Magento Malware Removal
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Magento Malware Removal

​Is your Magento Store is hacked or infected with Malware virus? Contact us for the malware removal process and receive a free consultation and stay secure.

For any website or Ecommerce store, security is one of the essential aspects that makes the website trustworthy for visitors and customers. Also, hackers have become prevalent nowadays and can easily hack data from any site. The main aim for such hackers is to steal customer's personal information, payment information or to get control over your Magento website admin. They usually inject and execute any malicious code into your site and crash the site. That's why we always advise you to take precaution at the right time.

Because no system is fully secured, and neither is Magento. But yeah! Magento provides regular security patches to secure your Magento store from vulnerabilities. It is essential for every store owner to install security patches, or you can use any Professional Magento Security Patches Installation Service. But if you don't keep your Magento store up to date with the latest patch it opens up the door for hackers.

Recently we have found, Neutrino exploit kit (Guruincsite malware) is attacking Magento based websites. Google has currently blacklisted 8100+ Magento websites without saying the error.

“The site ahead contains malware, attackers currently on  might attempt to install the dangerous program on your computer that steals or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages or credit cards).”

You can read more about this attack on our MageComp blog here.

If you are struggling with the same issue and your website is being blacklisted by Google, then we are here to help you out. Place the order and let MageComp Professionals help you to secure your website for further attacks. We will fix your website or store by providing Malware cleanup service to get your site working back again.

Malware Symptoms:

- Your store is blacklisted

- Unusual files or folders on my site

- Website is not getting a load

- Triggers unusual Ads

- Sends automatic unnecessary emails

- Malware Alert in Google Webmaster Tools

- Unusual or unnecessary redirects


How we remove Malware Removal from your Magento Store?

Magento Malware Removal Process

1) Malware Scan & Report:

First, we will perform malware removal scan and analyze what kind of damages has been done to your Magento store? Have it affected your Magento database or search engine rankings or not?

2) Preparing a list of infected files:

After analyzing Malware infection, we will prepare a list of files & database tables are infected. We will also analyze the core files and all third party extensions if it is affected by malware.

3) Code clean-up & Removal Process:

In this stage, we will start working on all malware infected files to keep your Magento store secure and malware-free. We will also take a backup of all files before start working so in an emergency we can restore it.

4) Functional Test:

Once the Malware removal process is completed, our security expert will analyze the store & checks that if all functionality is working properly or not? Meanwhile, we start request google to whitelist store.

5) Malware Free Report + Security Tips:

To ensure successful completion of the malware removal process, we will give you Sucari scan website report as well as some tips to enhance the security of your store from such future Malware attacks.


What is included in this Magento Malware Removal Service?

Rapid malware elimination:

For removal of malware, viruses, spyware and backdoor from your website within a day then contact us.


Receive 14-90 days of guarantee. During this duration monitoring and logging of all your activities will be carried out by us and if any problem is surfaced then the website will be cleaned again free of cost.

Prevention of future attacks:

Through our monitoring software installed, if any suspicious activity will be noticed and necessary actions will be taken to prevent it.

Removal of blacklist:

Our search engine blacklist monitoring tool will restrict the loss of your site’s search rank. And if your site is in blacklist then it’s removal from it will also be done within 24 hours.

Bug fixing:

Our team will not only detect and delete the malware from your website but also analyze the files and fix the bugs used by hackers and prevent future attacks.

Keep your website guarded:

In order to keep your website secure antivirus, monitoring scripts along with firewall shall also be installed after the removal of malware, of course.


Why choose Magento Malware Removal?

  • Will secure your store to prevent such future malware attacks.
  • We will remove your Magento Store from blacklist.
  • Code clean up without any kind of data loss.
  • Instant Malware Removal process & timely delivery.
  • Get Expert advice on securing your Magento Store.
  • 24x7 Support over phone, chat and email.
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