Every E-commerce business is aware that Holiday Season is the best time to promote sales, enhance brand loyalty, and get in touch with new customers. There is always room for online improvements. Hence, E-commerce merchants should give a final touch before the holidays commence.

We know you will be busy stocking up your inventory and managing the staff. That’s why we are here as a reminder for you with the final checklist of your store. To get the last-minute changes for your Magento E-commerce store explore the below checklist. Let’s start!

The Last-Minute Magento E-commerce Checklist:

To make your Magento store all set for the Holiday Season here is the Last-Minute E-commerce Holiday Checklist to outshine the competition.

Engage with Customers

Customers love your attention. Personalized marketing efforts have a great impact on customers. According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

Most of the holiday purchases are made for others, so product details become necessary. Increase the visibility of your product images with Product Animated GIF Extension for Magento 2.

Promotions and Campaigns

Holiday shoppers love promotions. There is a possibility that the shoppers will make a  purchase if they find good promotional products. Thus, make ready your last-minute promotions for the buyers who have added the products to their wishlist. Target wishlist shoppers and send a reminder to them via email. Wishlist shoppers can really contribute to last-minute holiday sales.

Highlight your offers, deals, and discounts in an attractive way by using Notification Bar Extension for Magento 2.

Think Mobile

Mobile being the handiest device, you must think of mobile. 70% of E-commerce sales come from mobile. Plan your website theme and design in a way that supports mobile as well. Make mobile payments easy and target mobile shoppers with specific marketing campaigns. Make sure your site and communications are mobile-friendly.

Improve your store performance by adding Webp images for your Magento store. WebP Image Support Extension for Magento 2 enables to add of WebP images.

Review the Product Inventory

Preparing your Magento store for the holiday season, it is required to plan for the inventory. While you are busy with shipment at the time of the holiday season, Inventory Sync Extension for Magento 2 will help you to effortlessly manage the product inventory that will let you concentrate on your sales.

Be sure you have sufficient stock for the holiday rush. So you do not face a shortage of products for the rising demands. If you do not have enough product stock to meet the demands for the holiday season, it may lead to a loss of a large number of sales and revenue.

Spread your Deals through Social Media

During the holiday season, even the customers wait for discounts and offers. Spreading your deals in your different social media profiles will help to reach more customers. Post offers, discounts, and deals on social media. Send personalized emails to your existing customers. Reply quickly to the comments, questions, and queries of the customers.

Broaden your sales by appearing on Facebook and Instagram with the help of Facebook Shop and Shoppable Instagram for Magento 2.

Provide Immediate Support

According to econsultancy, 83% of customers need support while shopping online. Just in a brick-and-mortar store, there is a salesperson who helps customers for their shopping journey, the same way you must provide support for online purchases.

Chatbots and live chats are becoming most popular nowadays to provide quick support to your customers. Integrate Chat Integration Extension for Magento 2 and incorporate a live chat system for your store to solve customers’ queries immediately.

Benefit your Loyal Customers

Holiday sales are not only for engaging new audiences and customers. It is also important to retain your existing and loyal customers. Along with planning for marketing campaigns and strategies, create a plan to provide special discounts or offers to your loyal customers. Make them feel special and encourage them to be connected with you in the future as well.

The Call for Price Extension for Magento 2 will enable you to let loyal customers contact you about the price of the product.

Test your site Functionalities

Conduct a load test for your website to handle the shopping load and the number of visitors to your site. Check all the CTAs are working properly and the user reaches their desired product in just a few clicks. Your site should be straightforward to navigate. Cross verify the coupon codes at the checkout page. All the testing must be done from the customer’s point of view.

Provide keywords and a thorough description of the products and services of your store for the holiday season.

Onsite Search

Search is the most preferred option for customers to find the products instead of going through the category and product pages. The users who prefer search options are the ones that are clear and converting them is easy. Optimize the search option of your site so that the customer can quickly navigate for the products.

Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 will quicken the search results of your Magento store and users can find the product without refreshing the page.

Reduce Distractions

Your store customers especially mobile users are more likely to postpone the payment or registration. A smooth and seamless checkout page will help to reduce distractions. Unnecessary buttons and options must be removed to provide a better user experience and faster payment.

Let your customers login to your site with just a single click and avoid a lengthy registration process by integrating Google One Tap Login Extension for Magento 2.


Use the time left for the holiday season to give better quality products and an unforgettable shopping experience for your users. Practice the above holiday checklist and don’t be afraid to apply the changes to your strategies. Sometimes the minor changes lead to major differences in sales and profits.

Not sure whether or not your website is ready for the holiday season? Talk to us and our expert will make your Magento website excel this holiday season.

Happy Reading!

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