Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer Extension

Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer extension allows your customers to cancel their orders from My Account section on the frontend with just a few steps. With this order cancellation convenience, you can easily enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

  • Cancel processing & pending orders.
  • Auto-cancel orders depending on payment method & duration.
  • Set limit to cancel orders by customers in terms of days.
  • Personalize text for order cancellation CTA button on frontend.
  • Customers can choose any reason or add comment for cancelling order.
  • Display popup notification to customers for order cancellation.
  • Set custom title & brief note for order cancellation popup.
  • Choose customer groups to use the order cancellation feature.
  • Notify the admin of order cancellation requests.
  • Email notifications for admin & customers for order cancellation.
  • REST API Available / GraphQL API Available.
  • Hyvä Addon Available.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Challenge #1

It is common for us to experience feelings of envy or a desire for something better. However, it can be troublesome when customer discovers the same product at a lower price on competitior's website.

This may lead to various complications, including inaccurate personal information, technical difficulties, and an automatic cancellation option that could cause a loss of revenue and a decrease in customer loyalty. To avoid such scenarios, what actions can be taken?


Solution #1

Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer extension provides an easy way for customers to cancel orders whenever they want. Customers can cancel their orders directly from frontend. This feature helps enhance the overall customer experience.

Moreover, the module allows admins to cancel purchases at specific times, which is a great advantage for efficiently managing the website's operations. You can provide your customers with the ability to cancel their orders conveniently, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

Challenge #2

Customers often make mistakes like entering incorrect payment or address details, misspelling apartment or street names, or mixing up digits in their contact numbers while shopping online.

The default functionality of Magento does not have any order cancellation functionality. It results in the buildup of unpaid orders. This situation renders inventory data useless and detrimental to customer loyalty. Consequently, there are problems with stock availability and significant revenue losses, especially in the B2B sector. How to avoid these losses?

Solution #2

With this extension, customers can conveniently cancel orders from frontend, and the admin will receive an automatic email notification. The email template can be customized to suit the needs of both the customer and the admin.

It enables customers to cancel orders in both Processing and Pending statuses. The admin can establish specific conditions for automatically cancelling orders like - pending payment or suspected fraud. It also permits the admin to specify customer groups and order states for canceling orders at any time.


Benefits of Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer Extension


Instant Order Cancellation Alert to Admin

Cancel Order by Customer extension for Magento 2 notifies the store admin immediately when an order is cancelled.

Instant Order Cancellation Alert to AdminInstant Order Cancellation Alert to Admin
Get All Details of Order Cancellation with ReasonGet All Details of Order Cancellation with Reason

Get All Details of Order Cancellation with Reason

Admin can easily keep track of all cancelled orders along with reasons and order status. This information is conveniently organized in a list format.

Mention Multiple Order Cancellation Reasons

Customers can cancel order in Magento 2 effortlessly just by selecting a proper reason from the list. They can also add comments to share additional details.

Mention Multiple Order Cancellation ReasonsMention Multiple Order Cancellation Reasons

Grant Order Cancellation Option to Specific Customer Groups

Admin can limit order cancellation privileges to a particular group of customers through the admin panel.


Why Choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Cancel Order by Extension?


  • Cancel order with processing & pending statuses.
  • Set duration (in days) for cancelling orders.
  •  Set custom text label for order cancellation button.
  • Make the list of reasons for customers to cancel order via frontend.
  • Show popup on screen for order cancellation.
  • Set custom title & short confirmation message with the cancellation confirmation popup.
  • Enable order cancellation feature for specific customer groups.
  • Auto cancel order based on specific order status.
  • Set terms and conditions to avail auto-cancel order feature.
  • Select data to auto-cancel order.
  • Select the sender's email address and template.
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Version 1.0.9 Date : 10-10-2023

- Updated REST API and GraphQL API

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.8 Date : 04-07-2023

- Added Date & Time option for Auto Cancellation of Orders

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 version

- Compatible with Magento Coding Standard

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.7 Date : 03-06-2022

- Added date functionality to avail facility of cancel order 

Version 1.0.6 Date : 21-04-2022

- Added REST API and GraphQL API

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 latest Magento version

Version 1.0.5 Date : 15-10-2020

- Added Auto-Cancel Order Functionality

- Minor Code improvements 

Version 1.0.4 Date : 10-08-2020

- Minor Bug Fixing

- Compatible with Multiple Language Translation

Version 1.0.3 Date : 29-04-2020

- Cancel Order Added for Order and Returns of Guest Customer Default Magento Functionality

Version 1.0.2 Date : 05-11-2019

- Added backend option to select order states for which you want to enable cancellation

- Automatically generates credit memo for the processing orders

Version 1.0.1 Date : 10-10-2019

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.3 Latest Magento version

Customer Questions
Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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