Hello Magento Friends,

I am again back with another useful Magento solution for you all. Today it’s about Getting Child Items of Bundle Products in Magento 2.

Bundled products are a group of simple or virtual products that are bought together. You can Create Bundled Products Programmatically in Magneto 2. Bundled products are a combination of various child products. To get all the child items of bundled products, you can follow the below steps.

Steps to Get Child Items of Bundle Products in Magento 2:

Step 1: Create a file at the below path


And add the below code

Step 2: Call from the template or Any PHP class


This way you can fetch child items from the bundled products in Magento 2. In case you come across any error, reach me via the comment box. Share the article with your friends and stay updated!

Happy Coding!

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