Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

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Create custom shipping methods on your store with Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension.
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Are you looking to add new custom shipping method? Do you want to add more than 1 flat rate shipping methods? MageComp introduces Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension which is the solution you need for these.

Now Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension to create up to 10 custom shipping methods on your Magento store. You can configure the Shipping price for each of them in fixed manner. You can select Type based on it, it will charge to customers. For example, there is option to set the Type with the option Per Item or Per Order. Depending on the option you select, Shipping price will be calculated accordingly.

There is also one more option of handling fee, you can add handling fee for the shipping method, which will be added in flat rate price in the calculation. You can configure the handling fee in fixed or percentage manner.

You are free to add different error message if you want to set for specific shipping method. You can also enable specific flat rate shipping method for specific or all countries. Lastly you have the feature of sort to display in frontend as per the sorting configuration in backend.

Why you should choose Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping Extension:

  1. You can add up to 10 flat rate shipping methods.
  2. Show shipping method based on min and max subtotal.
  3. Enable or disable or configure each of them individually
  4. Charge handling fee in 3 ways:
    • Fixed
    • Percentage
    • Fixed Per Item
  5. Display custom error message for each of them
  6. Add custom HTML message to show in the checkout page to inform your customers about shipping methods.
  7. You can configure each of them to allow on specific countries or all countries.
  8. Multiple Flat Rate Shipping now works with backend orders.
  9. 100% open source
  10. No core files modified

You can contact us for addition customization if you are looking for.

Good developer
Review by Niolai
I have really good experience with Dhiren from Magecomp :)
Good job
Review by Ulysses lane
I am using this extension with fixed handling and after upgrading this extension to 1.0.4 I am really enjoying backend order management functionality. Thanks for this tiny helpful update.
Quality Service
Review by Jesus
Very good extension 100% recommended
Quality Service
Review by Kade Hall
Highly impressed by the support desk, loved the way they quickly support me to resolve my store issue.
Excellent addon
Review by Genaro Burris
I have configured this extension for all five methods based on simple rules and extension works very well to apply all flat rate shipping based on configuration.
Easy to use
Review by Stephanie Merrill
This extension lets me easily setup multiple flat rates according to my needs based on product, Loved the way it smoothly works in my Magento store.
Quick flat rate module
Review by Jeffrey R
According to my requirement for setting up multiple flat rates into my cloth store, this extension did very well job and setting up multiple flat rates using this extension is so easy to setup
Works Perfectly to display flat rates
Review by Jason
The extension works smoothly to display multiple flat rates as described in product description.great extension with great support.
Best buy
Review by devin
I was desperately in search for extension to apply more flat rates. I found magecomp extension to add multi flat rates and it works out of the box.
apply many flat rates together
Review by Joe Ayers
when it comes to adding many flat rates in magento, it needs customization of code. I came to know about this extension which made it so easy to apply many flat rates together. I highly recommend this extension to others.
I badly needed it
Review by Farrelly
I was thinking to custom code for setting up 3 flat rates in my magento store. But finding magecomp and buying multiple flat rate was better decision than coding my self. It provides features to meet my needs and functions at its best.
More flat rates
Review by M evans
1 was not enough for my business so i bought this extension from magecomp. it allows adding more flat rates and simplifies my shipping management for various settings.
multi flat works as advertised
Review by Lydia
Multi flat extension works as advertised, no issues and easy configuration. I have enabled 3 flat rates for my customers. really enjoying functionality of this extension.
Using 3 flat rates, superb module
Review by Clarence
I'm using this extension to add 3 custom flat rate based on my business. Works as described. kudos to the team for this amazing extension.
Superb customization with default flat rate
Review by Stephen
I got to know about this extension and instantly purchased after checking demo. Even i was having some custom requirements and they fulfilled it quicker.
Best extension for many flat shipping
Review by Elsie
I got this extension customized as per my requirement but the core functionality remains the same to enable 4 flat rates. Amazing piece of work through this extension.
Works perfect
Review by Elaine
I bought and configured flat rate shipping to enable 3 flat rate based on some rules. It worked as perfect as described. Hats off to the developers.
simple yet amazing extension
Review by Kathyrn
I got it customized for adding 5 + more 3 flat rate based on some conditions to fulfill my needs. It works fine. support team acts super fast to solve any doubts. I really enjoyed working with them.
Excellent simple shipping
Review by Emomy
Simple to configure and install. Took just 5 mins to set my 3 flat rate shipping methods and works just perfect. Very useful module.
Perfect addon
Review by zane
Perfect to add more flat rate shipping methods. I have added 2 and works just fine. I like this extension a lot and suggest other to purchase for adding more flat rate shippings.
Works as described
Review by Phillip hall
I was looking for the readymade extension to avoid coding from scratch. Magecomp provides superb functionality of adding 5 flat rate shipping. Works just perfect as described. Recommended
Best for adding more flat rate shipping
Review by Judith
I added 3 flat rate shipping and asked to customize extension to show methods based on minimum and maximum of subtotals. Magecomp responded with the free surprise upgrade. Kudos to the team!
Out of the box functionality
Review by sharon sanders
Perfect match to my expectations. I installed it and get it worked immediately, you guys rock. Thumbs up
Free from coding
Review by Dewey
Purchase, install, configure and voila, it works super awesome. No need to code manually to add flat rate shipping methods, just use and you are done. Loved it.
Most useful shipping extension
Review by D. Macdonald
With this extension, I could add 3 custom flat rate shipping per item. Very easy to configure and straightforward extension. Kudos to you magecomp.
Works out of the box
Review by Lynette
Using this extension, I have created 4 types of flat rate shipping in my magento 2. Works awesome. Satisfies my needs. I recommend it to others.
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Version : 1.0.5 Date : 13-04-2018

- Added extra 5 flat rate shipping method.

- Minor bug frixing.

Version : 1.0.4 Date : 27-02-2017

- Multiple Flat Rate Shipping now works with backend orders.

Version : 1.0.3 Date : 17-02-2017

- Add custom HTML message to show in the checkout page to inform your customers about your shipping methods.

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 08-10-2016

- Now charge handling fee in fixed amount per item.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 02-09-2016

- Now show shipping method based on min and max subtotal.

  • What if I want to add more flat rates in my Magento?

Right now, our extension is providing to add 5 flat rates at a time to work together, if you want more, Ask Us for professional customization.

  • How can I set flat rate to show for specific order amount?

The extension facilitates to set minimum and maximum order amount based on which you can show flat rates on frontend.

  • HTML instructions are used to show what?

Actually many store owners have additional conditions or related information to show for particular shipping methods like shipping time, delivery dates etc. With use of this, you can specify each and every details related to flat rate you configure.

  • Can I apply multiple flat rates in orders from backend?

Yes, you will get all the configured flat rates in backend orders as well. You can choose one from for the backend orders.

  • What if I want to enable flat rates for specific countries?

Each flat rates allow you to select countries to enable for. Simply select countries from drop down to enable it for those countries.

  • What are the ways to apply handling fee with flat rates?

With each flat rate, you can apply handing fee in 3 ways: fixed, percentage, fixed per item.

  • How can I apply shipping method fee?

Shipping method fee for flat rates can be applied in two ways: per item and per order

Client - Barry Voltz:

Requirement: Client wanted us to add 10 flat rates for US and non US countries.

Implementation: As an added functionality, we included more 4 flat rates to apply based on various conditions asked by the client. So the Magento 2 store of the client is having total 9 custom flat rates to be applied on their customers’ orders.

For US Countries:

  • USPS Priority (Included)
  • 3 Day Saver ($10.00 Additional)
  • 2nd Day ($25.00 Additional)
  • 2nd Day AM ($30.00 Additional)
  • Next Day Saver ($54.00 Additional)
  • Next Day *by 10:30am ($58.00 Additional)
  • Next Day AM *by 8am ($100.00 Additional)

For NON US Countries:

  • First Class Mail ($6.00 Additional) Time 7 to 30 days based on location
  • DHL Express ($45.00 Additional) Time varies based on location.

Magento Multi Flat Shipping customization for digi3dworks