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Welcome back to MageComp Blog, Today, We are going to discuss How to Boost E-commerce Sales with Instagram. All major benefits with detailed guides have been provided here.  Also take a flash at the most recent article published about 5 Things to Simplify Before Starting an E-commerce site. So without further ado, let’s Leap In?.


The 21st century came to be known as the era of Technology. With the commendable increase in the use of search engines and other online platforms, mainly every activity now has its destination on an online portal. Amidst the craze for doing your business online, there suddenly emerged a new trend- Social Media applications! These social media platforms not only were used to interact and post pictures but also were utilized as a virtual place to start the businesses.

Be it Facebook or Instagram, the frequency of the users and their usage rates have led to another revolution altogether. People are now finding it more convenient to shop while chatting with their buddies and knowing the gup from all over the globe. It seems Instagram has become the latest destination to evoke your profits. Be it cooking, baking, accessories, health & fitness, apparells, shoes, interior designing, or Beauty, you can see every such marketer’s presence on Instagram.

So, today in my blog I would like to share with you some fun, amazing, and lighter tips to increase your Sales from Instagram and make your E-commerce flourish all around the world!

Instagram Features

Make use of almost every Instagram feature to induce sales of your brand. Link your online store with your Instagram account and you shall be able to tag your products in the posts as well as stories. Customers can find all information related to the product just by a click to the tag. Be sure you do not tag an unsold product and mislead the customer.

You can also invite sales by adding your business link to your stories and the audiences can reach the product just by swiping up to the desired page. Insta stories can also be used for storytelling about your brand before reaching the product as well as you can take your customer through a virtual tour of all your products. Putting up entertaining stories and grasping your visitor’s attention can also increase the customer retention rate.

The most orthodox and best way to increase sales is by adding a website link to your Instagram bio. Make sure the website link is efficient enough to bear mobile traffic. Customers love to browse pages and while doing the same, Instagram bios can help them reach your website and have a look at other products as well.

Convincing Content

It is often believed that Short is Sweet but when it comes to selling your product, you need to pour your heart out. It is said that while making a caption to sell your product make sure you connect to the readers and provide them with light and useful information. Put in your best efforts to make the caption creative, funny and descriptive. Good and constructive captions can actually entertain the customer and convince them to make the purchase.

At the same time, all your products and posts do not need the same log writing. Sometimes, just a beautiful picture with a great one-liner or an emoticon can do all work for you! Adding captions to your Instagram stories also grabs the audience’s attention. Break your story into smaller parts and opt for the “See more” feature to make them even more worthy. Using GIFs in place of captions can also be a helpful alternative.

Rule of Thirds

It is extremely important to strategize what should go on your feed. Planning your posts and stories as well as making sure they look gorgeous and attractive does custody to your Brand Image. The Rule of Third divides your Instagram content into three major categories:

  • Promotional Posts that include the promotion of the company’s products.
  • Conversational Posts that include interaction with your customers in the form of giveaways, contests, Q&A’s, etc.
  • Sharing Posts that include passing on the news related to the industry, market as well as cross-promoting with other parties.

Hashtags & Engagement

Hashtags help you to find new customers by showing your product in the search feed. Plan a hashtag for each type of product, post, and activity and keep modifying them according to the latest trends. But make sure your hashtags are relevant and powerful. 

Another way to induce your sales is to target your audience. Reach out to them through DM’s and likes on their content. Comment on the posts of your target audiences. This act enhances their interests towards your page and probably the sales increase thereby.

Make sure that you do not engage in false ways of increasing your page likes and followers. This act of forging shall lead to distrust amongst your customers as well as your page may be shadowbanned.

Apps & Analytics 

Managing a continuous Instagram feed is a tedious and time-consuming process. Instead use applications that help you arrange, design, and plan your posts. However, keep in mind that the apps you use aid to the terms and conditions laid by Instagram.

Keep a track on your Analytics. Have a timely look at the customer analytics which will help you figure out the peak time to reach maximum customers. The Instagram analytics also help you to keep a check on the likes of your posts which helps you to analyze what kind of content your audiences like. This helps you to post more often in accordance with your customer interest.


With the power of Social media platforms, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. With proper SEO and Analytics, your online store gets all set to flourish. Just keep in context the basics to make your feed attractive and pleasing.

MageComp’s Magento 2 extension Shoppable Instagram helps you to tag your products in your Instagram posts and stories, thereby bringing the customer a step closer to the product on Instagram itself. Also in order to get the images on Instagram with the response to hashtags and usernames, you can install Magecomp’s Magento 2 extension Instagram Feed Pro. Both these extensions help in enhancing customer service as well as create SEO friendly images and content.

You can make the most of this Quarantine to enhance the Sales of your online business through Instagram. Because of the increase in the use of this social media platform you can incorporate several ideas and tips to boost your sales. Be it content, design, or strategizing; Instagram has all that your business looks for!

If you have any doubts regarding this then feel free to reach our Support Team. Hopefully, this article has helped you to grow your knowledge. If so, then tap the share button and share it with your Magento friends. Also we are open getting your comments concerning this in the comment section below.

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