Magento 2 Matrix Multiple Table Rates Shipping Extension

Magento 2 Matrix Multiple Table Rates Shipping Extension allows you to customize shipping rates based on the combination of product quantity, weight, price, and destinations.

  • Set rates based on weight, subtotal, quantity & destination
  • Upload a matrix rate CSV to set multiple table rates for various products
  • Also, works with downloadable & virtual products
  • Option to add handling fee either in fixed/percentage
  • Hyvä Addon Available
  • Compatible with Hyvä React Checkout
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

In E-commerce, shipping plays a vital role until the customer receives their ordered products and every E-commerce business is affected by several unavoidable charges like payment providers charges, shipping carrier charges, country or region taxes, and so on. But shipping is an essential & powerful factor in E-commerce that can make or break your business in multiple ways. By choosing the wrong shipping method, your store customers suffer from a poor shopping experience that increases cart abandon rate. Selling different types of products from light to heavy, shipping charges also vary depending on shipping location.  At that time, setting up standard shipping rates is not an ideal solution that denotes that your default Magento 2 shipping methods aren’t enough for your online business or Sometimes your customers are asking for more alternative shipping options to fulfill their orders.

At that time, you need to add more shipping options to your Magento 2 store to offer more convenient delivery to your store customers.

Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension by MageComp gives you full control over creating custom shipping options based on product quantity, weight, price, and destination. Simply define multiple table rates through CSV and the shipping rate calculator will immediately calculate rates and show it along with the order total. The Magento 2 Matrix Multiple Table Rates Shipping Extension offers a great solution to offer convenient shipping options to your customers & calculate the shipping rates in the most effective way.

Also works with downloadable & virtual products

The shipping charges for downloadable products and virtual products are charged separately in comparison with default products.

Option to add a handling fee

The Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension supports the option to set a handling fee in the form of a percentage or fixed amount on the orders placed by the customer.

Set shipping rates for multiple products

Store merchants can easily set matrix rates shipping for various products by just uploading a multiple table rates CSV file from the backend section of their Magento 2 store.

Set price based on weight, subtotal, quantity & destination

The shipping charges are calculated based on the weight, order subtotal, quantity, and location for delivery. This minimizes the rates for small orders.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension:

  • Ability to customize shipping rates based on cart weight, subtotal, quantity, and destination.
  • Offer and show various delivery methods based on various locations.
  • Enter zip codes in a specific pattern to auto determine and calculate shipping charges.
  • Supports numeric ranges or wild card characters for zip codes.
  • Option to upload a multiple table rate CSV to define shipping rates.
  • Allow charging shipping costs to downloadable and virtual products apart from other default Magento product types.
  • Add handling fee either in percentage or fixed amount to apply on orders.
  • You can define different shipping rates to various store views.
  • Specify the minimum order amount for free shipping.
  • Add additional comments for each Magento 2 matrix rate shipping method.
  • Multilingual and multi-store supported by the Magento 2 Matrix Rates Shipping.
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Version 1.0.5 Date : 06-09-2023

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 version

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.4 Date : 24-06-2022

- Compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.4 version

- Compatible with Magento Coding Standards

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.3 Date : 01-08-2020

- Minor Bug Fixing

Version 1.0.2 Date : 15-11-2019

-  Issue Resolved with Multiple Countries

-  Minor Bug Fixing

Version 1.0.1 Date : 11-10-2019

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.3 Latest Magento version

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Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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