Magento 2 Indian GST

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Magento 2 Indian GST extension helps creating and calculating tax rates and rules to make your Magento 2 stores GST ready.
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After a decade of Indian debates, amendments, discussions, and varied opinions, finally, the government has all set for the implementation of GST Laws from 1st July 2017, which is a historic move by the government of India. Better known as “One Nation, One Tax” is the core reason for the GST rollout that becomes a replacement to all existing different taxes with a single tax. The Indian GST has affected several Ecommerce and online markets to compel with this GST tax and implement rules in their stores as soon as possible. According to the World Bank, GST is among the most complex tax system in the world that designed to improve the collection of Indian taxes as well as boost development of the Indian economy by removing the indirect tax barriers between states by integrating the country through a uniform tax rate.

To automate all GST calculations & being a leader in Magento development, MageComp has come up with Magento 2 Indian GST extension to auto-create GST rules & rates and apply it on goods and services sold by your Magento stores. All the tax rules and operations in this extension have been aligned to GST standards stated by the Indian government. Also, the extension displays the GST summery in all Magento order documents like invoice, shipments, and credit memos. Using the backend, store admin can also add GSTIN, CIN, PAN number or digital signature to display with every order details.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Indian GST extension:

  • Option to enable Magento 2 Indian GST Extension for global, category specific and product specific configuration.
  • Specify GSTIN number to show in all the Magento generated order details.
  • Add CIN number to show in various Magento created order documents.
  • Add PAN number to show in various Magento made order documents.
  • Option to set minimum product price to apply GST rates.
  • Set Indian GST rate for the product prices below specified minimum product price.
  • You can set product prices as including or excluding of GST tax rates.
  • You can easily set the business origin to apply IGST i.e Interstate Magento GST.
  • Upload an image and set text for digital signature to show in invoice PDF.
  • Orders applied with Magento 2 Indian GST displays detailed tax rates in order view, invoice, credit memo, shipment, new order Email and PDFs.
  • Shows Indian GST bifurcation of SGST and CGST in order details.
  • Auto calculation of SGST, CGST, and IGST based on product selection and is added to Magento 2 order subtotal.
  • Now you can apply Indian GST in Magento 2 store shipping charges including or excluding GST.
  • Now you can also generate GST report from the store backend as per need.

Popular Brands Using MageComp's Magento 2 GST Extension:

G+D Currency Technology
Review by Parth M.
It works amazingly in my store. I found no issues with the GST extension and love its advance reporting functionality that made my work more easy.
Review by Harsh P.
I am an Indian store owner so GST is quite essential for my store. It is easy to use and configure. Loved it.
Best Extension among all
Review by Vishal
Implementing GST on specific goods and services is no longer a headache. Lots of options and easy to use, great support in need. Thanks a lot.
Feature Packed
Review by Yash
The amazing feature of auto-creating GST rules and rates and applying it on selected products and services has helped us to implement GST in any business origin.
Great Support
Review by Tammy Wilkins
While installing the extension I had some issues, which were solved by the supportive Magecomp team and now my extension is working fine for auto calculating gst rules.
Very Useful
Review by J Smith
Indian GST extension helped us to create and calculate tax rates and rules very easily. Simple installation and category & product specific configuration of GST.
Review by Maria Johns
GST is no longer an option for business owners. So, this extension has to be installed by every store owner as it reduces the burden by auto calculating CGST, SGST and IGST on selected product. Best work by developers.
Gst plugin
Review by tabish
Magento Gst plugins has made our work so easy and their support team is awesome.
Best support I have received
Review by Ajay
This is the best support I have received, MageComp was awesome. I would never use any product from other company again. The support service means everything and this was 100% perfect !! Well Done.
Excellent extension. Great support!
Review by Suhas Das
I'm very happy with this extension, it works great! Easy to use and fast support. A small issue was quickly fixed by the tech team. Thank you for your work!
A turnkey solution
Review by Amalgeeth Poliyath
Nice and patient support, was trying to fix an issue that we have made in the first place. Solid 5 stars from us. Great extension, a lot of functionalities
Best GST extension for Magento2
Review by Jang Pamei
Powerful extension for GST with many capabilities. As always MageComp provides great support and is constantly improving and adding new features for this extension.
Great Plugin for The Indian GST system
Review by Parth
We purchased this plugin a few months back and now we are reaping the benefits of the plugin. Its very easy to set up and we are able to give the HSN code and GST rate for products in our csv upload format. This has helped us tremendously as we have more than 3000 products with different GST rates and multiple HSN codes. The team was also very helpful and we took the installation package also. It was all very seamless and our store was running in less than 4-5 days
Life saver
Review by Nigel cox
I was worried to implement GST after govt's norm, but this extension worked like lifesaver by saving tons of time by doing automatic calculations.
Lovely development
Review by Lidia Porter
I was really confused to implement GST after the declaration of Government but this automated extension did everything from calculating GST to implement GST without any issue.
Fabulous GST Module
Review by derick herring
Lovely module for Magento Store! Simply amazing and have all features we need for implementing and calculating GST!
Excellent customer support.
Review by Jayakumar
We used MageComps GST extension for Magento 2. There are some conflicts issues found and their support team fixed all these issues.
I am very happy with their excellent customer support.....
Fabulous GST Module
Review by derick herring
Lovely plugin for Magento Store! Simply amazing and have all features we need for implementing and calculating GST!
Nice One
Review by Vincent
Good Extension. Team told me to hide IGST, SGST and CSGT according to the State Selection, Currently it is not possible now, Hope that will be soon Implemented in next versions. In Other terms this extension is good.
Best GST Module Ever
Review by Maria Cummings
I have reviewed several similar GST extensions and have found this one is the best to manage GST on Magento store. highly recommended
full marks
Review by vipul
very good plug in. solves all my gst related issued for my magento 2 store. highly recommended
Applying GST made easy.
Review by Hugo Gillespie
Managing GST in a store is one of the toughest jobs according to product category & standards, but this extension performed very well by calculating & applying various tax automatically. This is one of best extension for managing GST on Magento store.
Must Have Extension
Review by Misha
The Extension works easily to calculate GST without any issue, it automatically calculates and applies rates in product subtotal.Must have an extension for every Indian store owners to simplify your work.
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Version : 1.0.6 Date : 10-09-2018

- Now it displays including & excluding tax and shipping.

Version : 1.0.5 Date : 17-08-2018

- Fixed GSTIN issue for Guest Customers.

Version : 1.0.4 Date : 26-06-2018

- Added backend support for generating GST report for selected dates.

Version : 1.0.3 Date : 05-01-2018

- Added Buyer GST Number in Create Account Page and Customer Edit Page.

- Compatiblility with Magento 2.2.1.

- Minor Bug Fixing.

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 11-12-2017

- Added state code in PDF.

- Added Telangana state in business origin.

- Added tax rate slab of 3%.

- Solved PDF Signature position issue while more then 2 products are there in a single order.

- Changed display sequence of GST and Shipping GST applied on order in invoice and credit memo.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 13-10-2017

- Now enable GST on Shipping charges as well.

- Added CIN Number to include in various order documents.

- Added field of PAN number to show in invoice PDF.

- Option to add digital signature image and text.

- Solved issue related to currency symbol(₹) in invoice PDF.

- Formatting changes in order, invoice, credit memo grids and Emails.

1. After uninstalling GST Extension it Gives Error on Product and Category Pages

= Yes it will show error as at the time of installation we create some category and product attributes, which don't delete automatically when you uninstall or disable the extension. Please remove this Attributes from Database (eav_attribute table) or admin and it should be ok after caching and reindexing.

  • gst_source
  • hsncode
  • gst_source_after_minprice
  • gst_source_minprice
  • gst_cat_source
  • gst_cat_source_minprice
  • gst_cat_source_after_minprice