You might have experienced spam or bots entering your website through registration or contact forms. This can be prohibited with captcha. Let’s begin with a little background that can be helpful to secure your website.

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is the abbreviated name for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA identifies if it is a real human or a spam bot. Captchas are used to block frauds from registering or carrying out any other activities. 


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Initially, it provided distorted letters that bots and other automated software are unable to figure out. Many times it provides a grid of nine pictures and the user has to solve a challenge. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult for humans. With the reCaptcha service by Google, that made it simpler for end-users to solve it. reCaptcha offered a high level of security in preventing spam or bots to enter your website. The user just needs to check the “I’m not a robot”.


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Why is Google engaged with captchas?

There are several reasons why Google is concerned with all this. First is, Google wants to provide the best results. If they provide a less quality result, people will switch to other browsers. The second reason is the websites involving Google reCaptcha provide the information back to Google. With the IP address, the information is stored in Google’s data. It helps to track which site you have visited, from where you are visiting, and when you visited them.

Every time a user solves a puzzle of images, it helps Google to learn how a bus or traffic signal looks like. Thus, with reCaptcha Google can have the best results, store information for your site, and also know about the images.


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Invisible Captcha is version 3 by Google.  It does not involve any text or number to be entered, nor a checkbox, nothing. It checks the user’s behavior when it is on the site or filling a form.

What is hCaptcha and reason to utilize it?

Once in a while, Google is not as effective to identify the spam or bots. Before there were no complaints from the clients about security purposes. But now sometimes they face the issue.

This is when hCaptcha comes into an advantage. hCaptcha is owned and functioned by Intuition Machines, which is smaller than Google. They do not have a large set of data like Google and cannot cross-link the analytics, apps, search history as Google’s reCaptcha. 

hCaptcha provides privacy, benefits the website by rewarding and getting the data labeled. hCaptcha does not make access to the user’s personal information. You can earn money or donate it when the users solve a problem. It provides an incentive in the form of a virtual currency known as Human Tokens (HMT). These tokens can be used to get image classification services or contribute it to the Wikimedia Foundation.

If hCaptcha is running successfully on your website then you need not worry about the spam and bots. There is a high level of security for the visitors to your site with hCaptcha. You get an incentive to buy services or donate to the Wikimedia Foundation and Intuition Services makes a profit with image classification services.


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hCaptcha Vs Google reCAPTCHA :

reCaptcha is been used by millions of users and is already good. But hCaptcha is too powerful to fight for bots. hCaptcha is not managed by an ad service hence, it is beneficial for the user as well as the enterprise. Websites can earn revenue through hCaptcha.


So, what are you waiting for? Switch to hCaptcha within minutes and offer a high level of security to your visitors. Get rid of spam and bots through hCaptcha. Many websites like Cloudflare, Zendesk, and many others have already switched to hCaptcha and shared their views on why there was a need.

hCaptcha for Magento 2 offers entirely customizable visible and invisible hCaptcha for your store. The extension integrates the hCaptcha for frontend as well as the backend of your store.

Happy Securing 🔒

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