Canceling an order fulfillment or, say, order cancellations are very important in inventory management of online stores. Many reasons are responsible for order cancellations. Looking at the brighter side, order cancellations help admins with their inventory management and prevention of products being oversold.

Today, in this Shopify tutorial, we will learn how to cancel an order fulfillment in your Shopify store. So, without any further ado, let’s roll the intro.

What Does Order Cancellation in Shopify Mean?

Canceling an order fulfillment in Shopify means reversing the process of preparing and shipping a customer’s order. It’s essentially undoing the steps that led to the order being marked as “fulfilled.”

What Are the Causes of Order Cancellation?

Customer Error

When a customer mistakenly provides an incorrect shipping address or places a duplicate order, canceling their order fulfillment can help you avoid any future complications with the order.

Out-of-Stock Product

If your products go out of stock, canceling the order fulfillment can prevent situations like customer disappointment due to delayed delivery.

Customer Request

It is crucial to provide excellent customer service when a customer requests an order cancellation due to a change of mind or other reasons. By canceling and refunding such orders, you can maintain customer satisfaction and potentially retain them as future customers. 

Respecting their request is important to maintain good relations with the customer. There should be no delay in the cancellation process, and the refund should be made as soon as possible.

Pricing Error

Orders can be required to be canceled if there is a pricing error or discrepancy due to a technical glitch or incorrect listing. The appropriate course of action is to cancel the order and notify the customer.

Any Suspicious Activity

It is crucial to protect your business and prevent potential financial loss by canceling orders if you suspect fraudulent activity or receive suspicious orders. A careful review of orders is important to identify any signs of fraud, such as unusually large orders, multiple orders from the same customer with different payment information, or orders with mismatched billing and shipping addresses.

Cancel Order Fulfillment

Step 1 –

Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to

Shopify Admin panel → Orders


Step  2 – 

Select the order that you want to cancel.

select any order

Step 3 –

Select the more options in the bottom tabular that appeared on selecting the order.

Once accessing More actions, select the Cancel fulfillment request action.


And done. The order’s fulfillment request is canceled.

Work on the Refunds

In case the customers have already paid for their order, you need to handle their refunding process as soon as possible. Access the payment section within the order details and initiate a refund the order according to your store’s refund policy. Keep in mind that refunding the customer efficiently is paramount to maintaining good customer relationships and trust.

Final Say

Just 3-easy steps and done.

It’s important to note that the ability to cancel a fulfillment may depend on the fulfillment status of the order. If the fulfillment has already been shipped or is in progress, you may not be able to cancel it through the Shopify admin. In such cases, you should contact your shipping carrier to see if they can help you redirect or stop the shipment.

Also, keep in mind that Shopify’s interface and features may evolve over time so the specific steps may vary slightly. If you can’t find the cancellation option, consider checking the Shopify documentation or contact us for your Shopify support for assistance.

Happy Shopifying!!!

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