1. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Google Maps

    Magento 2 Google Maps extension displays the exact location of your physical store on the Contact Us page or any CMS pages of your Magento store website.

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  2. Composer Magento 2 Cookie Compliance

    Magento 2 Cookie Consent extension allows store owners to display simple, clean and easy informed consent cookie notification bar on store frontend.

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  3. Composer Magento 2 Affiliate Product Links

    Magento 2 Affiliate Product Links extension allows adding affiliate products with external referral links to redirect customers to the seller’s web store. This Magento 2 Referral Program plugin i...

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  4. Composer Magento 2 Amazon S3 Extension

    Easily upload and sync Magento 2 store’s downloadable products, images, videos, documents and catalog files with AWS (Amazon Web Services) with Magento 2 Amazon S3 plugin. Use the S3 bucket or da...

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  5. Magento 2 Multi Vendor Indian GST

    Magento 2 Multi Vendor Indian GST extension helps create and calculate tax rates and rules to make your marketplace GST ready based on the seller's business type.

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  6. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Store Locator

    Magento 2 Store Locator Google Maps extension helps shoppers locate the nearest offline store locations using Google Maps API. Drive accelerated offline sales & revenue.

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  7. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Verification

    Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Verification extension helps store owners avoid bogus & fake orders by verifying customers’ mobile number when they prefer cash on delivery payment method.

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  8. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Indian GST

    Magento 2 Indian GST extension helps you auto calculate tax rates and apply GST rules based on the Indian government to make your Magento 2 stores GST ready.

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Magento 2 Other Extensions


Magento 2 extensions are used to enhance the functionality and features of your Magento 2 eCommerce store. It helps to add new features, customize, improve user experience, manage sales and promotions, enhance performance, and boost the SEO of the Magento 2 store.

MageComp specializes in developing and providing high-quality Magento extensions and solutions. We offer a wide range of extensions for various functionalities and features in Magento stores.

We have a comprehensive collection of extensions covering various aspects of eCommerce, including marketing, catalog, security, customer experience, shipping, payments, SEO, and more.

Some of the Magento 2 Extensions offered by us are:

Magento 2 Google Maps

Show your physical store location on the contact us page or CMS pages using Google Maps. Determine the placement of Google Maps with multiple pins within the webpage.

Magento 2 Amazon S3

Get rid of slow-loading websites due to overload on disk. Move all the media files to Amazon S3 cloud storage and free up your website disk space.

Magento 2 Indian GST

It automatically calculates and applies GST rates on orders. If the sale is within the state, it adds CGST and SGST; if the order is from another state, it applies IGST.

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Verification

Avoid fake orders by verifying the customer’s mobile number when they choose the cash-on-delivery payment option at the time of checkout.

Integrate these Magento 2 Extensions into your store, or Contact us to get your customized Magento 2 extensions based on your preference.