Magento 2 Custom Price

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Magento 2 Custom Price Extension by MageComp allows store admin set minimum product price & let customer enter their own product price to purchase store product.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




Sometimes there is a situation where store admin is unable to set a fixed price for the store products. But, there may be several reasons behind it like price fluctuations, different price rates, personalizations, for accepting the donation or to get customer product price. At that time, an idle solution is to replace one text box that allows users to enter their negotiated price and checkout store product.

Magento 2 Custom Price Extension by MageComp allows store admin to set minimum product price & allows store customers to enter their own product price and checkout store product. Using the extension, the admin can set minimum product price and encourage their customers to enter their own price without letting them know the minimum set price. It helps you to increase your brand loyalty and trust from your customers by selling products with editable prices.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Custom Price Extension:

  • You can Custom Price Extension for various types of products, some of them are:
  1. Get customer price for the product
  2. Products with fluctuated prices
  3. Requirement based product
  4. Service products
  5. To offer discounts on bulk purchase
  6. Products with undefined prices
  7. Accept donation etc..
  • The extension allows you to enable custom price extension for specific products or globally.
  • Backend option to set minimum product price globally if needed.
  • Store admin can also set the minimum product price for a specific product.
  • Option to set a custom label to display on store frontend product page.
  • Shows an error if customer enter price below set a minimum price.
Meets my requirements
Review by Chitranjan Sura
Selecting this extension was one of the best decision I've ever made. It has helped me increase my brand loyalty and trust from customers by allowing them to buy products at editable prices. Thanks, MageComp for your fantastic work.
Exceptional one
Review by Antonio Langley
Custom Price extension is an ideal module for gathering charity or donation through custom prices. This allows clients to purchase the item with his needed price considering the least cost set by the store admin — great feature.
Works Fab
Review by Horst Sommer
I got a boost in my sales after installing this extension. It works as described. I would love to admit that this I one of the best extensions I've used.
Great Module
Review by Loi Mag Faye
The products whose selling priority is less compared to the ones sold more. With this, I can just set the minimum product price and let customer enter their desired rate. It has helped me increase my store sales — worth spending on it.
Review by Syamina Bahri
The extension enables me to create products with custom price option and can set the minimum amount for payment. This is something creative I've have come across recently.
Review by David Matthews
It's really advantageous for my store. I just have to set a minimum price from the backend and my customer loves paying their amount.
Review by Nicole B. Surface
Great add on to products which get sold less so custom price helps to increase the sales.
Review by Thomas B. Barron
Perfect extension for collecting charity through custom prices.Any customer can buy the product with his own price and i can easily set Minimum price which is amazing.
Simply Awesome
Review by Anthony P. Ferguson
This extension states how thoughtful Magecomp team is. It helped me to know the prices which customer thinks of the product & allowing them to buy at that price is great.
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