Are you an eCommerce store owner? You might be looking for ways to win new customers and audiences. The eCommerce competition is getting intense day by day. You need to implement new methods to stick around in this competitive market.

Video eCommerce marketing is one tactic that helps drive sales of your eCommerce store. eCommerce video marketing helps to promote your products and services, educate your customers, reach new customers through a new medium, and increase engagement on your social media channels.

80% of marketers say video eCommerce has helped increase their store sales. This shows that consumers love video content. When you advertise your products using the content that people love, it becomes easier to deliver your brand message to the customers.

eCommerce video marketing is important for your eCommerce store but you need a marketing plan to carry out this method. Here I share with you a few tips for using video eCommerce content for your eCommerce store.

10 Tips for Using Video Content on Your E-Commerce Website

Through video commerce, store visitors get information easily. Using the following tips and tricks you can get the most out of your investment in eCommerce video marketing.

1. Make fascinating product videos

One of the best ways to drive sales through video is to make a product demonstration video to showcase your product more clearly. Product videos for eCommerce that showcase different angles and closeups help people better understand your product and increase sales conversions. eCommerce product videos create confidence in people about what they are buying.

eCommerce product videos help to deliver the product details in a matter of time. Customers don’t need to read long and complicated content to learn about the product. 73% of customers will make purchases after watching a product video of an eCommerce store. Hence, product videos in eCommerce help to generate more purchases and sales.

2. Include how-to video tutorials

Videos are not just about showcasing your products and services. You can even guide and educate customers utilizing video commerce. How-to videos help to earn more attention than any other video type. How-to guides, tutorial videos, and answering customer queries through videos will clear customer doubt and prove to be engaging.

Include how-to eCommerce product videos on product pages to make customers learn how to use a product. This will help to understand the value of the product in a better way. How-to guides help to solve the problem of your customers quickly. How-to videos help to generate traffic and new leads who urge problem-solving tutorials. These types of videos show how much you care for the audience which is a very good thing for your eCommerce store.

3. Tell a story through videos

People are more likely to connect better with emotional content. Creating video content that tells a good story or filmmaking helps to develop emotions in the person who is watching it. This type of content is more likely to get likes, shares, and comments.

You can advertise your products through a story. This helps to get more exposure for your product as people share it with others because they get emotionally connected with the story. A story that evokes emotion generates a powerful message and people like sharing it as it provides a lot of emotional and entertainment value. It is also an effective way to create a brand image.

4. Create user-generated video content

Many times an eCommerce product video is not enough to get customers into your sales funnel. While purchasing online some customers may have trust issues regarding what the actual product will look like. No matter how good and professional your eCommerce product video is, it may look too polished in order to attract customers.

User-generated content can come to the rescue in showcasing the actual product to customers. You can include videos of people actually using your product or getting results from it so that other customers can better understand the quality, look, and nature of your product. User-generated video is a better way to convince customers to start a shopping journey with you.

5. Utilize video testimonials

New customers believe other customers more than you. Product reviews improve the trust and loyalty of your brand. People rely on reviews to decide whether they should go ahead on a buying journey with you or not. Reviews matter a lot in making purchase decisions for new customers.

It’s crucial to provide good service to your existing customers as they will become your brand voice in the future. Encourage customers to speak a few words about using your product and make a video on it. Share these videos on your youtube channel and also include them in the testimonial section of your website. With testimonial videos, you can encourage new customers to buy from you.

6. Induce interactive and entertaining videos

Video is a popular marketing tool for eCommerce stores. Everyone is making use of eCommerce video marketing to increase the engagement of customers. In this view, to stand out you need to create something unique and different for your audience.

Allow customers to make a quick buying decision by including a call to action. Through interactive video, you can enable customers to enjoy the video and at the same time make a decision without leaving the content. Entertaining videos can go viral and get shared as people love entertainment. Include an essence of creativity in your videos to attract customers and boost sales.

7. Create a separate video section for your site

Your eCommerce website has various types of content including product descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and more. Keeping a separate section for all this content helps customers to more accurately learn about your product. An eCommerce marketing video is a very important tool to turn visitors into customers.

Keep all the eCommerce product videos in one place so it becomes easy for customers to find what they are searching for. YouTube is the best way to upload eCommerce product videos. You can also include videos on various landing pages of your eCommerce website but make sure videos have a separate section or place to be easily reachable.

8. Share your brand story through videos

Not everyone knows about your brand. You can tell your brand story to the world through an interactive video. You will obviously have an About us page for your eCommerce website but reading such a long story is time-consuming. Instead, you can showcase your brand story through a visually effective video of your brand. 

Add the brand story video to your about us page, in a welcome email message, or use it for hire. Brand story video will also help you to partner and build relationships with the giant eCommerce companies in the market. Build awareness of your company by including the story of how it started, its mission, and its vision.

9. Partner with influencers through video

Influencer marketing is one of the popular marketing methods nowadays. Influencers have a high number of followers and people trust their content. You can make use of video influencer marketing to target niche audiences. Influencers have already built credibility and loyalty amongst the people. Hence, it is a quick way to reach potential customers.

Influencers can promote your product and services which will help you reach your target audiences. Influencers can also share their experience of using your product which will build trust amongst the followers. Therefore collaborating with influencers and trying out paid partnerships is a good choice for your sales growth.

10. Take advantage of eCommerce video ads

Video ads for eCommerce are the best way to advertise your products on multiple channels. You can include eCommerce video ads on social media or other platforms. People can come across your eCommerce video ads while scrolling through their social media feed or playing a game.

With eCommerce video ads you don’t have much time for the audience. Hence, it is advisable to grab the customer’s attention in the first 5 seconds of the eCommerce video ads. Keep the video ads for eCommerce short alongside the complete view of your product. Get more clicks, shares, and sales through video ads for eCommerce.

Summing Up

With a strong eCommerce video marketing strategy, you can increase sales, website traffic, and brand awareness. Video is a powerful marketing tool for your eCommerce website.

There are many ways to use video commerce for your online store. You can use video for product video advertising or tell people how to use them or entertain the audience. You can also use video to share your brand message or build a genuine connection with your audience.

Tell us in the comments, how you use video eCommerce for your brand.

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