Magento Partial Payment

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Magento Partial Payment facilitates customers to buy products just by paying down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount to be paid later in easy installments.

Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


What is Magento Partial Payment or Layaway Payment?

Partial Payment in Magento simply means you need to pay the least amount called down payment from the order total while purchase and remaining amount can be paid in one or multiple installments later defined by admin. This opens up a wide range of tremendous business opportunities for the store owner.

Magento Partial Payment Extension (also known as Magento Layaway) makes things really easy for customers who want to buy the product now and can’t pay the full amount at a time. Customers can thus manage their financial budget to buy pricey and multiple products at a time.

Offering Partial payment for product purchase drives customers’ attention and encourage them to utilize the facility which is easy on their wallet and thus it helps making more purchases and sales on your Magento store.

If you still wondering why you should buy Magento Partial Payment from MageComp, have a look at detailed feature list below and make a smart purchase decision without a second thought:

Enable Partial Payment for all products

It is very simple to apply partial payment on all the products at a time, you need to configure global values for down payment, max number of installments, installment period etc. Global configuration will apply when Partial Payment is enabled for all the products.

Enable Magento Partial Payment for all products

Partial Payment for Specific Products

Partial Payment for Specific Products

If you just want to allow some specific products for partial payment, you can select Partial Payment for specific products from the main configuration of the extension. Once selected, you will need to configure the installment related configuration by going into product edit page.

You will find one tab named Partial Payment on Product edit page, configure the installment related values and Magento will give the priority to this configuration even if you have configured installment related configuration in global configuration settings from Main Configuration.

Partial Payment feature on whole cart

This feature is added to allow your customer to pay with installment on the basis of the cart total. Whole cart feature for Partial Payment work on the basis of the products you have added in the cart. Subtotal and total will be divided according to the global partial payment configuration. Customers will be able to see the amount to pay now and remaining amount right from the cart page.

Partial Payment feature on whole cart

Dynamic Label on Product view page

Dynamic Label to Display on Product view page

You can show the Partial Payment label as per your convenience to show on the product view page.

Tooltip feature to guide Customers

You can enable this feature as a tooltip for the customers, so when a customer goes through the Product page, you will see Partial Payment dropdown with the tooltip you have configured from the back-end.

Tooltip feature to guide Customers

Simple and global configuration

Simple and global configuration for Partial Payment

Enter installment configuration from the main configuration page only. This configuration will be in priority when you apply the partial payment for all products and whole cart.

Restrict the Payment method for Partial Payment orders

This is one of the needed feature for online stores, now you can restrict the payment method to place the partial payment orders. On the checkout page, only those payment methods will be displayed which are allowed for the partial payment orders.

Restrict Payment method

Dynamic Labels for Customer convenience

Dynamic Labels for Customer convenience

When you are in a different country, the same Partial Payment is called in different words, Partial Payment extension allows you to set the labels as per your convenience so your customers can understand exactly what you are offering them.

Installment Payment from My Account

You must be thinking of the convenience to pay the remaining installments for the customers. Partial Payment extension offers a convenience method to pay the installment right from the My account section of the customer.

Customer can see all the details there like, max no. of installments, paid installments, remaining installments, duration and last date.

Installment Payment from My Account

Why Choose MageComp’s Partial Payment for Magento:

For Admin
1. Apply Partial Payment for

  • All Products
  • For Specific Products
  • For Whole Cart

2. By applying Partial Payment for all products, all the products will be available to purchase on partial payment.
3. Set the global configuration for installment like no, of installments, down payment and installment period from the main configuration to apply while you apply partial payments for all products or whole cart
4. Easy to set installment configuration from Product edit page when you want to allow specific products to purchase with partial payment.
5. Easy to change the Partial Payment label to display on Product view page.
6. Tooltip feature to guide your customer with this feature
7. You can add any text and title for the tooltip from the configuration.
8. Set Partial Payment Fees
9. Set initial Partial payment fee (down payment)
10. Configure Maximum number of installments you want to allow to customers.
11. Admin can select the installment period from days, weeks, month or year.
12. Dynamic labels for all the Partial Payment related labels.
13. Allow only specific payment methods for the Partial Payment orders.
14. Separate grid for Partial Payment orders.
15. View all the order details from the same grid.
16. Ease of purchase and makes customers return to the store for more transactions.
17. Guest Checkout configuration- NEW
18. Customer can add Partial and non Partial Payment applied products at the same time in cart. - NEW

For Customers

19. Customer can purchase the product by paying down payment and pay the remaining amount in installments.
20. Partial Payment installments can be paid right from the My Account section of the customers.
21. Easy to track all the installments and amount from my account.

22. This information is available in customer’s account

  • Paid Installments
  • Max. number of installments
  • Remaining installments (installments to be paid)
  • Duration allowed for the installment payment
  • Last date for the installment payment
Customers are happy
Review by Kerry calhoun
Some of my customers have simply liked the idea of paying in installments! Since then my sales are up 15% up compared to past.
Perfect Module
Review by todd mcclure
This extension is pretty good in handling partial payment system without any issue. Also, the customers love this facility and it made this extension perfect for any store.
Easy to use module
Review by Ashlynn Ray
After integrating this facility, I found that my customer loved the facility of partial payment while purchasing the product and I found big jump on the sale. out of the box, the extension is very handy in terms of setup.
Excellent Development
Review by Jerome conley
One of my developers recommended this extension to me as my requirement to manage partial payment in my store because of some expensive products, After using it for a month I also found this extension is very and loved the way it manages partial payment easily without any issue.
Worth to install
Review by BrenToN
In our online store, we have some heavy duty tools that cost too much at that time we think to provide easy installments so we can increase sales and after searching and reviewed several extension we use this extension for partial payments and it worked smoothly without any issue and support is also very good in need.
Partial Payment made easy
Review by Lawrence
In our business of machinery sometimes it's hard to pay the whole amount at that time so allowing customers to pay partially is one of the best methods to drive more sales.
installment facility is best
Review by Woodrow
paying together a big amount sometimes holds people to think and wait for a buy. But partial payment made it easy to manage budget by paying through installments. I love this installment facility, it's the best.
Superb module for my necessity
Review by lincoln
I'm selling boilers and other machinery online which are to costly to pay at once. People often ask me to sell on installment and thus i ordered partial payment. It does what i require. Very much impressed with the development, i really like to recommend.
selling costly products made easy
Review by Paul Reiner
partial payment made it easy for me to sell costly products like real diamond & Swarovski jewelry. People are now likely to buy jewelry without bothering to think about high prices. Even they recommend others about this installment option. I really get more sales after installing this extension.
easy Emi options for costly product
Review by perry
I sell refurbished phones on my Magento which are too costly to buy at times. I use partial payment from magecomp to divide product prices into easy monthly Emis. it helped me encourage customers to buy costly product without any hesitation. amazing development.
Purchase encourager
Review by Harold M.
I sell real diamonds online which are definitely too pricey to buy paying all at once. Partial payment is the best idea for the store owner like me to not only sell but encourage purchase. Customers now buy it easily without being tensed about budget. Loved the concept. Bravo magecomp & team.
Superb module by magecomp
Review by Helen B.
It simply allows using lay away payment in magento. Using it since 2 months and the purchase boost in my store inspired me to write down a review here. Great module by the team (Y)
Pretty useful extension
Review by Shaun
I'm selling custom computer systems in Australia. I was in hunt of EMI facility for my Magento store and Partial Payment was the best fit for me. Pretty useful for stores wanted to implements EMI facility. Definitely recommended to others.
topnotch emi facility
Review by Gladys
I'm UK based medicine selling online store. Some of them are to costly to buy for almost average of my traffic source. I installed partial payment and noticed heavy conversion, extremely happy with extension and magecomp support for helping me in each stage of configuration. Glad I found you people.
Value for money
Review by j. hudson
Serves more features than I was searching for my store. Part payment encourage my customers to open up their wallet to purchase more. Thanks you magecomp, after installation of this extension, I started getting more traffic and higher sales
Number 1 extension
Review by Natasha buttler
Pretty good extension and no one can compete with functionality and features it provides. Can’t stop to recommend. Highly appreciated.
Superb support team
Review by ali synan
My store is highly customized for a specific targeted customers. The installation of module got conflicts and the support was very attentive and quick in fixing conflicts. You are awesome guys.
Perfect fit for my store
Review by paul
I sell sewing machinery in my store which are costly to buy at a time. I implemented magecomp’s partial payment and my customers are really happy with the EMI payment feature. Module helped me bring more customers. Thanks a lot.
Perfect extension!
Review by Casey Stevens
I was looking for similar extension between few other extensions but I did not have very large budget. so exactly what I was looking for.
Developers, Thank you very much!
Installation: no issue
Functionality: 100%
It it easy to understand, how to use it.
Works great in
Review by Raquel Frank
one of the best Magento modules!
Thanks to Magecomp for this this module.
Update to bad review
Review by Alfonso Pena
Want to apologize to developers for hasty review as I got this working now. The issue was with another module that was interfering and broke my site. I was able to resolve it and this extension is a huge help! I have a small requirement to be done with this extension.
Thanks so much! If there's a way to delete my previous review I will gladly do it.
Doesn't work for 1.5
Review by Alfonso Pena
I really wanted this to work but I set it up and whenever I go through checkout and try to get the remaining to work, it just keeps kicking me out of the one page checkout and back to the shopping cart.
Am I doing something wrong?
Review by Guadalupe Wade
works like a charm!
Recomended extension
Thank you
Great Partial Payment Extension and great support!
Review by Lynne Bishop
I've been using this extension for about a month. It fully supports the payment gateway i'm using and I couldn't be happier with its performance. Now our customers can easily opt out for EMIs. Great support from the developer during configuration. I highly recommend it!
seem impossible until now
Review by Melvin Curtis
I consulted many developers to help me build the EMI feature in my magento store but they were a bit pricy or not interested in this. But Magecomp helped me a thorough customization with this Partial Payment Extension. Now my customers can pay in Easy Monthly Installments :)
Must have plugin
Review by Janet Moran
Exactly what I looking for. I was looking for something that can help my customer increase their purchase power and this one is the perfect. Thank you guys for helping me customizing it as per my store.
Review by Natalie Phelps
Most of the products I'm selling are priced with 3 to 4 figures. I was searching for a solution that can make my products affordable with customers having small budget. I am working with Magecomp for a long time and they helped me setup this extension in my Store. This one really worked as per my expectations and I am able to increase sales by 37% in the first month alone!
Thank you guys for this awesome extension.
The Perfect Partial Payment Extension
Review by Denise
I recently came through Magecomp with a reference from a friend for using Partial Payment extension and I am very happy with the decision selecting Magecomp for this extension. I needed to make some changes in the cart page for displaying the Payment related stuff and they help me with what exactly I wanted. I'm surely going to come back for purchasing few more extensions for my Clothing store.
My Customers are Happy
Review by Goodman
I'm getting good feedback from my customers. They are happy to get the product with this flexible payment options.
Good Layaway Solution
Review by Ora Miles
I always wanted to user a layaway solution for Electronics items on my Store but i was not able to find any relevant module for magento platform. Last month, I got to know about this extension and things got changed from that points. The conversion ratio got increased! Kudos to MageComp.
Highly impressed with module
Review by smith m
Each of the features work as described. Glad I found you magecomp. The best layaway extension around the niche.
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Version : 2.0.0 Date : 18-01-2018

- Enhanced features

- Minor Bug Fixing



Version : 1.1.1 Date : 04-08-2016

- Enhanced feature to pay the installments from My Account section



Version : 1.1.0 Date : 05-11-2015

- Compatible with SUPEE 6788

- Added Guest Checkout functionality

- Feature : Now you can add non Partial and Partial payment applied products at the same time