1. Composer Magento 2 Shoppable Instagram

    Leverage shoppable Instagram feature by integrating Magento store and selling and sharing Magento store products on Instagram. Easily tag Magento store products in Instagram posts and stories. Cust...

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  2. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification Ultimate

    Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification extension [ULTIMATE] allows merchants to send dynamic & personalized order status notifications via WhatsApp app to customers accelerating the CX of Magento st...

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  3. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Save Cart Pro

    Magento 2 Save Cart & Buy Purchase extension [PRO] helps buyers save cart with products added to it to buy later or share the saved shopping cart via email & link.

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  4. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Email Quote Pro

    Magento 2 Email Quote / Request for Quote PRO extension - With PRO version, the store admin can create orders with custom options like PDF file attachment, custom price, discounts, coupon codes & m...

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  5. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 SMS Notification Pro

    Notify your customers about 20+ Magento store updates like placing order, invoice shipment, order cancellation, credit memo, contact query and much more along with the benefit of Bulk SMS functiona...

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  6. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

    Send alerts to subscribers to notify them about the availability of out-of-stock products. Keep your customers updated whenever unavailable items are added to inventory. Comes with in-built SMS API...

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  7. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Out of Stock Products List

    Magento 2 Out of Stock List Extension allows store owner quickly grab a list of products that are currently out of stock in-store also store owner can quickly add more quantity by clicking a link t...

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  8. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Email Quote

    Magento 2 Email Quote / Request for Quote extension allow buyers to request for quotation for the products by sharing the whole cart with admin. It has the compatibility with Tigren PWA Theme.

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  9. GraphQL Composer Magento 2 Save Cart and Buy Later Extension

    Magento 2 Save Cart & Buy Later extension [BASIC] lets customers save cart or items in their shopping cart to purchase later on or duplicate previous orders.

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Magento 2 B2B Extensions


B2B store require different functionality as compared to B2C. Magento 2 B2B Extensions involve all the features that a business needs, from account creation, order processing, pricing, and post-purchase support.

What is B2B?

B2B is business-to-business, which means one business sells products or services to another. In B2B, commercial transactions and interactions occur between two businesses rather than between a business and individual customers (B2C). B2B transactions often involve larger order volumes, long-term contracts, and more complex purchasing processes compared to B2C transactions.

Why should you consider using B2B extensions in Magento 2?

Magento 2 B2B modules bring several benefits and advantages to your Magento 2 store.

  • Improved B2B features - Magento 2 B2B Extensions enhances the default B2B features provided by the platform and offer greater capabilities and specialized functionalities.
  • Simplified order processing - B2B Magento 2 extensions include many features such as quick order forms, bulk ordering options, and saved reorder lists, allowing customers to place large or recurring orders efficiently.
  • Custom pricing - B2B e-commerce extensions in Magento 2 help businesses set up custom pricing structures, including tiered pricing, volume discounts, or customer-specific pricing. Some extensions even facilitate the negotiation process by allowing customers to request a quote and negotiate terms directly through the platform.
  • Improved customer experience - B2B eCommerce plugins provide streamlined ordering processes, personalized pricing, self-service features, and enhanced search capabilities, making it easier and more convenient for business customers to interact with your online shop.

MageComp’s Magento 2 B2B Extensions

MageComp provides a range of Magento 2 B2B extensions that can help manage B2B stores by enhancing the B2B functionalities. Magento 2 B2B Extensions by MageComp can create a powerful customer experience and help B2B business to achieve goals.

  • Request for Quote - It enables customers to request quotes for specific products or services instead of making immediate purchases. It offers a streamlined quotation process and allows customer and store negotiations.
  • Quick Order - With this extension, customers can quickly search and add products to their cart using SKU or product names. It simplifies the bulk ordering process, which is common in business to business transactions.
  • Hide Price - Using this extension, you can hide prices for wholesale or multi-vendor suppliers. Hide prices will make them contact you and ask for product price.

Integrate these B2B tools for your store and increase sales. If you want unique and customizable features for Magento B2B, you can get in touch with us to help you meet your requirements.