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In this tutorial, I will help you to Redirect 404 Page🚫 Found To Search Page🔎 that is a continuation of the blog How to Create Custom 404 Page in Magento 2 illustrated by my friend Gaurav Jain. Let’s Get Started🚀


Basically, when any route is not found then by default Magento redirects to the 404 pages. But as we know the characteristics of Magento it allows customization and Magento 2 merchants can add their custom noRoute handler. Like the 404 pages as a no-route page, you can redirect it to a search page.

Steps to Redirect 404🚫 Page Found To Search Page🔎:

Step 1: Firstly, you will require to add di.xml in the below-given path:


Step 2: After that, you will require to add the NoRouteHandler.php file in the below-given path:


That’s It you have successfully  Redirected 404 Page Found To Search Page for your Magento 2 store.


Hopefully, all are able to Redirect 404 Page Found To Search Page for your Magento 2 store using the above-given solution. In case of any casualties let me know in the comment section. Make your Magento 2 store advanced with a 404 notifier that notifies you whenever any user reaches to 404 pages not found. 

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