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2020 is about to complete in a few hours. The holiday season is just undergoing. When we talk about the end of season sale then Christmas is the first word that strikes our mind. The year-end is right in front of us and the Christmas Sale is live. This year will be remembered by all as one of the most disliked years globally. 

For those of us in the E-commerce field, MageComp’s Christmas sale is live and takes as many benefits as you can now. Check it now at MageComp’s Christmas Sale 2020! Great Deals for Your Magento Store. This is our final digest update of the year 2020. 

In December our team launched 4 new Magento 2 Extensions, 2 New Magento Extensions and updated 1 Magento 2 extension. And we are looking forward to the new year 2021. 

Check out the newly launched and update Magento 2 extensions:

Newly Launched Magento 2 Extensions:

Magento 2 Store Pickup

Magento 2 Store Pickup

Magento 2 Store Pickup extension allows your customer to select the shipping option as a physical-pickup from the multiple physical stores available.

  • Customers can physically pick up their order from your store.
  • Featured option to configure store pickup locations.
  • Admin can select multiple countries to allow store pickup.
  • Shipping charges calculated according to the location.
  • Enhanced option for custom title and error message.

Magento 2 Force Login

Magento 2 Force Login

Magento 2 Force Login Extension by MageComp offers you the ability to restrict certain parts of your store for all the users who are not logged in to the store.

  • Force login for the customers
  • Users directly redirect to the login custom page.
  • Easy redirection of CMS/ Category Pages
  • Beneficial for Membership/Premium access websites

Magento 2 Custom Order Number

Magento 2 Custom Order Number

Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension by MageComp allows you to modify Invoice, Shipment, Order, Credit Memo ID’s by utilizing the distinct value such as Prefix and Postfix values.

  • Custom Numbers for Orders, invoice, shipment and credit memo
  • Secure business data by utilizing formatted numbers
  • Add Prefix or postfix for easy identification 
  • Effortlessly fulfill your numbering regulations
  • Allows to set patterns with the help of syntax

Magento 2 Clave Payment

Magento 2 Clave Payment

Clave Payment gateway extension by MageComp for Magento 2 stores offers enhanced security to receive online payments securely from their customers using the redirect payment method.

  • Uses redirect payment method for customers privacy.
  • Featured custom payment method title in frontend.
  • Enhanced option to restrict specific countries.
  • Includes built-in Sandbox testing mode.
  • Admin can add order status in regard to payment.

Newly Launched Magento Extensions:

Magento Paytrace Hosted Payment Gateway

Magento Paytrace Hosted Payment Gateway

Paytrace Hosted Payment Gateway Extension for Magento stores allows the merchant to accept online payments safely from their users.

  • Uses hosted payment method for the customer’s security
  • Allows customizing payment method title.
  • Restrict specific countries to use the payment method
  • It includes authorize and capture mode (sale).
  • Enable min/max order value to utilize the payment method.

Magento Paytrace Redirect Payment Gateway

Magento Paytrace Redirect Payment Gateway

Paytrace Redirect Payment Gateway Extension for Magento store helps the store admin to capture online payments securely from their customers.

  • Uses redirect payment page for users safety
  • Custom payment method title to display on store-front.
  • Allow the payment option for specific countries.
  • Set min/max order value to use the payment method.

Upgraded Existing Magento 2 Extensions: 

Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification Pro  – 1.0.3

Added Country Flag Feature in Front-end
Added Language Pack for Enhancement

Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification FREE – 1.0.3

  • Country Flag Added at Checkout
  • New Custom API implemented

Wrap Up:

That was all about December updates from MageComp. Check out the new and upgraded Magento 2 extensions

Pick your loved and useful extensions and if you are in search of any other customized Magento 2 extension then you can let us know directly via the support portal of our 

Share the news via social media to your Magento Friends.

Wishing you a Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from the whole MageComp team!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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