Magento Surcharge

Magento Surcharge Extension helps you with the additional charges you want to charge to the customer like Payment Charges, Country Charges, Region Charge, Credit Card Charge, Order fee and Custom Group charges.
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Compatibility: Compatibility: Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


Why store owner needs this extension?

Magento Surcharge Extension is one of the most recommended extension to charge additional charge to the customers on the basis of Payment charge, country charge, region charge, credit card charge, order fee and customer group charge. It helps you extending this feature in your Magento without much hassle.

This extension can be used in various conditions, with its tremendous features now you can charge your customer extra. It has easy installation and very flexible configuration.

One can charge on the basis of payment method, customer type, country, region, shipping method, order amount, customer group, and lot more. You can set fixed or percentage surcharge for the condition.

One most important feature on this extension is, it has credit card specific functionality so that if customer has needed to enter the credit card details on your website, you can charge based on credit card payment as well.

Calculate surcharge on

You can calculate the surcharge on Sub Total, Shipping, Tax and Exclude Discount. You can select it from the Main Configuration of the Extension

Product Surcharge Per Order, Per Product, Specific Products

Now you can charge surcharge on per order basis, based on the individual products in the cart or you can charge even for based on specific product by configuring their product id.

Small Order Free

This feature is, If you want to charge small amount of order fee

Credit Card Surcharge

Charge your customer depending on the Payment gateway they select to Pay from your website. Charges can be Fix or Percentage. You can restrict this depending on the customer groups.

Customer Group Surcharge

Now you can charge upon the customer group.

Enforce Minimum Amount Backend

If you want to let your customer purchase with minimum order amount, and if not add charge of remaining balance then this feature is for you. Suppose you set 200 as minimum order amount, and customer purchases products with the value of 160 then 40 surcharge will be added in the cart.

Payment Surcharge

Charge your customer depending on the Payment gateway they select to Pay from your website. Charges can be Fix or Percentage. You can restrict this depending on the customer groups.

Country and Region Fees Configuration

Now charge fees depeding on the coutry or region from customer purchases.

Why choose MageComp's Magento Surcharge Extension:

  • You can now add 2 credit card surcharge, 2 payment surcharge, 2 group surcharge, 2 country fee and 2 region fee. Even you can ask for more based on your custom requirement.
  • One can charge based on Payment method selected by the customer.
  • Enforce a minimum order amount by adding an extra fee to orders below a specified amount
  • Charge based on billing or shipping address.
  • Charge on Specific Credit card payments (if customer has needed to enter the credit card details on your website, you can charge based on credit card payment as well.) Customer group filter option for all the surcharge types except product surcharge.
  • Add surcharge for mandatory options like insurance or extra handling fees for specific shipping methods
  • You can Charge little order fee on orders below a specified amount
  • Add Surcharge only from the specific countries.
  • You can charge based on customer type
  • You can even charge based on country, region.
  • Country with customer filter so that you can add surcharge for everyone except customers from specific countries.
  • Minimum/Maximum order amount filter for payment surcharges. So you can apply surcharge on order amount below/above a specified order value.
  • Surcharge can be a flat rate or a percentage fee.  (Please note: Product surcharges can be configured as a flat rate fee only)
  • Now you can add surcharge Per Product, Per Order or Per Cart
  • It lets you add description for surcharge.
  • Flexibility to choose which tax class applies to surcharges
  • Supports multi-store set up.
  • Extension will add surcharge automatically to the checkout, on print order page, account order view page, transactional emails and even in the pdf which can be generated by default Magento.
  • You can choose whether to include or exclude tax, shipping and discounts, or simply surcharge based on the grand total

Customer Reviews

excellent development to apply extra charges
Review by dane
very useful to apply various extra charges on customers orders. support team is just excellent and helps to solve issue quicker. really worth using in magento stores.
very useful to charge extra
Review by V. Young
With the extension, i'm now able to charge extra fees on products in transparent way with the clear information about the charges. Numerous charge types are just enough to add extra fees on purchase. Wow efforts by team.
Best extension to add various surcharge
Review by Jody
It serves more than 5 surcharge types to apply on orders. best extension among some of the available in market. I would really like to recommend it to others.
Superb surcharge implementation
Review by Danish
All my desires to apply additional charge on payments based on country come to end when I found this wonderful extension by Magecomp. Although I get this a bit customized for my requirements but they showed me an awesome working module. I recommend this to all Magento shop owners!
Highly recommended surcharge module
Review by Rafael
Works smoother even on my heavily customied store. applying surcharge was never easy before installing at my store. thanks magecomp.
Buy it without a second thought
Review by Jimm V.
I highly recommend the extension. It helps charging surcharge based on various options you will not find in others modules. Looking forward to buy more from magecomp.
Perfect for my custom store
Review by todd
We were facing issues after installation but the support folks were too responsive and quick to solve the issues in my heavily customized store. They implemented some of my surcharge specific needs free of cost.
Theme conflict issue solved very quickly
Review by jamilee
Module was showing wrong surcharge amount due to my custom theme but magecomp took the responsibility over and solved the conflict within hours. Thanks for quick solution, cheers
Really useful
Review by Earl p.
The extension is for the companies looking for including surcharge based on various payment methods. Thumbs up for the team and support.
Great & fast Support
Review by Muriel Thomas
I needed a modification of this extension and I paid a little extra more but it was done quite fast and support is great.
Best Surcharge Extension
Review by Ellis
I have been using this extension for a couple months due to the previous extension has very limited options so I did a lot of research for Surcharge extensions.
Surcharge by MageComp worked great right out of the box, you can add surcharge in various ways. This is very helpful for my store.
Adding surcharge Per Product, Per Order or Per Cart is the feature that helped me a lot. This extension does as described and is great at it.
Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Very Good Coder!
Review by Terri Rogers
Thank you for this beautiful piece of code. Me and my customers love it and we use it in all our stores!
Module is Great but the Support is Awesome!
Review by Ruth Baker
I'm using this extension since 2014 and always serve with what I wanted. Worth every penny for the functionality it provides.
The support MageComp provide is fast, accurate and very professional. I RECOMMEND!
Best surcharge module
Review by Brian
I wanted to charge my customers with additional charges based on various shipping and payment methods, it does the exact way I required for my store. Salute for the great extension.
Review by Eva Shaw
This extension s highly recommendable
This extension is Great.
Review by Ronnie Briggs
Works as described, great support from the developers, cannot get better.
Extremely Good
Review by Mamie Kim
Much better than the other Surcharge Extensions - this one is of much higher standards from top to bottom. Thank you!
Great Extension, helpful developer
Review by Kitty
This developers have been very helpful with answering questions. This extension is an invaluable addition to anyone's magento store.
Best Extension
Review by kotti
The best extension for surcharge I have seen ..
Great & fast Support
Review by Kendra Yates
I needed a modification of this extension and I paid a little extra more but it was done quite fast and support is really great.
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Version : 1.1.0 Date : 05-11-2015

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