admin can add own mobile number to get notified of each update.
Specify OTP string type and length sent per message.
Admin can enable mobile number verification mandatory for customers if needed.
You can style a button like theme by specifying CSS class from the backend
Backend option to enable various SMS events and change message text at any time.
Website registration Notification for admin
New order placement Notification for admin
Order Credit memo Notification for admin
Order shipment Notification for admin
Contact Inquiery Notification for admin
Mobile Number Verification on Customer Registration Page.
Enhance & Secure checkout by with a layer of OTP security before proceeding to cart.


Compatibility with SMS Service Provider

Right now we have integrated our Magento SMS Notification Extension with following SMS gateways, Ask Us for your preferred SMS gateway integration and seamlessly send SMS notifications to your Magento store customers.

Integrated SMS Gateway API List
Amazon SNS Msg91 KAP System
BulkSMS Thinkbuyget Taobao
Bhashsms Textlocal SMS Gupshup
Solution Infini QyaDat Africas Talking
SMSGlobal GlobalSMS sms.sss
Twilio SMSGatewayhub Broadnet
Trumpia 2Factor Unifonic
Plivo vfirst Smsindiahub
Web2SMS SMSCountry
Telenor(Pakistan) dialmenow Infobip
eSMS Moplet
CheapSMS Dove-soft Variforrmsolution
MobiLogi Web2smslocal MobiLink
Lutex Kaleyra SMSmidlet (Mage-SMS)

Not all the APIs are integrated in one package. Please Note We can provide one API integration for FREE from above table (Apart from default ones in extension) with our Extension. If you need more then one API integration packages apart from default ones, we may charge you extra for it

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Review by Ashley Schultz
I can say this extension is a dedicated tool for marketing. It works as described and saves a fair amount of time. Any store owner can easily rely on this module. Well done MageComp.
Unlimited SMS Customization
Review by Arlene M.
This extension allows me to create and send personalized messages to customers about their order status. It has helped me a lot to improve my sales and serve personalized experience to my shoppers.
Review by sonus
When a customer makes a purchase and if he is notified instantly of the payment received or the purchase made, that customer's trust.
Review by Mohd
I will work with them again because of the support.
Good SMS Exetension
Review by imran
my client are really happy to have quick SMS notification
Works effectively!
Review by Alonso rutledge
From the time I installed, the extension really helped me to boosts the interaction! Thank you very much!
interaction Booster
Review by addison barlow
the extension works pretty well and helps a lot to boost interaction with customers.
Quick Sms notification
Review by cate
After a quick survey, I found that my customers are really happy to have quick SMS notification compare to past email notification, Extension is also easy to setup and use.
Excellent Extension
Review by Devanshu
I am using this extension with MSG91 SMS gateway in my store which is still under development and it works flawlessly. Support is great. These guys always available in case you need them.
Quick Sms notification
Review by Michelle h. cate
After a quick survey, I found that my customers are really happy to have quick SMS notification compare to past email notification, Extension is also easy to setup and use.
Review by vipul
exactly what i was looking for and it has integration with very good msg service like msg91. recommend to all.
Effective Order notification
Review by LorEnzO Sargent
Nowadays instead of Email notification Sms is very effective way to notify customers about product status.I was really looking forward to this kind of extension and finally, i found one.
Best extension so far
Review by Tucker
I'm using this extension to quickly notify the customer about product status. works just to fit my need. Awesome experience with superb functionality.
Quick Product Status Update
Review by Knight Swiss
Great Extension Magecomp ! this is what I am looking for to notify my customers about their product status quickly.
quick notifications to customers
Review by Nadeau
immediately after any order activity in my Magento store, customers get notified through SMSs using twilio gateway. They are really happy with this new feature introduced with magento 2 sms notification module by magecomp. I really owe a huge thanks to the team for this wonderful development.
Great Extension
Review by AHP
Great features. Great Support. Best SMS extension in the market.
notification facility rocks
Review by M Cover
I was thinking about to get such functionality developed, but than i found sms notification by magecomp and it works just what i required. texting order notification facility makes it super awesome.
Fast SMS
Review by Dharmesh
Nice extension, because its send within fraction of seconds SMS which i need in my Store.
thanks for Extension
Preferable one
Review by Carlson
Unique and useful functionality to notify customers. They tend to be satisfied with such an amazing feature implementation in my magento. I would really like to refer this to others.
works well with solutionsinfini
Review by bannet
i contacted magecomp to buy this extension with solutionsinfini sms gateway and they did the customization just in an hour and send me the extension package. I checked everything and works without having any single issue. really wonderful to send order notifications.
Notifier rocks
Review by J. Yaeger
I was about to custom order SMS order services when one of my friends suggested this extension. Got it installed and works like charm. Loved the functionality of on time text delivery to my customers. They are really happy with this new service. You rock magecomp.
What I earned is informed consumers
Review by H. Wickhamm
Sending notification in mobile for every small order activity is what makes this extension awesome. I earned informed and happy consumers after installing this module.
superior sms notification module
Review by earl
I bought this module 2 months ago. After using, I thought to get it customized to meet my business requirements. Asked magecomp and they did it so well to work like a charm, keep it up team.
notify customers seamlessly
Review by Carlos M.
I got this extension modified as per my need and it immediately notifies my customers to every order activity. Easy to install, simple to use.
seamlessly notify customers for order activities
Review by Joshua
I got integrated this extension with Way2SMS gateway and works well. Now my customers are informed with text for each order activity and i earned satisfied customers.
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Version : 1.0.5 Date : 26-09-2018

- Added SMS Notification for customers Invoice & Contact.

- Supports Dropdown selection for easy API gateway Switching.

- Enabled Mobile Number Verification on Customer Registration

- Enhanced & Improved checkout with a layer of OTP Security.

- User Improvements & Minor Bug Fixing.

Version : 1.0.4 Date : 27-04-2018

- Third party API integration made easy.

Version : 1.0.3 Date : 15-03-2018

- Added support for both string & numeric OTP type.

- New Popup UI for better user experience.

- Added Tracking Shipment Variables

- Option to add style class for Button

- Minor bug fixing.

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 26-06-2017

- Resend OTP option at checkout.

- Minor Bug Fixing.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 08-01-2017

- Added popup functionality for OTP at checkout.

  • Can I only use MSG91 to send SMS for order activities?
  • Right now, our SMS Notification is compatible with MSG91, bulkSMS, SolutionsInfini, SMSGlobal, Twilio and Trumpia SMS gateways. If your requirements doesn’t fit the available gateway, you can Contact Us with your preferred SMS gateway to integrate with this extension.

  • For how many activities my customers will get notified if I use this extension?
  • Users will be notified through SMS for various activities like:
    1. Order placement
    2. Order status change or update
    3. Order cancellation
    4. Order shipment
    5. Refund requested for orders

  • Do my customers need to verify mobile number every time they login?
  • No, if customers have already verified their mobile number, they will never be asked again to verify.

  • What if I exceed the character limits per SMS unit?
  • There is no character limits for sending SMSs but the messaging charges will be calculated based on 160 characters per unit. If you use more, you will have to pay accordingly.

  • How can I register with an SMS gateway? What is the procedure of payment for SMSs?
  • Registration is as easy as registering with any Ecommerce websites but after registration, you have to buy SMSs prior to use in the extension.

  • Will admin be notified and when?
  • Yes, admin also will be notified on set mobile number for various activities stated below:
  • Contact form submission by customers for inquiry
  • New order placement by customers
  • Return request for orders by customers
  • Order shipment

  • What is the use of OTP?
  • OTP is used to provide security at every aspects of website. Whether your customers sign up or place orders, it is to make sure that transactions proceed in a secured manner.

  • Do I need to purchase OTP messages from SMS service provider?
  • No you just need to purchase the transactional SMS from service provider as OTP system is managed by our extension itself

  • Do all customer need to verify OTP while placing an order?
  • Yes, for now we have added the features so all your customers (registered or guest) will have to verify OTP. If you are logged in, your mobile number will be fetched automatically.