MageComp making September to Remember🗓️!

Are you all waiting for this month’s extension updates from us🔄? Our main focus is on launching new extensions and upgrading the existing ones by adding new features to provide the precise service to raise and uplift the performance of your Magento 2 store. Check out What is hCaptcha, and how does it compare to Google reCaptcha? (hCaptcha Vs Google reCAPTCHA)

This month we have also concentrated on checking our extensions for compatibility with the latest Magento version including GraphQL API as per Magento 2.4 update. Also, we have updated our existing extensions by adding new features focusing on improving the customer experience of your Magento 2 store.

Let’s talk about our newly launched extensions in the month of September🚀

Checkout what stuff is perfect for your store in our this month’s update:

Newly Launched Magento 2 Extensions:

Magento 2 hCaptcha

MageComp’s hCaptcha Extension for Magento 2 helps you to secure your store from the bots and spams. Includes integrated Invisible hCaptcha for increasing user experience and conversion rates.

  • All new hCaptcha for your store security.
  • Prevent your store from Spam and Bots.
  • Supports both visible and invisible hCaptcha.
  • hCaptcha works in Frontend pages as well as Backend.

FREE Magento 2 Quick Cache and ReindexQuick Cache And Reindex

MageComp’s Quick Cache and Reindex extension for Magento 2 enables the admin to flush cache and reindex quickly from any page of the admin dashboard instead of running the command in the console.

  • Fluch Cache and Reindex in just one click.
  • Quickly flush cache and reindex from any page of the admin dashboard.
  • Eliminate flush cache and reindex action using the command in the console.
  • Fasten the routine processes of flushing cache and reindex management.

FREE Magento 2 Restrict Payment Based on ShippingRestrict Payment Based on Shipping

MageComp’s Restrict Payment Based on Shipping for Magento 2 enables the admin to restrict the Magento 2 payment method based on the selection of shipping.

  • Disable certain methods based on the selected shipping method.
  • Utilize Shipping method selection to restrict payment methods.
  • Refine productivity of the payment method process on your Magento 2 Store.
  • Amplify your Magento 2 store’s payment method process.

FREE Magento 2 Shipping Restriction

Shipping Restriction

MageComp’s Shipping Restriction extension for Magento 2 allows the Magento 2 store merchants to hide the other shipping options when the free shipping method is available.

  • Restrict shipping when free shipping available.
  • Eliminate shipping issues of your Magento 2 store.
  • Use a genteel approach to provide shipping options.
  • Uplift throughout the user experience of your store.

Upgraded Existing Magento 2 Extensions:

Magento 2 Inventory Sync 1.0.1Inventory-Sync

– Minor Bug Fixing.

Magento 2 404 Notifier 1.0.4404-Notifier

 – Implement Functionality with HomePage Redirect

Magento 2 Extra Fee 1.0.5Extra-Fee

 – Now, You can easily add charge tax on the Fee.

Over to You:

Hopefully, this above-listed Magento 2 Extensions will help your store to enhance and endeavors your store to the next level. 

At first glimpse, you might wish to add on all the plugins to your store so streamline them and pick the perfect that is appropriate for your Magento 2 store. Hence, Magento Store owners in case you have some other requirement for your store then feel free to contact the Support Team our Certified and Experienced Developers will develop it for you. 

If you enjoyed reading this blog then share it with your friends and business colleagues and make use of the above-listed extensions for uplifting and upgrading your Magento 2 Store with 20% OFF Discount!

Stay Safe and Never Stop Growing.

Happy Reading😊

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