Out with the old, in with the new. May the New Year bring you prosperity and good fortune.

New Year is a time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate the arrival of a new one. It’s time to look back at the past year and remember what we accomplished. 2021 was a year to remember with many great achievements and success stories.

Despite the ups and downs in the world due to Covid-19, 2021 has been a successful year for MageComp.

Let’s Walk Down the Memory Lane…..

Top Players of 2021 – Magento 2 Extensions

We have launched numerous new Extensions with premium features and upgraded existing ones to help customers improve their store performance. Among the exclusive collection of 135+ Magento 2 Extensions, here are the top 5 Magento 2 Extensions that were high in demand by our customers in the year 2021.

Magento 2 OTP Mobile Login


The evergreen Magento 2 Extension of MageComp is Mobile Login. It allows the customers to securely login, register, reset password with the help of their phone number using an OTP. Once registered, the customers can login using a password or an OTP.

Magento 2 SMS Notification Pro


Another highly popular Magento 2 Extension is SMS Notification Pro. Alert your customers about the status of their orders through SMS Notifications. Also, send Bulk SMS for your marketing promotions. The module allows the admin to send 20+ event notifications via SMS to customers. 

Magento 2 Product Animated GIF


Product Animated GIF Extension for Magento 2 by MageComp also gained popularity. The plugin allows the store admin to add product images in GIF format to grab customers’ attention. GIF images allow the customer to view the product from all angles.

Magento 2 Amazon S3


Amazon S3 for Magento 2 is also a well-known Extension of MageComp. The module helps to store website data like downloadable products, catalogs, and images on the Amazon AWS cloud server to reduce the load of the website and improve the loading speed.

Magento 2 City and Region Manager


The City and Region Manager for Magento 2 also has a place in the best-performing Extensions of MageComp. The module helps to add custom regions, states, and cities from the backend. The added region will show in the frontend.

MageComp 2021 Milestones

It’s when you rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached. Let’s have a peek at the victories of MageComp in 2021.

Partnership with Webiators

We can achieve more as a result of working with others than against them. The partnership of MageComp and Webiators helped the Magento Community acquire top-class products and services. Both businesses noticed a significant expansion in customer acquisition and an incredible impact on business success.

Ranked #1 in Top Magento Development Companies

In June 2021, MageComp added one more feather in the cap as we have been listed as the #1 E-commerce Development Company by the Top Developers. We look forward to delivering high-class work through Magento 2 Extensions and Services that will be helpful to our clients and customers.

Brand Ambassador Program


We introduced the MageComp Brand Ambassador Program that will benefit developers, freelancers, and content creators to earn extra income. You can earn an undivided commission by joining the MageComp Brand Ambassador Program at no cost.

Reached 1K Blog Posts

2021 was the year where MageComp 1K+ milestone of blog articles. MageComp blogs include the categories Magento Tutorials, Magento Latest News, Shopify, Laravel, WooCommerce, E-commerce Tips, SEO, Social Media, and more. We ensure sharing the knowledge with our viewers in the years to come.

100+ Products on Magento Marketplace

Our 100+ Magento 2 Extensions has been approved and is live on Magento Marketplace is another major achievement in the year 2021. We are one of the leading partners of Adobe Commerce, providing the platform with brilliant quality products, and will assure to abide by this in the future.

Launched Product Subscriptions

From February 1, 2022, we are launching Subscription services for all the Magento products. Our Magento 2 Extensions will be available only on subscription. This will help customers to get excellent support, timely upgrades, and prominent products.

Launched Mobile App

Magento 2 Mobile APP

One of the biggest achievement records of MageComp includes Mobile App for Magento 2 stores. We recently launched a ready-made Mobile App for Magento 2 that will help stores to switch to mobile in a jiffy. The App includes pre-built features like brand slider, banner slider, push notifications, social login, shipping methods, payment methods, etc.

2021 by the Numbers

We would like to take a moment to share some of the numbers of 2021 that defined us. We are thrilled at the progress we have made and the results we have delivered to our clients.

2021 by the numbers

Over the last year, we have experienced 5407 new customers and delivered 57 projects successfully. We released 30+ new Magento 2 Extensions, 5 Shopify Apps, 3 WooCommerce plugins, and 360+ Blog articles. More than 5000 customers were glad about our services, witnessed 3 lac+ visitors, admitted 52 Google reviews and 30+ people left reviews for us on Trustpilot. Not only this we have worked on 7+ projects under MageComp Graphics Studio, a one-stop place for all the graphics, social media, and Google Adwords needs. In the year 2021, our team size doubled up to 30+ employees to continue to build and improve our contributions in the Magento industry.

Top 5 Magento Blogs of 2021

Get the latest Magento news, descriptive Magento Tutorials, tips & tricks under MageComp Blogs. Our skilled Magento Developers provide a comprehensive Magento solution that is helpful to Magento community members, developers, and store owners. Here’s a summary of the Top 5 Magento blogs that received the most views in 2021.

How to Fix 404 Error Page Not Found in Admin URL in Magento 2

After installing any security or third-party-related Extension, you may face a 404 error in the Admin Page. We have provided 6 different ways in the blog to get rid of this error. If you are facing this issue try out our solution.

How to fix Magento 2 500 internal server error

Magento Internal Server Error 500 usually occurs while installing, upgrading, or removing Magento components like themes, plugins, patches, etc. With this error, the store faces a decline in traffic and impacts the user experience. We have provided 8 various solutions to fix this error, check out the right one for you.

How To Install and Use Composer on Ubuntu 20.04

Composer enables you to specify the PHP libraries that your project is dependent on, and it pulls and manages all the libraries and dependencies by using the appropriate versions according to the requirements of your project. Hence learn its usage for Ubuntu step-by-step.

How to Upgrade Magento Version from 2.3.X to 2.4.2

Upgrading to the latest version is very important for your store performance and user experience. Learn the detailed steps to upgrade your Magento 2 store to the latest version 2.4.2.

How to Fix Unique Constraint Violation Found in Magento 2

The Unique Constraint Violation Found error usually occurs while adding categories, products, items, or creating new orders. The reason for this error can be the creation of duplicate values in the database table. Check out the solution for this error.

The 2021 Year in Photos

Life is to be enjoyed fully and MAvengers never miss an opportunity to make memories. Join our Mind-blowing MAvengers Team

Celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, festivals, yummilicious pizza parties, going on trips, fun activities, and every little thing holds a mark in our hearts.

Here are our whole year’s snapshots locked up in one frame.

2021 in pictures

Wrapping Up:

This was everything about happenings at MageComp in 2021. Get regular updates from us in 2022 – Subscribe to our Newsletter!

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us reach where we are today including our clients, customers, partners, supporters, well-wishers, and employees. We are excited and geared up to step into the new year with new hopes, plans, resolutions, and goals.

We are so delighted for all we achieved this year, and here’s to a successful 2022!

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