1. Magento Out of Stock Notification

    Magento Out of Stock Notification Extension by MageComp lets the store customer subscribe back in stock notification whenever the product is back in stock.

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  2. Magento WhatsApp Order Notification

    Magento WhatsApp Order Notification Extension sends personalized Order Status Notification directly to your customer's WhatsApp number.
    Find WhatsApp WhatsApp Credit Purchase i...

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  3. Magento Affiliate Product Links

    Magento Affiliate Product Links Extension allows the store owner to add affiliate product along with the default store along with external product links that redirect customers to seller’s web store...

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  4. Magento Spin and Win

    Magento Spin And Win Extension by MageComp lets your store visitors engage through interactive game experience and offer winnings to boost purchases.

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  5. Magento Notification Bar

    Magento Notification Bar Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to show eye catchy notifications that encourages customers to purchase more products from their store.

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  6. Magento WhatsApp Share

    Magento WhatsApp Share facilitates sharing and promoting product details through WhatsApp messaging app and Whatsapp Web just with a finger touch.

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  7. Magento Partial Payment

    Magento Partial Payment facilitates customers to buy products just by paying down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount to be paid later in easy installments.

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Magento Sales Motivation Extensions


Magento Sales Motivation Extensions are indispensable tools for e-commerce businesses seeking to inspire and propel their sales teams. These extensions empower you to create a dynamic and motivating environment for your sales staff within your Magento store. By incorporating features like performance leaderboards, gamification elements, and goal tracking, these extensions help boost employee morale and productivity.

With Magento Sales Motivation Extensions, you can foster healthy competition among your sales team, setting achievable targets and rewarding top performers. This not only encourages increased sales but also enhances overall team collaboration and engagement. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, these extensions are a valuable addition to your e-commerce arsenal, driving your sales force towards greater success. Elevate your sales game today with Magento Sales Motivation Extensions and witness the transformation in your revenue and customer satisfaction.