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Welcome to MageComp blog Series, where today, I am here to explain to you all about Magento 2 SEO checklist: The Complete Guide After Migration and we will understand the whole SEO Migration process in this article. Also catch a look at our most recent published article Best Configuration Guide for SEO Setting in Magento 2 [2020]. Without further ado, let’s Dive In?.


To boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your online business is a challenging task. Your E-commerce store needs to be ranked better to be successful and have better conversion rates. The sole solution to this is opting for a long-term and effort seeking Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is not only beneficial in enhancing the rankings of SERP but is also advantageous in boosting the performance and configuration of the online store.

In this blog, we shall look upon some important Magento 2 SEO tips to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your online store. But before that let us go through some SEO tips to be taken into consideration while migrating to Magento 2:

  • Decide on your area and scope of Migration.
  • Understand the current situation of your store.
  • Ensure the quality of your catalog data.
  • Strategizing the Indexing of your pages.
  • Implement the tags relevantly and verify them.
  • Review the sitemap.
  • Implement the structured data markup.
  • Manage the URL structure on your website.
  • Upload the new robots.txt file post your launch.

Since we have already gone through the Magento 2 Migration SEO tips, let us now move to Magento 2 SEO Checklist!

A/B Testing for your E-commerce store

Front view testing of your pages helps you to analyze your customer preferences. The A/B Testing helps you to collect reviews from your customers about the page layout, design, colors, etc. On the basis of their choices, you can make the final design of your web page. This feature also allows you to create two variants of a single page that aids in dividing the traffic on your website, thereby analyzing which of the two variants generates a higher conversion rate so that it can be finalized.

Reducing the Bounce Rate of your Magento 2 store

If the landing page of the customer does not seem attractive and interesting to him, he may leave the site resulting in the Bounce rate. The website pages must be designed in such a way that the user remains inclined and the conversion rate increases. Also, the Website speed and Image quality must also be kept in mind in order to get hold of your visitors.

Conversion Rates

The end result aimed for any website and SEO is to convert its visitors into potential buyers and enhance the sales of the store. A major tip here is to place the Call To Action (CTA) buttons appropriately on your websites. These CTA buttons convert the visitors into potential leads for your business. Placement of the CTA buttons should be apt, relevant, brief, and defined.

Content Optimisation

It always said that Content is the King. Your web content should not be contained to just words and information. Rather, it should engage the reader and interest him as well. Better fonts, short and clear sentences, smooth transition, and correct information should be maintained in order to make your content attractive. You can also add images and lighter elements in between your write-up to break the monotony for the readers.

Another important tip here shall be to concise your content to a single page only as the customer would find it tedious and boring to navigate through multiple pages.

Internal Linking

Internal linking from one page to another in the same domain is essential to keep the user intact. It helps to drive the traffic from one page to another as well as aids the customer in navigating the entire website by maintaining a hierarchy of information. Linking relevant pages not only helps in decreasing the bounce rates and increasing the views of your pages but also helps you in increasing the conversion rates.

Schema Markup

A Rich Snippet or Schema Markup is a structured data markup that a website owner can add to his product page. The Rich Snippet helps to provide better and detailed information of the product in the search results. The attractive look of the snippet also helps in enhancing the click-through rates, thereby increasing the conversion rates and SERP ranking for the online store.

Over to You!

Stated tips, if followed consciously can do wonders for your E-commerce platforms. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most trendy ways of flourishing your online portals. Moreover, the process of SEO is super interesting and worthy. And of course, the output is genuinely fruitful!

MageComp’s Magento 2 SEO Service incorporates the latest digital practices, best keywords, and phrases as well as is supported by an expert team who give in their 100% efforts to improve the rankings of your online store. If you are looking forward to improving the traffic to your store and increasing the Conversion rates, get started with these SEO tips today and witness the change yourselves.

So that’s it for the day. If you have anything to add-on or any doubt, then feel free to contact our Support Team. Hopefully, this article has helped you to enhance your knowledge. If so, then do share it with your Magento friends. Also we are always open to getting your reviews and recommendations regarding this in the comment section below.

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