In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.

February month was filled with everything totally new for MageComp. We had a long list of projects including Magento store migration and upgrade to be completed within deadlines and our Magento developers always comply with the time limits.

In this hectic schedule, we could still bring in new updates to the existing Magento 2 Extensions. Let’s look at the updates and some latest news about Magento.

Updated Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 Facebook Pixel 1.0.1

magento 2 facebook pixel

– Minor bug fixing for Add to Cart and Add to Wishlist

Magento 2 Push Notifications 1.0.1

magento 2 push notifications

– Added new Rest API to get all notifications
– Minor Bug fixes

Updated Magento 2 Mobile App


Apart from Magento 2 Extensions, we recently launched a Mobile App for Magento 2 stores to reap benefits through Mobile Commerce in 2022. The mobile app comes with APK and source code and can be launched quickly in just 3 simple steps.

In the last month, we also updated the Mobile App that included the below modifications:

– Compatible with GraphQL
– Improved UI/UX

Latest Magento News

Upcoming Magento Release

Are you aware of the forthcoming release of the Magento 2 version? Well, Magento 2.4.4 is approaching on 12th April, 2022. The latest version will bring in new security updates and features to help Magento 2 Merchants improve their store performance. Check out What’s New in Magento 2.4.4

Upgrading to the latest version is highly recommendable to stay up to date with the new traits. Be in the loop and do not delay upgrading your store by accessing Magento Upgrade Service

Product Subscription

Magento community switched to Product Subscription Model for Magento 2 Extension purchasing from 1st February, 2022 and MageComp is also in.

Our customers can enjoy FREE upgrade and support of the purchased Magento 2 Extensions for one year with the implementation of a Product Subscription. The subscription can be renewed anytime and the renewal process is easy. Get more info on MageComp’s Product Subscription

Other Services

SEO is the heart and soul of any Magento store and you cannot afford to ignore it. You can earn more sales only when you get the targeted and relevant traffic to your website and this can be done by performing SEO. Our SEO Expert can help you market to a specific and defined audience through search engines that will boost organic traffic. Write your SEO requirements to 

Final Words:

Here’s all about new things in February at MageComp. Upgrade your store with the new updates and accelerate Magento 2 website performance. Subscribe to our Newsletter and stay updated with the latest Magento information.

Looking forward to another successful month with lots of important updates.

Happy Reading! 

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