Magento Email Cart

Magento Email Cart extension allows you to get customers shopping cart in Email and prepare order and Email the same cart to customers in Email.
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Compatibility: Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


Many times store owners require their customers to negotiate or discuss product price for many reasons like bulk purchase, product personalization, specific customized products and lot more. With Magento Email Cart extension by MageComp, you can provide customers to send quotes in Email from shopping cart page along with all the selected attributes. Admin can thus get various details like quantity, selected attributes in email and discuss further based on customers’ requirements.

Now when admin knows the details of customer’s requirement and wanted to create order for customers from backend, here the Role of our Email Cart Pro begins. Once negotiated with customers, admin can prepare orders for customers directly from backend with selected product and custom options. This cart can be sent to customers through Emails and customers can further checkout those products to complete the order.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Email Cart extension:

  • The extension can be used for selling various types of products such as pricey products like machinery, personalized products like bed and furniture, precious jewelry and many more.
  • Set label for the form in frontend for customers to send quotes.
  • Admin can set desired Email ID to receive customers shopping cart through Email.
  • Select template for the Email to be received.
  • Customers can send quote or even checkout to buy the product.

Pro Features:

  • Ability to create order from backend and send order Emails to customers.
  • Admin can apply coupon code directly while creating quote from backend.
  • Admin can use custom price feature of default Magento while creating quote from backend.
  • Customers get Email with the products added to cart and can click to directly checkout.
  • Send blank carbon copy of customers cart on different Email IDs.

Customer Reviews

Wonderful pro version
Review by B. Bryce
Recently I purchased pro version of email cart, the functionality of sending quote directly to customers Email is amazing. They can now easily checkout without repeating the process again and again. Really enjoying the functionality of this pro version. highly recommend to others.
Awesome functionality
Review by Michael Crawley
Allowing users to emailing shopping cart is just awesome feature available. Users of my store have started using this functionality which helps me recognize their taste, choice and buying patterns. What a module it is!
Tailored offer to customers
Review by Lauren Horton
After installation of Magento email cart, I can get the detailed idea of customers' liking and tailor best offers based on. It helps me to generate highr revenue. Loved the extension!
Extremely new and useful concept
Review by Victor Fulford
I sell heavy machinery tools and only accept bulk orders. Installing this extension helped my customers to ask me with specific requirements and get price from me based on. Loved the concept and overall functionality.
Perfect for wholesalers
Review by Theda Kellner
I’m selling household products in bulk as well as in retail. I wanted to setup this extension for my wholesaler group and extension installation did the trick. Overwhelmed with the features it serves. I would really love to recommend to other Magento store owners. Thank you magecomp for this wonderful extension.
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Basic Pro

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 11-01-2017

- Minor refinements and bug fixes.

Version : 1.0.0 Date : 22-03-2017

- Initial release.

  • For which type of products I can set Email cart?
  • If you are selling products with personalization, subscription, services, wholesale products where you can change the price based on customer type and requirement, you can set Email cart. This helps you know the requirement of customers in a better way and thus negotiation becomes too easy for both the customers and admin.

  • Is login mandatory for customers to use the functionality?
  • No, Email cart is used even if customers are not registered or logged in. Immediately after they click to Email Cart button from frontend, they are required to fill the form and submit. Admin gets the data of customers through this form details.

  • Is data collected from customers through Email Cart is saved in backend?
  • No, right now admin get cart data shared by customers in Email only. But you can Ask Us for professional customization to add this feature in your Magento store.

  • With which default Magento product types the extension is compatible?
  • Email cart is compatible with all default Magento product types.

  • Does default Magento custom price and discount coupon work while creating Email quote from backend?
  • Yes, admin can add custom price by checking the box and can also add coupon code if available. Customers will get both the things applied in their Email Cart from admin.

  • How can admin know if Email quote is sent to customers or not?
  • Email Cart pro extension facilitates with a separate grid in backend which contains customers’ details. Here the status grid shows the status of Email both sent and clicked with yellow and green color respectively.

  • Can admin edit the quote sent to customers?
  • No, as of now admin cannot edit the quote. But you can Ask for professional customization to do it for you.