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Do you ever want to give discounts or apply rules to only a specific customer group? Follow this guide to discover the use of customer groups, default group configuration for new registration, and more.

What are customer groups in Magento 2?

The default Magento provides the functionality to customize the store and better the user experience. An online retailer has the capability to fabricate their customers into different groups as per the categories they possess.

You can utilize this facility when you want to differentiate your B2C and B2B customers.

How to Set Default Group for New Customer Account in Magento 2

You can have four different kinds of customer groups in Magento 2:

  • General
  • Not Logged In
  • Retailer
  • Wholesale

Out of these 4, a new account automatically comes under the General category. To change the default category of new registrations, perform the following execution from the Magento 2 admin account.

  • Go to Stores → Configuration → Customers → Customer Configuration.
  • Expand the Create New Account Options tab.
  • Assign the Enable Automatic Assignment to Customer Group to Yes.
  • Change the Default Group.

customer group configuration

Besides, you can also produce your own custom group which is surprisingly very easy to configure. Let us see how!

How to add a new customer group?

add new customer group

  • Go to Customers → Customer Groups.

There you will see four variants of customer groups that are editable or deletable. 

  • Click on Add New Customer Group

new customer group configuration

  • Enter the Group Name and assign a Tax Class to it.
  • And Save Customer Group.

Run command line:

Lastly, perform testing. Create a new customer account. Run reindex customer_grid by command line:

Summing It Up!

This was creating a new customer group through the admin panel. You can also Create New Customer Groups Programmatically in Magento 2.

There are countless things you can perform with customer groups if you augment their functionality. Manage Customer Groups and separate them based on their necessities. Follow the above directions to Set Default Group for New Customer Account in Magento 2.

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