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Today, in this tutorial, we will learn to delete customer orders.

As a business expands, the number of customers and orders increases, too. When a business starts to receive a large number of products, the chances of customers placing an order and canceling them later due to some reasons before being fulfilled.

Steps to delete Shopify orders

Step 1 –

To begin with, delete Shopify orders, log in to your Shopify account and access the admin panel.

Shopify admin panel → Orders


Step 2 – 

To delete an order, the order must be canceled and unfulfilled.

So, select such an order that is canceled and unfulfilled.

How to Delete an Order on Shopify

Step 3 – 

After selecting the order to delete, Scroll down till you reach the end of the order page.

On the order page, at the bottom-most corner on the right side, just below the Tags field, you will find a Delete order button.

How to Delete an Order on Shopify

Ending Note

Deleted smoothly.

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