Shopping Spree, Shopaholic, and similar terms have been a part of the modern lingo. Once time-consuming shopping has become as easy as a tap on the smartphone; all thanks to digitalization.

Digitalization has been modifying the way people carry out transactions and shop from the very roots. It has influenced the brick and mortar commerce arena to such an extent that the traditional commerce itself could go extinct. Even surveys show alarming rates.

A report published by Statista portends that mobile app downloads for shopping convenience have crossed over a whopping 197 billion mark. Business Insider claims that millennial are the key mobile application users and the millennial populace make 35% of the smartphone-using population.

Let us get it out there up front. 35% of users are seeking an enhancement in their shopping experience, while the rest are exploring it to be a part of the bandwagon.

And there is no dearth of e-commerce websites and mobile applications. But there’s still room left for success in the e-commerce business if your business is navigated to meet the customers’ goals. In a competitive landscape, customer satisfaction directly can be linked to profitability. The more you need to satisfy your customers, the more you need to practice perfection in your e-commerce business.

Below is a detailed guide to help you achieve customer satisfaction in your e-commerce business:

Bid Bye to Snail Mail-based Customer Service

An angry customer in an e-commerce landscape is not due to poor quality of shopping goods, but due to poor quality of customer service. While many businesses choose to take their time to form a proper reply to the concerns of their customers, the prolonged time duration is the number one reason leading a shift to another e-commerce service.

With technologies such as instant replies, email-based support services may sound a bit outdated. Hence, the smart choice would be to leverage customer service software. A centralized help desk with an online ticketing system will assist you to do more than you intend to, in order to retain your consumers. With an integrated VoIP account, customer interaction is much faster and a lot easier.

And when the customer feels that his concerns are heard, he is likely to remain loyal to the platform.

Navigate your Customers in the Direction of their Choice

Though digital shopping offers an unparalleled experience, the popularity of brick and mortar stores still persists on account of the cleverness of salespeople in gauging what their customers are actually looking for by asking them a few questions.

A chatbot integrated e-commerce app can help you widen your customer base with the masses that are loyal to offline stores. A chatbot placed right on the homepage of your app can help customers in landing on the page they are looking for in no time.

And when the customers find it easy to get what they want from your e-commerce business, you can rest assured of getting what you want from customers.. their satisfaction!

Ask Them to Rate their Satisfaction Level

No matter how your customer journey has been, good, bad, enriching, or even poor, the key to success in a digital business lies in having a warm and friendly environment, as it lacks the physical human presence.

Post the shopping, “thank you” emails and customer-satisfaction rating cards can be sent to customers via notifications and messages to make them feel special. However, it also serves as an instrument for your business to enhance your processes by implementing the feedback given by consumers.

Since emoticons are likely to resonate better, feedback in the form of smiley faces or disappointed ones can make it easy for customers to rate their experience.

Quest Earnings can Never Go Wrong

The key to achieving customer satisfaction in an e-commerce business relies directly upon excitement. However, the excitement of deals and discounts fades away the moment they are stopped being dispatched.

Customers can be kept excited to shop within the platform by integrating modules that keep track of their bills and offer loyalty points. The loyalty points can then be redeemed by customers after a certain mark is reached.

Similar to quest earning, customers will remain excited to save on their money while they are shopping, which will enhance their shopping journey.

Making Them Feel Special is Never an Outdated Idea

The customer is the king. That is where you will be able to stuff your pocket. And a little delight for them can help in making their day, and your business for the greater good. While registration, the e-commerce app should have a feature that extracts data regarding their special days like Birthdays, anniversaries, or other events. In addition, gender information can aid in sending them personalized deals.

A special note on their birthdays with added loyalty points or a gift voucher will elevate their trust in your e-commerce business and that is how you can take your business to the next level of where it is.

How Does it All Sum Up?

You sure must be knowing your competitors well. But did you know the number of market players entering the e-commerce business every single day?

Well, the rate is really alarming.

On the other hand, you can imagine what a simple yet intuitive e-commerce mobile app can do to your business. That is where your investment should be to make it a wise one.

While some of the aforementioned pointers are straightforward enough to implement, others could take time. Meanwhile, the smart choice is to focus on the very root of customer satisfaction – the development of an e-commerce app.

A well-developed e-commerce mobile app can help you retain your customers, while you focus on adding exciting features for them to further elevate their journey. However, with every software development company claiming to offer superior service, rest your trust in the e-commerce app development company that holds experience and is well-versed enough to help you scale up your e-commerce business.

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