Magento 2 404 Notifier

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Magento 2 404 Notifier helps you get Email notification for every 404 page attempt by users.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




When users try to open a website page which is not available on the web server, it respond with HTTP status code 404. Magento 404 Page not found is a most popular error caused by following reasons:

  • The requested Page does not exist
  • Server is down
  • Internet connection problem
  • Broken links
  • Incorrect URL
  • Page has been moved to a different address

The above reasons might be causing 404 errors in your store too and you need to manage them all in future. Magento 2 404 Notifier by MageComp helps getting Email notification for every user attempt resulted in 404. Apart from Email notifications, extension provides a separate grid in Magento backend with all the details regarding 404 pages.

Why choose Magecomp’s Magento 2 404 Notifier extension:

  • Option to send email notifications to admin immediately after 404 attempt by users.
  • A separate grid in backend with details like store views, 404 URLs, client IP by which 404 attempted, date and time.
works great
Review by anoj
thank you magecomp! your work great he way it simply notifies me for 404 pages
Works Great, and all of the 404 pages get emailed to me!
Review by Stanislav D.
Thank you for this simple and very useful extension!!!
Works Great, and all of the 404 pages get emailed to me!
Review by Stanislav D.
Thank you for this simple and very useful extension!!!
Review by kailey
extension design is easy to use, works perfectly to identify 404 pages on the web store. I am very satisfied.
Ready use and works great!!!
Review by Stanislav D.
Installed in 5 minutes, tested and done!!!
Simply Awesome
Review by Emma Ferrell
Previously due to an issue, i got so many errors that's why I was in search of such extension that will notify me and after research, i find this extension perfect for my need.
Also loved the way it simply notifies me for 404 pages.
I badly needed this feature
Review by Devanshu
In my earlier store we faced many times this situation that customers contacted us through our website contact us form that some error is shown on this product or page. Very embarrassing for us. With this extension, that I tested in my store, I am relieved that, we would get to know error automatically and can fix issue without delay.
Review by Bobby
Good tool to inform you about no-found pages
SEO Optimization
Review by joseph
This extension is very helpful in terms of identifying 404 and fix error pages from Magento store, Loved the way it instantly notifies through email.
Review by viji
Its very useful for what user will search in my site..
Essential module
Review by clayton roach
Using this extension I can quickly identify and fix error pages on my Magento store, Thanks magecomp for giving it free, really appreciated your work.
A really useful extension to have installed
Review by Graham Wharton
I am finding this extension really useful. Its great for showing me items that I have moved in the catalog and forgotten to add a URL rewrite for. I'll probably disable it when my store becomes a little more static as it will only be telling me about bots scanning for exploits, but for now while I am developing my store it is great. I agree with one of the other reviewers that it would be useful to have the ability to delete the items in the table, or perhaps an option to automatically purge 404's older than 30 days via a cron job for example.
Must have Extension
Review by Dominic
This is one of best extension and I think every store owner should own this extension to identify 404 error pages in store and the best part of this extension is we can quickly get notified about error pages.
greater feature Reduce SEO efforts
Review by sha
This is very helpful for SEO efforts. and 404 Notifier helps you get Email notification for every 404 page attempt by users it very help full
Notifies fast and helps debug
Review by geoff
This has really helped me to find faulty links in my html code.
Notifies quickly and keeps a log in the admin panel
not fully implemented
Review by geoff
There doesn't seem to be a way to clear the information that is collected. As in there is no delete feature for old notifications. Also the implementation in the menu is a bit clunky. I'd have prefered it to be in a sub menu as it will not be nessesary most of the time.
The feature does notify the email address set up very quickly.
Get informed of broken links or missing pages!!
Review by kevin
Really useful extension, so the admin getting notifications of any 404 page of his shop!! This is very helpful for SEO efforts.
tiny module with greater feature
Review by donald
it helped me find numerous 404 pages instantly. tiny yet useful. good work magecomp.
Reduce SEO efforts
Review by terry
After installation of 404 notifier, we used to create monthly report for all 404 urls listed in backend. It drastically reduced SEO efforts to manage them all.
small yet useful module
Review by dean
It simply notifies me for every 404 attempt on my site. Very small yet useful module.
Easily get informed for 404 page in Magento
Review by M. Reyes
Until I installed this extension, I was unaware about 404 pages in my Magento. Now I instantly get notifications in my Emails. Extremely useful
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