Winter has started and holidays like thanksgiving, black Friday and cyber Monday are around the corner. When people are busy in preparation for festivities, online ecommerce business owners are in a hunt to make their store holiday ready. They are preparing strategy to sell more and make the most out of this holiday season. According to recent statistics, around 18% to 21% of sales hike is predicted this year. Keeping numbers of online shoppers and Magento stores in mind, MageComp has come up with most useful Magento Extensions to gear up your Magento stores for this holiday rush. So, take a look at this list of top Magento extensions and get it installed to handle the flood of shoppers on this holiday season.

    1. Magento 2 Custom Stock Status:
      Due to heavy rush and selling in holiday season, store products get sold in a fraction of time or stocked out immediately. Simply showing these products with the label “out of stock” makes it so passive, rather showing them with the informative stock statuses like “hurry up, 30 items left”, “coming soon”, “available in 3 days” etc. can hype up customers to come back for the purchase. Magento 2 Stock Status by MageComp performs as a hero here by providing various informative and speaking stock statuses for your store products. It encourages customers to buy a product instantly before it gets out of stocks.
    2. Magento 2 Recaptcha:
      Generally, in Holiday Season, your Magento Stores get more customers flaw compared to normal days which brings not only new customers but also bots and spams. To protect your store from spams, Google has introduced “NoCaptcha ReCaptcha” which helps store owners to identify humans and kicks bots and spams out of the store. After integrating this extension, you don’t need to worry about spams, just sit back and relax. Grab this spam kicker now!
    3. Magento 2 Surcharge:
      More sale means more shipping carriers, more payment methods and more personalized requirements like gift wraps, rush delivery and more. Adding these charges to products and make them pricey is just the dumb idea. Rather you should pass on charges for additional services transparently to customers without increasing product prices. Magento 2 Surcharge is there to help you manage these additional charges to your customers transparently into order invoice. Rather configuring extra charges for each product, extension facilitates to bulk upload these charges through CSV.
    4. Magento 2 Hide Product Price:
      Encourage your customers on this holiday to get register to see a price of a product they want to purchase by hiding prices for no logged-in users. Magento 2 Hide Price helps you bringing more sign ups to see the prices which can lead to long term relationships and more sale in future as well. So, hide product price and increase customer registration using this module.
    5. Magento 2 SMS Notification:
      People are mad to get the products as soon as they are too busy in preparation for festivities. They eagerly wait for their orders once they place it and thus, they are desperate to know their order information. Notifying them regularly with the order status through text messages is what works as the added charm to make them feel wow. One of fastest and easiest way to notify is using Magento 2 SMS notification which is very helpful for Magento store owners for providing better service with great user experience. You can even set mobile verification mandatory for customers along with message length for SMS, not only this you can even come with your preferable gateway to customize this extension as per your need. Grab this quick notification extension for your store.
    6. Magento 2 Size Chart:
      Having a Fashion store or selling wearable products? let your customer pick the perfect size & fitting to reduce return due to sizing issues. Nowadays size of products differs from brand to brand and picking perfect size for customers is tough cookie to crack. Magento 2 Size Chart extension can help you here to set size chart through images, html code or table for a specific product or category as per need. So, make sizing decisions easy for your buyers this holiday season with Size Chart extension.
    7. Magento 2 Delivery Date:
      During the holiday season, there is a situation when a customer is not available to receive product delivery or they want product to be delivered on specific day or occasion which indirectly affects store sales. Magento 2 Delivery Date extension is what makes it easy for customers to pick their convenience product delivery date while ordering the product and for store owners to manage order delivery with ease. What are you waiting for? Integrate this convenience date picker now.
    8. Magento 2 Restrict Cash on Delivery:
      Cash on delivery for orders become hard in holiday season for store owners to manage due to various reason like two-way courier charges, tough cash handling, the realization of money which takes more time to reflect in an account. In such cases, Store owners need to disable delivery for specific zip codes. Magento 2 Restrict Cash On Delivery extension do it easy for store owners to restrict cash on delivery payment method and setting a custom message for availability & unavailability of COD for better understandability. Don’t think much, buy this Magento 2 Restrict Cash On Delivery to manage COD orders with ease.
    9. Magento 2 Instagram Integration:
      Instagram is standing out when it comes to photo and video sharing and people prefer buying when they look the products attractively. Magento 2 Instagram Integration fetches your Instagram images to make a beautiful Instagram shop and helps store owners to drive more sales using Instagram. The highlight of this extension is hotspot feature which helps customers to identify product just by hovering on the Instagram image. The extension comes with bunches of features like hashtag image fetching, feed grabbing, own custom widget and lot more. Use this unique feature pack Instagram extension that is highly recommended by our customers.
    10. Magento 2 WhatsApp Share:
      Statistics Says, WhatsApp is widely used messaging app with over 1 billion daily active users. Because one happy customer brings another one and to utilize this opportunity to drive more sales in Holiday Season, Magento 2 WhatsApp Share is what with you can get benefit of more sale through sharing. It allows your store customers to easily share the product with their loved ones. Out of the box, the extension comes with UTM tracking facility to identify traffic and conversion made through WhatsApp. Simply increase purchase factor through encouraging product sharing in the smart phones.

Holiday Gift from MageComp:
Magento 2 Product Attachments:
Sometimes, Customer cannot purchase the product in a lack of detailed information or guides or manuals instead of use Magento 2 Product Attachments extension that allows store customers to stick manuals, tutorials, guides, videos or anything right on your Magento product page. Store admin can manage all attachments from admin backend. Pick this freebie & integrate now.

What else you need if your store is now functional with these bunch of features rich Magento extensions. Make your Magento store is ready to Boom this holiday season not just by boosting Sales and revenue but by enhancing store functionality and customer experience like never before. Comment down below if you need any help or let us know which is your favorite extension out of this list.
Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving Play and Win

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