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Welcome back to the Magento tutorial and guess what today I will guide you through Best Configuration Guide for SEO Setting in Magento 2 [2022]. And if you have not visited the most recent article where I have explained How to Create a New Product Type in Magento 2. Let’s get started?


Basically, every Magento 2 store desires to make the best practice of SEO so that its store ranks on Google and they get so many users for the sales of their store. As we all know the Magento 2 has inbuilt SEO functionality where you can increase the traffic as well as the engagement of customers will be increased towards the store. When SEO has applied to any store then not only does the traffic increase but also there is an improved customer experience in the overall store.

When you focus on the on-page SEO of the Magento 2 store then there are no extra integrations to perform there is inbuilt functionality you just need to set up and for that do look at the given below steps for the configuration of SEO setting in your Magento 2 store. Kindly be careful with every setup and implement them wisely.

Steps to Configure:

Setup Homepage title for SEO

Setup Homepage title for SEO

Metadata SEO optimization:

Meta Data for Categories settings

Navigate to Catalog>Categories>Search Engine Optimization. From here you can easily add all the meta titles, meta description, and the meta keywords according to your requirements.

Metadata SEO optimization

Meta Title

The meta title is displayed as the title of the product page. There are 70 characters limit in meta titles so you have to create it wisely and also make use of all the rich keywords of making out most.

Meta Description

The default limit of Meta description is 255 characters and all the preferred numbers are between 150-160 characters. There is more chance of clicks and you can engage your users with adding a medium number of characters in your meta description

Meta Keywords

Basically, there is no limit of meta keywords but you should ensure that you don’t fill fully with the keywords. One should add keywords related to their products and services they provide in their store.

Meta Data for Product setting

If there is a situation and you want to set a template for metadata of products navigate to Stores>Configuration>Catalog>Catalog>Product Fields Auto-Generation and easily set up for all the products in your online store

Setup Canonical tags

To deal with all the types of duplicate content the use of canonical tags is done. It prevents the indexing of all the filtered products and categories. For implementing it navigate to Store > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog. One should make mandatory to turn on the canonical tags for products as well as categories.

Setup Robots.txt

One of the best and advanced improvements made by Magento 2 is the capability to edit the robots.txt file for which you have to navigate to Stores>Configuration>Catalog>Design> Search Engine Robots. Sometimes many of the Magento 2 store owners ignore it and many of them cannot make it in the right way. If you have a page where there is no requirement to index then turn the setting to “noindex, nofollow” and the default setting will be “index, follow”.

SEO XML sitemap generation

The very important task in SEO is sitemap because the sitemap helps you to place your website in the SERPs during the indexing of the search engines. For this navigate to Store > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap. If you want to send directly the sitemap to robots.txt then just enable the “Enable submission to robots.txt”.

Alt tags for SEO images

Alt tags for SEO images

Alt tag of all the images is very important when it comes to SEO so for that navigate to Stores>Configuration>General> Design>HTML Head>Header.

Final Words:

I hope you will improve your Magento 2 store SEO by implementing the above steps and if you feel any difficulties in this then do contact our Support team and they will guide you. If you liked the article then do share with your Magento friends and also mention your reviews in the comment section below.

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