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Have you heard of it yet? 22% of eCommerce companies die in their first year? 

This post will cover all the aspects of why an eCommerce store might fail to get through in the first year itself.

10 Common Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store Fail

#1 Poor Product Content

No doubt. You have got a great product. You can do well in your market. You have researched it all. But it contains some rough images with shoddy content placed over it.

You have to be careful that everyone across the world is eyeing you. 

A friendly content lets users shop with your site more pleasingly. Construct high-quality content for products. You can add a purchasing guide and an exceptional product description. Remember to also attach videos and images wherever fits.

Do not be just a marketer of your products. Create content that brings knowledge to your visitors.

Learn – Benefits of SEO Optimized Product Content

#2 Pricing Is Way Off

Sometimes you come across sites that make millions but fail when it comes to the look and feel of their site. These people get through by offering the lowest possible prices. 

Obviously, these websites can be made even better with a sound design and a great marketing plan. But what concept they are implementing is the low prices. 

In the retail market, this might succeed but in the online store, you have to be very careful in deciding a competitive price. Remember the next website is just a mouse click away. 

#3 Selling The Wrong Products

The foremost reason for website failure is product failure. You are behind the eight ball if the products you sell are wanted by none. What to sell is the most important decision while starting off an eCommerce store. 

Doesn’t matter if you are opting to sell a product that is normally traded. If the marketing strategy is on point, it can be a win-win for your website.

Check whether your products are what people want!

#4 There Isn’t a Marketing Plan

Be assured that your products are ready to market correctly. A proper marketing strategy is a way to success. Organize all the marketing plans and consume as much needed time as you can to get the best results. 

As we can see most of the eCommerce business depends on SEO, so take time to understand your store strategy and at first, allow paid marketing on a budget. 

#5 The Website Isn’t Ranking in Google

A significant portion of your marketing strategy is the search rankings. Your website can only rank higher on search engines if it is optimized well. 

Higher rankings = Higher visibility.

Someone can readily discover your site on search engines when they enter the keywords pertinent to your website. Improve search engine rankings and bring more traffic to your website.

#6 The Design Is Just Plain Bad

Obviously, the design aspect matters to drive a successful business. But we have all done this – landing on a website and immediately pressing the back button once it is loaded. Why? We don’t find it legitimate. Even if it is authentic, we don’t tend to believe it. 

 The objective must be to create a huge, robust, trustful brand and look for your online business. Represent your business with creative design in the market through Graphics Design Service.

#7 Lack of Calls to Action

Make sure that the CTA buttons are eye-catchy. If you want someone to add products to the cart, excel at the button text. If the goal is to make customers call you, make the phone number visible to them. Ensure that visitors don’t get jammed in between your website. Give them direction on your site. And lastly, don’t forget to close the deal at the end. 

#8 Shipping Cost Is Too High

High shipping costs? No one would want to buy it. 

Yes, who would buy a product of $40 with a shipping charge of $25? Nobody. The base product price may sound good but the customers would be paying the extra shipping charge for no reason at all. 

The best way to close more deals is to lower the charges as much as you can. Even better is to give free shipping. Let me reiterate that again. FREE Shipping 

Place a Free Shipping Bar in your store and let it come into the user’s spotlight. 

#9 No Promotions or Urgency

Run promotions! Customers always require a reason to purchase your product. Give them that. We come across many sites that are always on sale. That is because they have already set their product prices higher and given it the name of SALE. As a result, end up making massive incomes. Make sure your advertisements are easily recognizable by the store visitors.

Increase customer engagement and boost sales with attractive promotion bars.

#10 No Value Proposition

You should be different from others. Do not put everything as it is as your competitors. Be unique. No matter what you sell or what you’re connected to, you need to tell people. You won’t be able to persuade your site visitors to purchase from you if you cannot think of a reason why they should.


80%-90% of businesses in the e-commerce field fail.

As an entrepreneur, you must realize that you will make mistakes when you start an e-commerce business, but you must also learn from those same blunders to stay in business. Otherwise, you will watch the entire enterprise disappear. Also, think about the mobile app for your eCommerce store and watch your sales graph elevating.

So, stay sane while running an eCommerce business.

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