An SEO-optimized product description makes it certain that you appear on search engine result pages. People won’t be able to buy your product if they can’t discover it. Making your products noticeable to the targeted people is the key factor for selling online. 

A high SERP ranking works as an authority stamp you need. The higher quality will justify your prices, and the people will be willing to buy your products. 

But it is essential to write a product description that has got all the possible expectations of the visitors. The search engine decides what people should trust or buy. So, make sure to write an SEO-optimized product description to get the best results and sales.

 This article discussed how to write an SEO-optimized product description to rank on SERPs and convert viewers into buyers. Let’s get started!

How is an SEO-optimized product description helpful?

An SEO-optimized product description will give you various benefits, such as

  • Ranking in Google SERPs 
  • People will find your products trustworthy
  • More sales
  • Convert viewers into buyers

Tips to write SEO-optimized product descriptions: 

If you are distressed about how to write an SEO-optimized product description, here are some of the guidelines to make you worry-free about your website’s product descriptions.

Write for human

Most business owners are mistaken that they need to write their product descriptions for Google. If your customer is satisfied, Google is satisfied too. So write your product descriptions for people that can solve their problems and help to educate them.

Carry out keyword research

Find what your target audience is looking for. You can add these keywords to your product title and description. Adding keywords relevant to search intent helps Google crawl your website easily.

Keep it to the point

Cover all the required content of your product including needs and features. Avoid adding extra content to not lose people’s interest.

Unique Product Description

Keep your product description distinctive for different products. Do not copy the content from the manufacturer’s website or keep the same content for all your products. Your website search ranking will suffer if you do this.

Highlight product features

The only thing that matters is how much relief your product gives to the pain points. Describe the features and benefits that your product provides. 

Tools to write SEO-optimized product descriptions: 

It is made more accessible for people to write engaging descriptions because of the advanced tools. Here are a few of them that are useful in writing SEO-friendly content

Keyword Planner Tool

According to Backlinko, 50% of search queries contain 4 or more words. Hence, appropriate keywords are one of the key factors for ranking your content and brand on search engines. This is made more accessible because of the online keyword planner tools. You can optimize your content through these tools to generate the most relevant keywords. 

In addition, these tools will help you find the keywords people enter into search engines related to that product. Keywords are mainly associated with the FAQs that people ask online.

If your content has those keywords, it will increase the chances of ranking on SEO because when users search for those keywords, your content will appear in front of them. You can find hundreds of free keyword planner tools online.

 They use Google autocomplete to yield numerous relevant keywords for any topic. One of these tools is for any topic. One of these tools is This tool helps to generate hundreds of long-tail keywords for your content without any signup. 

Paraphrasing Tool 

Paraphrasing is known as the rewriting of a phrase. To take ideas from someone or content and use them in your work in your own words is paraphrasing. It does not mean simply copying the content; you need to use your terms to describe the source content while retaining its original meaning. This will allow you to create unique product descriptions. 

There are hundreds of online paraphrasing tools available online to help you rewrite SEO-optimized descriptions. One of the best tools is the Prepostseo Paraphrasing tool. This sentence rephraser allows you to write a unique and engaging description that is well SEO optimized. 

You can use this tool for free without the need for any registration or signup. Moreover, your content quality is enhanced using the Prepostseo paraphrasing tool. This tool will allow you to take essential ideas from others and recreate them in the best way possible. 


59% of users will not use a brand that has spelling and grammar mistakes with their website’s content. When it comes to optimizing your product description, it is imperative to have error-free writing. Grammarly grammar checker is an online tool that checks your writing for grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It also performs a readability analysis. One of its main features is that it makes suggestions on reformulating sentences to improve clarity and flow.

How is Grammarly beneficial for optimizing content?

It is, no doubt, a powerful tool. However, for the writer who wants to make his content simple and easy to understand for readers, it performs two primary functions:

Suppose you have an essay that contains unnecessary words or sentences of incomprehensible grammar structure. In that case, Grammarly will come up with suggestions on how to modify the text to make it more readable.

Here are some of its features:

  • Replaces passive voice with active voice (Active Voice vs. Passive voice )
  • It uses simple language that both native speakers and non-native speakers can understand.
  • Gives advanced readability indexes such as Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.
  • Provides Total word count

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is known as taking someone else’s ideas and using them in your content without consent and citation and showing it as yours. SEO does not accept plagiarism at any cost. It will not only affect your SEO but build a bad reputation among your viewers and reduce conversions. Plagiarism often occurs unintentionally, so there are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools available online to help you get rid of plagiarism from your content. 

One of the most incredible tools is This plagiarism checker free tool is fast and accurate. It is available online for free and is safe and secure. You can upload different files (doc, txt, pdf) to check plagiarism. It doesn’t need any professionals as it is easy to understand and access by anyone. Furthermore, the tool will generate a detailed report, which will help you to detect and evacuate any duplicate content. 

Semrush Content Optimizing Tool  

Semrush is one of the most popular and influential all-in-one marketing, SEO keyword research content review analyzing tools that provide everything you need from tracking your website ranking on Google organic results to finding out competitors’ backlinks keywords.

It offers 80+ feature-rich tools under its belt, which are specially designed to improve your website and its content. In addition, Semrush provides a content optimizing tool specially designed to write better content that can rank on Search engines.

This tool will help you know which of the keywords are not discussed in your product description and how much time they should be discussed.


Your number of sales relies on how effective your product descriptions are. Therefore, it is essential to write such engaging and appealing descriptions that result in conversions. Hire an SEO Expert from MageComp that will help you drive traffic and rankings to your website. 

Survey the article to know about the five tools to help you create SEO-optimized content to increase your viewers, buyers, and ranking.

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