1. Composer Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

    Multiple Flat Rate Shipping Extension by MageComp helps you create & configure custom flat rate shipping methods based on different conditions and pricing.

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  2. Magento Hong Kong Post Shipping

    Magento Hong Kong Post Shipping extension provides shipping calculator based on product weight and country code to fetch Hong Kong shipping methods enabled for particular country.

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  3. Composer Magento 2 Matrix Rates

    Magento 2 Matrix Multiple Table Rates Shipping Extension allows you to customize shipping rates based on the combination of product quantity, weight, price, and destinations.

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  4. Magento Shipping Per Product

    Magento Shipping Per Product extension by MageComp allows you set global and individual shipping rate per product in your Magento.

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  5. Magento Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

    Magento Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension allows you to easily Create and set up to 8 custom shipping methods on your Magento store.

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  6. Magento Sendd Shipping

    Magento Sendd Shipping extension integrates Magento with Sendd to enable shipping method on the frontend to customers based on zip code.

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Magento Shipping Extensions


Magento Shipping Extensions are essential tools for e-commerce businesses seeking to streamline their shipping processes and enhance customer satisfaction. These extensions offer a wide array of features, including real-time shipping rate calculation, label printing, order tracking, and custom shipping rules. With seamless integration into your Magento store, you can provide your customers with accurate shipping costs, multiple carrier options, and a smoother checkout experience.

Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, Magento Shipping Extensions allow you to efficiently manage your shipping operations, reduce errors, and save time. Plus, they enable you to offer flexible shipping options such as same-day delivery or click-and-collect, meeting the diverse needs of your customers. Elevate your e-commerce business with Magento Shipping Extensions and ensure a hassle-free shipping experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.