Digital technologies and marketing trends are advancing with time, and so is customer behavior. The recent digital advancements have made customers raise their expectations. It has become a challenge for existing businesses and upcoming startups to upgrade their marketing strategies and cope with the changing customer behavior trends.

Since the last few years, the product customization trend has constantly been skyrocketing. If we take a flashback to the initial years of this decade, we can see that the concept of product customization was limited to customizing mobile covers, coffee mugs, pillow covers and other items and was provided mainly by our local stores. 

The concept of customization is adopted by Magento also. Magento always works on developing its services to provide businesses and customers with an enhanced shopping experience. Though the default Magento 2 eCommerce website is powered by various useful features, to make it more useful and featureful, Magento provides a huge variety of plugins that eCommerce website owners can use as soon as they are integrated into the website.

What is Magento 2 Product Designer Extension?

The facility of product customization/personalization is crucial as it makes shoppers feel like they are a part of the product creation process. They can select the features, colors, and even the product’s design they like. They feel as though they are receiving something exceptional as a result.

Additionally, not only the customers are benefitted from this facility, but the firms also get to learn more about their customers through product customization.

Businesses can produce goods that are more likely to sell by comprehending what customers want and need. Companies can target particular markets and demographics by using the details received from customers during their product customization.

With the Magento 2 Product designer extension, you not only facilitate your customers with an enhanced shopping experience but also help your website with boosted conversion rates as your customers can customize their ordered products by adding desired images, graphics, text, and other styling options. 

How can the Product Designer Plugin be Helpful in Your Magento 2 Store?

Following are the points describing the benefits that Product Designer Module can offer to your Magento 2 store:

1. Helps you to Know Your Audience 

Customer information, trends, and purchasing patterns are among the most effective weapons in any company’s toolbox.

Businesses that don’t offer product personalization can only collect information on the products they currently stock. If they provide customers the option to customize the products, they would be able to learn more about their customers than their rivals ever could.

Thanks to technology like CRM and data analytics via which, businesses can preserve consumer information and use it later in their advertisement campaigns to offer products and services that are tailored to their tastes and preferences.

2. Boost Sales Ratio

Making things more unique not only aids in boosting sales but also ensures that your consumers are happy, which fosters client loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

According to a survey by Deloitte, an average of 36% of customers would consider purchasing customized goods or services across various retail industries.

Furthermore, 48% of buyers said they would be willing to wait longer for a customized good or service. Because of this, customers have more time to browse and perhaps even make additional sales while their unique product is being made.

3. Win Your Customer’s Trust

By purchasing a personalized product, your consumers get exactly what they want, and their level of happiness soars when they can customize things to suit their preferences.

The likelihood that your customer will make a purchase or develop a long-lasting relationship with the business will increase if they feel as though they have your full attention. 

Once customers have established a relationship with your brand, it will be more difficult for your rivals to capture their interest.

4. Be the Unique One

For example, there are two similar businesses with the same types of products and customer base. In one scenario, customers visit the first store and are allowed to buy products with limited design and style; they like the material quality but not the design or its style. They are left disappointed.

On the other hand, customers visit the second store where they can choose the design and styles according to their choice and make their purchased product more personalized. 

Which store will be the customers’ first choice? The second one. The product designing/customization facility can make your business stand out from the competition crowd because of the unique service.

5. Low Inventory Expense

You don’t have to abandon your current company approach to take advantage of the personalization market. There’s no need to replace your existing stock with new stock. 

You can modify the identical products you already sell with a little creativity by only adding a unique finishing touch. Fortunately, you don’t need to stockpile different product iterations because you can alter a single one as orders come in.

Use Cases of Magento 2 Product Designer Extension

No doubt, the trend of product customization started from gifting items, but in recent times it has taken over almost every kind of item, t-shirts, jewelry, accessories, etc. 

Here we have collected some of the most trendy cases in which Product Customization is at its height.

Use Case #1: Stationery Marketing

As new marketing trends are emerging every day, the concept of stationery marketing has also been on the hype for several years. Stationery marketing means a particular company giving out stationery items to its employees or regular clients, which include the business’s basic details like company logo, name, contact and mailing information. Distributing stationery items with a marketing purpose has much more impact than the impact of business cards.

Use Case #2: Wedding Accessories

Weddings are those occasions when the accessories see the sunlight. But recently, in weddings, many of us might have noticed brooches/badges like “Team Bride” and “Team Groom.” Interestingly, these kinds of badges are distributed along with wedding invitations. Wedding accessories like these badges are getting more and more popular these days.

Use Case #3: Gifting Items

In the initial years of this decade, when product customization was gradually catching up with the market trend and gaining popularity, coffee mugs, pillows, caps, keychains, phone cases, and some other items were customized, but now, product customization has expanded its boundaries to customizing jewelry pieces, accessories like badges, t-shirts, bags, purses, books, and almost every gifting item one could think of.

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions

Merchant Extension Name Price Visit Link
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by MageComp $249 Visit
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by Magetop $299 Visit
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by Setubridge $283 Visit
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 by Aitoc $249 Visit
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Personalized Products for Magento 2 by Amasty $324 Visit
Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023 Magento Product Designer Tool by Brush Your Ideas Ask for quote Visit

1. Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by MageComp Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

Integration of Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by MageComp into your eCommerce website allows you to provide your customers the facility of customizing their purchased products. 

By providing your customers with this trendy power-packed customization extension, you can assist your business in boosting its sales, revenue, brand impression, customer loyalty and much more. 

Key Features

  • After the integration of the extension, a “customize” button will be added to the product page that will allow customers to customize the product.
  • Customers can easily undo their done customization edits.
  • Allow customers to use the extension’s prebuilt designs to quicken the designing process.
  • Let customers upload images from their mobile storage to customize their order products.
  • Admins can enhance their customer’s shopping experience and increase their store sales accordingly.
  • Customers can share their customized designs directly from the product page on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Admins can charge extra fees for customized products and can disable or enable the social sharing option anytime if needed.

Price: $249

2. Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by Magetop

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

Magetop’s Magento 2 Product Designer Extension is a Web-to-Print tool with a variety of functions that can help customers to create ready-to-print designs. Customers are facilitated by a huge variety of images, designs, templates, graphics and text from which they can browse any of their desired designs and customize their products. Customers can edit their personalized designs from any device.

Key Features

  • Lets the customers save and share the designed products.
  • Provides an option of choosing prebuilt images and text or uploading images from their mobile gallery.
  • The extension allows customers to download their designs in the form of JPG and PNG images.
  • Allows to change text color and background color.
  • The extension will show your custom design in the shopping cart.

Price: $299

3. Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by Setubridge

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by Setubridge is a user-friendly extension that enables customers to personalize their desired products with favorite graphics, images and text. The powerful functions of this extension make the customer’s customization creative and engaging.

Key Features

  • Customers transform their preferred products with personalized images and designs.
  • The extension allows customers to save and edit the products later on.
  • Upload your favorite images or choose from prebuilt designs.
  • Wide range of prebuilt templates and images.
  • Download, print and share your designed product anytime you want.

Price: $283

4. Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 by Aitoc

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

The Custom Product Designer tool for Magento 2 by Aitoc is a handy and creative designer tool that provides customers with the facility to create products of their choice. 

Increase your store’s profit and sales ratio along with increasing your customers’ loyalty towards your brand.

Key Features

  • Provide your customers with an advanced web-to-print solution
  • Let your customers customize their favorite products from every dimension.
  • You can charge special rates for special customizations done by customers.
  • Allow your customers to choose from thousands of prebuilt graphics, images, font styles and colors/
  • Provide your customers with ready-to-print customized designs with the Magento 2 Custom Product Designer.

Price: $249

5. Personalized Products for Magento 2 by Amasty

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

Amasty’s Personalized Products for Magento 2 make your business a new trendsetter. Customers can create customized products suitable to their choice with the help of Magento 2 Personalized Products and complete their purchases. This Magento 2 extension can help your business get higher sales and conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Enable your users to customize their products by adding text, images and graphics.
  • Let your customers decide the position of their chosen design, text, and graphics.
  • Provide your customers with specific default design templates to ease their design process.
  • Provides customers to view and download their design from their account easily.

Price: $324

6. Magento Product Designer Tool by Brush Your Ideas

Best Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2023

The featureful Magento Product Designer Tool by Brush Your Ideas has so much to offer your customers, like different font styles, font and background colors, as well as so many integrated images and design templates. The user-friendliness provided by this extension will ensure your customers with a creative and engaging design process.

Key Features

  • Customers can design any of their clothing apparel before they purchase.
  • Provide quick customization by allowing them to use the default graphics and fonts provided by the extension.
  • This user-friendly interface can help businesses in enhancing user engagement.
  • Magento Product Designer extension is a fully optimized tool that ensures a seamless designing/customization experience for your customer on any electronic device.

Price: Ask for a Quote


The increased usage of eCommerce websites has made business owners prioritize launching their business online. Businesses can improve customer service and the shopping experience by customizing their products. Businesses must thus offer customized services to clients and include a customization link on product pages so that buyers can alter the products to their liking.

Customers are given the opportunity to feel appreciated by having products that are specially made for them. This increases customer loyalty and retention rates, which ultimately boosts sales for your business.

Hope you found this article informative. If you want to power up your eCommerce website by including the product customization service, we are right at your service.

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