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In this tutorial, we will discuss Live Search in Adobe Commerce – What You Need to Know.

The E-commerce industry is constantly growing year after year. Global E-commerce sales have reached $4.13 trillion which was $341.7 billion 5 years back.

As more and more people are shifting online with their purchases and increasing competition for E-commerce business owners, it is important to strengthen the digital experience of customers. Every element counts for a website particularly the website search.

  • 43% of users go directly to the website’s search bar.
  • Site search produces conversions 1.8x more effectively.
  • 68% of shoppers will not return to a site that provided a poor site experience.

These studies show making the site search experience better is an important factor to look upon for E-commerce merchants and they can’t afford to lose site search shoppers. Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 allows your customers to quickly search and look for products. 

Live Search for Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce with its last release has introduced a Live Search feature powered by Adobe Sensei for Magento Commerce customers.

Live Search associates the Adobe Sensei AI with real-time data to return the relevant results of the search. It simplifies the backend process and Adobe Commerce merchants can create a strong search experience for the customers. 

Key Features of Live Search for Adobe Commerce

Smart Search Results

The customers can easily find what they are looking for and what they didn’t know about. Adobe Sensei automatically filters search results for each query. Merchants no longer need to manually set rules for search results. This helps them to invest time in other site optimization areas.

smart search results

Manage Search

Live Search helps merchants to create a set of rules to alter search results. Merchants can set rich rules like:

  • Boost Products – Merchants can display particular products higher on search results.
  • Bury Products – It is possible for merchants to display particular products lower on search results in order to get better exposure to other products.
  • Pin Products – Top-selling products can be pinned at the top of the search results.
  • Hide Products – Due to stock and product quality issues, merchants can hide the products in the search results.

manage search

Manage Synonyms

To help shoppers receive more relevant results, Live Search offers defining related search terms. Synonyms can be managed in two ways:

  • One-way Synonyms: This helps shoppers to navigate products in one direction.
  • Two-way Synonyms: It broadens the search results for shoppers to help them see more relevant products.

manage synonyms

Category Search

Category search helps shoppers to browse products by categories like pricing, brand, and more. The shoppers need not type a keyword. This helps shoppers to search faster and efficiently.

category search

Final Words:

Live Search is an API first headless service that makes deployment easy. It has a flexible developer framework with GraphQL coverage and API first environment.

Now that you have all the sources, start delivering an outstanding site search experience to customers using Live Search for Adobe Commerce.

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