“We are highly obliged and grateful to announce our partnership with Hyva Themes.”

Being a Magento eCommerce merchant, speed, flexibility and store performance are the focal points you need for your business. Hyvä Themes is the best solution for this to develop Magento 2 websites.

Hyvä is the best theme to develop Magento 2 websites. Observing the benefits of Hyvä, like easy execution, fast performance, and long-lasting results, made the theme perfect for Magento 2 front.

To provide customers the best user experience of our products, we have aimed to make our extensions compatible with Hyvä Themes.

About Hyvä Themes

Willem Wigman created Hyvä Themes, which offers less complexity, maximum performance, and reduced time-to-market.

Hyvä Themes is the ultimate Magento eCommerce solution that provides faster development at an affordable cost. Hyvä offers a better user experience and the best store performance. Hyvä is an alternative to headless PWA.

Benefits of Hyvä Themes

Hyvä Themes removes the complexities and resolves the problems faced in LUMA for Magento 2 frontend development. Let’s dive into the benefits of Hyvä Themes:


Reducing the amount of code makes the performance better. This helps to achieve a perfect score for Google PageSpeed and pass all the metrics of Core Web Vitals. Hence, Hyvä Themes help improve store performance, resulting in better conversions, enhanced customer experience, and higher SEO rankings.

Less Complexity

Hyvä makes it easier for developers to work with. The number of JSS/CSS resources has been reduced.

Quick Development

The development process is made quicker with Hyvä. Compared to LUMA, the development time with Hyvä is reduced to even less than half.


Hyvä Themes does not require developers to have special training for it. The developers just need to have an idea about Apline.js and Tailwind CSS.

About MageComp

MageComp holds one of the dominant places in the Magento community. We have been a leading provider of Magento 2 Extensions and Services since 2014. Currently, we hold 175+ Magento 2 Extensions and 35000+ satisfied customers. 

Besides Magento, MageComp also works on platforms like Shopify, Laravel, ReactJS, and WordPress. To stay competitive, we provide eCommerce Mobile App Development services as well as SEO services.

As we move forward to provide the best solutions to our customers, we follow the latest market trends. And thus, we have partnered with Hyvä Themes to deliver consistent services to our customers.

MageComp and Hyvä Partnership

We are one of the technical partners of Hyvä Themes, which will allow our customers to take advantage of our Magento 2 Extensions and Hyvä altogether. Also, MageComp is amongst the 10 Hyvä Suppliers from India that will help to enhance your store with Hyvä Themes.

We have started enhancing the compatibility of our Magento 2 Extensions with Hyvä Themes. Our customers can now utilize our Hyvä Compatible Magento 2 Extensions for better performance.

List of Compatible Magento 2 Extensions with Hyvä

Partnership Hyva To MageComp

What to expect in the Future?

Looking forward to the future, we will strengthen our partnership with Hyvä Themes. We are also working on making all our Magento 2 Extensions compatible with Hyvä Themes to provide an undivided user experience to our customers.

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